by linda1216 on 2011-02-20 General Questions in Goostcreek ISD for Bilingual Teacher Job

How many materials the distric can give us to envolve the students?

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2011-02-20 18:59:36 Best Answer

All students learn through the visual and listen activities, but the best way is envolve them into the action.

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2011-02-20 18:55:13

The district needs to have enough materials for every teacher.
Through the appropiate materials we can envolve the students in hand-on activities.
The materials is useful for all subjects
As more students participacion more learning process
All students can observe, listen, see, but the best learning way is to be envolve them in the activity

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2011-02-20 19:03:18

The learning process needs the five sense participation, movements, actions and Music.The students learn and keep the information.

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