I Flex Solutions Jobs

A total of 59 I Flex Solutions jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $65,901
Salary Range: $47,700

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Chief Executive Officer Reveleus Division4$234k
Software Engineer13$128k
Corporate Counsel1$125kNA
Technical Marketing Manager7$118k
Director Business Development1$115kNA
Director Sales1$115kNA
Director Of Business Development2$110kNA
Computer And Information System Manager3$108k
Senior Business Analyst5$104k
Marketing Manager5$101k
Financial System Analyst1$95kNA
Business Development Manager2$94k
Technical Sales Engineer4$93k
Lead Application Developer1$90kNA
Project Manager5$86k
Financial Manager2$85k
Senior Sales Engineer1$85kNA
Technical Sales Manager4$83k
Senior System Analyst3$80kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software2$80kNA
Sales Engineer3$79k
Senior Programmer Analyst3$79k
Computer Software Engineer Application1$78kNA
Manager Corporate Finance1$78kNA
Analyst Developer2$75k
Softwear Engineer1$73kNA
Business System Analyst11$73k
Computer System Analyst3$71k
Senior Sales Manager1$70kNA
System Analyst24$69k
System Anayst1$68kNA
Programmar Analyst1$68kNA
Financial Analyst6$68k
Business Analyst157$67k
IT Occupation Hr Analyst1$67kNA
Business Anlayst3$67k
Human Resources Analyst1$65kNA
Senior Software Engineer1$65kNA
Human Resource Analyst1$65kNA
Network Computer System Administrator3$65k
Programmer Analyst II2$64k
Marketing Specialist2$64k
Programmer Analyst1122$63k
System Analyst Business43$63k
Technical Consultant3$62k
Quality Assurance Analyst1$62kNA
Functional Specialist1$61kNA
Network Adminstrator2$61k
Network Administrator50$61k
Database Administrator56$61k
Associate Consultant1$60kNA
Human Resources Administrator1$60kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator1$60kNA
Manager Legal1$60kNA
Programmaer Analyst1$60kNA
Business Financial Analyst2$60kNA
Database Adminstrator2$60kNA
IT Occupation And Hr Analyst1$58kNA