Iconics Salary

A total of 56 real salary data listed for Iconics.

Salary Average: $66,099
Salary Range: $42,700

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Computer And Information System ManagerIconics$109kFoxboro, MA (11/2010)
Mis I ManagerIconics$103kFoxboro, MA (04/2011)
Project Manager Software Development EngineerIconics$100kFoxboro, MA (05/2007)
Senior Software ArchitectIconics$92kFoxboro, MA (06/2010)
Software Development EngineerIconics$90kFoxboro, MA (03/2013)
Software Developer ApplicationIconics$88kFoxboro, MA (12/2013)
Technical Support EngineerIconics$88kFoxboro, MA (06/2006)
Technical Support EngineerIconics$88kFoxboro, MA (06/2006)
Quality Assurance And IT System EngineerIconics$83kFoxboro, MA (09/2003)
Software EngineerIconics$83kFoxboro, MA (04/2005)
Mis I ManagerIconics$82kFoxboro, MA (04/2010)
Senior Software Architect EngineerIconics$82kFoxboro, MA (03/2007)
Visual Arts And Technology LeadIconics$80kFoxboro, MA (07/2014)
Visual Arts And Technology LeadIconics$80kFoxboro, MA (12/2013)
Software Development EngineerIconics$72kFoxboro, MA (03/2013)
Software EngineerIconics$70kFoxboro, MA (09/2008)
Visual Arts And Technology LeadIconics$70kFoxboro, MA (06/2011)
Software EngineerIconics$70kFoxboro, MA (05/2003)
Sales EngineerIconics$69kFoxboro, MA (09/2011)
Computer ProgrammerIconics$68kFoxboro, MA (07/2012)
Mis EngineerIconics$68kFoxboro, MA (05/2011)
Software Development EngineerIconics$68kFoxboro, MA (04/2004)
Mis Application Development EngineerIconics$65kFoxboro, MA (03/2013)
Application EngineerIconics$65kFoxboro, MA (02/2014)
Quality Assurance Technical EngineerIconics$63kFoxboro, MA (08/2006)
Computer ProgrammerIconics$62kFoxboro, MA (07/2012)
Quality Assurance Application EngineerIconics$62kFoxboro, MA (03/2013)
Technical Support EngineerIconics$62kFoxboro, MA (03/2013)
Technical ConsultantIconics$61kFoxboro, MA (03/2006)
Computer System AnalystIconics$60kFoxboro, MA (03/2008)
Quality Assurance EngineerIconics$60kFoxboro, MA (01/2004)
Computer ProgrammerIconics$60kFoxboro, MA (02/2014)
Software EngineerIconics$60kFoxboro, MA (03/2009)
Information TechnologyIconics$60kFoxboro, MA (04/2010)
Technical Support Qa EngineerIconics$60kFoxboro, MA (04/2010)
Network And Computer System AdministratorIconics$59kFoxboro, MA (12/2012)
Computer ProgrammerIconics$59kFoxboro, MA (03/2005)
Computer ProgrammerIconics$59kFoxboro, MA (04/2005)
Technical ConsultantIconics$58kFoxboro, MA (04/2004)
Technical Support Software Qa Engineer TesterIconics$57kFoxboro, MA (09/2010)
IT Engineer Computer System AnalystIconics$56kFoxboro, MA (05/2007)
Computer ProgrammerIconics$55kFoxboro, MA (03/2008)
Software Quality Assurance EngineerIconics$55kFoxboro, MA (04/2009)
Computer System AnalystIconics$55kFoxboro, MA (03/2007)
Computer ProgrammerIconics$55kFoxboro, MA (05/2009)
Application DeveloperIconics$52kFoxboro, MA (05/2010)
System Development EngineerIconics$52kFoxboro, MA (03/2005)
Quality Assurance EngineerIconics$52kFoxboro, MA (03/2012)
AccountantIconics$52kFoxboro, MA (03/2013)
Qality Assurance EngineerIconics$50kFoxboro, MA (04/2007)
Computer Systeems AnalystIconics$48kFoxboro, MA (06/2006)
Computer ProgrammerIconics$48kFoxboro, MA (09/2003)
Database AdministratorIconics$46kFoxboro, MA (03/2007)
Qa Control EngineerIconics$45kFoxboro, MA (04/2004)
Computer ProgrammerIconics$43kFoxboro, MA (09/2004)
Computer Programmer System Development EngineerIconics$43kFoxboro, MA (08/2004)