Humana Jobs

A total of 87 Humana jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $73,364
Salary Range: $40,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
VP And Innovation Leader1$245kNA
Enterprise VP1$233kNA
Market Management VP1$207kNA
Vp Clinical Innovations1$200kNA
Director Strategic Product Initiatives1$150kNA
Director Scientific Research2$150kNA
Market Research Insights Director1$135kNA
Marketing Manager2$123k
Director Consumer Research Competitive Intellig2$123kNA
Clinical Pharmacist1$112kNA
Clinical Innovations Process Manager2$110k
Senior Project Director Market Research1$108kNA
Technology Director1$103kNA
Application Enterprise Architect1$100kNA
Technology Application Architect Analyst1$97kNA
Technology Consultant Oracle Application Dba1$95kNA
Information Technology Manager2$90kNA
Internal Audit Consultant2$85kNA
Research Scientist1$85kNA
Technology Application Architect18$85k
Technology Manager1$83kNA
Humana Inc2$83k
Associate Actuary7$82k
Technology Consultant Oracle Application1$80kNA
Technology Tech Consultant1$80kNA
Technology Consultant Oracle Apps Dba1$80kNA
Consultant Medicaid Senior Products1$78kNA
Senior Technology Application Consultant9$78k
Process Manager1$77kNA
Technology Apps Engineer Oracle Developer1$75kNA
Technology Application Consultant Technical Lea1$75kNA
Technology Application Engineer Oracle Develope1$75kNA
Sas Technology Application Consultant1$75kNA
Technology Application Consultant Tech Lead1$75kNA
Senior Application Consultant1$75kNA
Senior Technology Application Engineer1$75kNA
Technology Apps Engineer Oracle Develope1$75kNA
Application Test Consultant2$75k
Technology Testing Consultant1$73kNA
Technology Project Manager9$73k
Software Developer Application27$73k
Innovation Scientist2$73kNA
Technology Application Consultant129$71k
Technology Application Consltant1$70kNA
Technology Apps Engineer Senior Oracle Developer1$70kNA
Clinical Innovations Consultant1$70kNA
Clinical Data Consultant1$70kNA
Provider Attributions Analytics Consultant2$70kNA
Market Intelligence Process Manager1$70kNA
Population Health Consultant1$70kNA
System Engineer II4$70k
Computer Software Engineer Application18$69k
Application Consultant2$68k
Business Consultant Sas Programmer2$68k
Computer System Analyst3$67k
Application Engineer4$66k
Web Technology Project Manager1$65kNA
Technlogy Application Engineer1$65kNA
Technology Business Consultant Information Technol1$65kNA
Technology Apps Consultant Oracle Developer1$65kNA
Technology Application Engineer30$63k
Senior Actuarial Analyst5$63k
Innovation Analyst1$63kNA
Application Test Engineer2$63k
Technology Business Consultant5$61k
Database Administrator1$60kNA
Clinical Innovations Analyst1$60kNA
Computer System Engineer Application3$60kNA
Technology Applicatons Consultant1$60kNA
Technology Program Manager1$59kNA
Clinical Guidance Analyst1$59kNA
Quality Analytics Consultant1$58kNA
Quality Analytics Analyst1$58kNA
Clinical Analytics Consultant1$58kNA
Financial Analyst2$56k
Clinical Quality Analyst2$55k
Pharmacy Analyst1$55kNA
Actuarial Analyst21$54k
Clinical Innovations Metrician1$51kNA
Business Development Analyst2$48k
Analyst Clinical Innovations1$45kNA
Succession Management Analyst2$45kNA
Security Operations Analyst1$40kNA