Hsbc Securities Usa Jobs

A total of 186 Hsbc Securities Usa jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $109,490
Salary Range: $42,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Managing Dir Head Of Alt Fund Services1$335kNA
Ceo New York International Private Banking1$265kNA
Global Head Of Liquidity1$250kNA
Managing Director3$217k
Head Of Global Wealth Solutions Administration1$210kNA
Managing Director Equity Research1$200kNA
Producing Manager Corporate Bond Products1$200kNA
Senior VP Research Analyst2$200kNA
Director Of Private Equity Latin America1$200kNA
Managing Director Head Of Fx Options1$200kNA
Computer Information System Manager1$200kNA
Producing Manager Global Bond Products2$200kNA
Associate Director Equity Trading1$182kNA
Americas Head Of Derivatives Operations1$175kNA
VP Global Wealth Management Group1$175kNA
Director Head Of Emerging Markets1$175kNA
Global Head Of Alternative Funds Services IT1$175kNA
Financial Engineer Structured Derivative Products1$175kNA
Senior VP Fund Linked Derivatives1$175kNA
VP Structured Products Trader1$175kNA
VP Structured Products1$175kNA
Mng Director Latin American Economic Research1$168kNA
VP Derivatives And Structured Products1$165kNA
Foreign Exchange Analyst Emerging Markets2$165k
Senior Vp Global Head Of Afs IT1$162kNA
VP Fixed Income Derivative Sales1$160kNA
Vp Equities Global Consumer Sector Sales1$160kNA
Head Of Us Equities Structured Products Technolo1$160kNA
VP Senior Application Developer2$154k
VP Emerging Mkts Mex Trader1$150kNA
VP Emerging Markets Debt Trading1$150kNA
Business Development Manager Asian Equities3$150kNA
Vp Research Analyst Specialty Pharmaceuticals1$150kNA
VP Global Head Of Ebusiness1$150kNA
Vp U S Equities Technology Development1$150kNA
Senior VP Global Markets1$150kNA
Managing Director Public Sector Origination1$150kNA
Senior Developer1$150kNA
VP Senior Quantitative Analyst1$150kNA
Managing Director Of Economic Research For Latin A1$150kNA
Senior Financial Advisor1$144kNA
VP Quantitative Analyst2$143k
VP Relationship Manager4$141k
Risk Manager1$140kNA
VP Structuring Analytics1$140kNA
VP Equity Fund Confirmations Management1$140kNA
Derivative Documentation Manager1$140kNA
Business Analyst4$131k
Senior VP Credit Derivatives1$130kNA
Avp Structurer Global Structured Products1$130kNA
Vp Senior Programmer1$130kNA
Market Risk Technology Developer1$128kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst3$127k
VP Equity Capital Markets1$125kNA
VP Emerging Markets Origination1$125kNA
Quantitative Analyst Market Risk Management1$125kNA
IT Developper Derivatives1$125kNA
VP Investment Banking Advisory1$125kNA
VP Securities Lending Controller2$125kNA
IT Developer Derivatives1$125kNA
Vp Debt Finance Advisory2$125kNA
VP Treasury Finance Control1$125kNA
VP Asset Allocator1$125kNA
Database Administrator4$123k
VP Quantitative Analysis1$120kNA
VP Fixed Income1$120kNA
Assistant VP Corporate Bond Products1$120kNA
Test Manager1$120kNA
Mining Analyst1$120kNA
Senior System Analyst3$118k
Engineering Manager1$117kNA
Avp Quantitative Analyst1$115kNA
Assistant VP Quantitative Analyst1$115kNA
IT Developer Derivatives Department5$113k
VP Senior Analyst2$113k
Quantitative Analyst2$113k
VP Credit Derivatives1$110kNA
Assistant VP Senior Programmer1$110kNA
IT Derivatives Developer1$110kNA
Vp Global Investment Banking Healthcare Group1$110kNA
Avp Salesperson Global Markets1$110kNA
Associate Programmer Structuring Analytics1$110kNA
General Compliance Project Manager1$107kNA
Quality Management Specialist1$105kNA
Assistant VP Programmer Analyst3$101k
Research Associate4$101k
Marketing And Sales Base Metals1$100kNA
Mortgage Back Securities Structurer1$100kNA
Assistant VP Abs Associate1$100kNA
Avp Emerging Markets Junior Salesperson1$100kNA
Quantitative Analyst System Securities Design1$100kNA
Research Analyst VP2$100k
Head Of Marketing And Sales1$100kNA
Associate Investment Banking2$100k
VP Base Metals Marketing And Sales1$100kNA
Assistant VP6$99k
Senior Programmer6$98k
Assistant VP Asset Backed Securities1$98kNA
VP Of The Credit Control Department1$98kNA
VP Credit Risk Officer1$98kNA
Structured Funds Product Control Associate1$95kNA
Structured Funds Derivatives Analyst1$95kNA
Product Controller1$95kNA
VP Debt Capital Markets1$95kNA
Associate Asset Backed Securities1$95kNA
Avp Associate Debt Capital Markets1$95kNA
Associate In Asset Backed Securities1$95kNA
Associate Structured Derivative1$95kNA
Business Management Analyst1$95kNA
Assistant Vp Investment Banking Associate2$95kNA
Assistant Vp Global Investment Banking Advisory1$95kNA
Avp Programmer Analyst1$95kNA
Analyst Business Management1$95kNA
Credit Officer Analyst Avp1$95kNA
Programmer Analyst6$94k
Junior Trader3$93k
Financial Manager1$93kNA
Assistant VP Analyst10$92k
Avp Mortgage Backed Securities3$92k
Senior Financial Analyst V P1$90kNA
Avp Structurer Structured Credit Products1$90kNA
Financial Analysis1$90kNA
Avp Analyst Portfolio Management1$90kNA
Avp Global Markets1$90kNA
Quantitative Analyst Securities System Design1$90kNA
Avp Investor Services1$90kNA
Assistant Vp Structurer Structured Credit Products1$90kNA
Assistant VP Portfolio Manager1$90kNA
Junior Structurer Global Structured Equities Dept1$90kNA
Assistant VP Hedge Fund Analyst3$90k
Sales Trading Associate1$90kNA
Assist Vp Structurer1$90kNA
Credit Risk Officer1$90kNA
Quantitative Analyst Mortgage Backed Securities5$88k
Investment Banking Associate2$88k
Derivatives Analyst2$88k
IT Developer Workflow Management System1$87kNA
Officer Financial Model Review1$85kNA
Officer Derivative Structured Products1$85kNA
Sales Analyst Mortgage Backed Securities1$85kNA
Junior Risk Analyst1$85kNA
Treasurers Controller And Chief Financial Officer1$84kNA
Avp Market Risk Management1$83kNA
Senior VP Quantitative Analyst1$83kNA
Associate Business Unit Administrator2$83kNA
Financial Analyst5$82k
Investment Banking Analyst2$80kNA
Hedge Fund Analyst1$80kNA
Avp Global Banking Investment Banking1$80kNA
Assistant V P Programmer Analyst1$80kNA
Institutional Equity Sales Analyst1$80kNA
Computer System Analyst2$78k
Trade Reconciliation Manager2$77k
Multimanager Research Analyst1$75kNA
Officer Quantitative Analyst1$75kNA
Manager Trade Reconciliation1$73kNA
Fund Accountant1$70kNA
Assistant VP Analyst Media Sector C1$67kNA
Financial Analyst Research Associate1$67kNA
Global Equity Markets Sales Analyst1$65kNA
Analyst Debs Capital Market1$65kNA
Assistant VP Programmer1$65kNA
Equity Capital Markets Analyst2$65k
Associate Programmer Analyst1$65kNA
Market Risk Analyst1$65kNA
Finance Derivatives Analyst1$60kNA
IT Developer Futures Department2$59k
Research Analyst5$55k
Publications Manager1$55kNA
Support Services Analyst1$55kNA
Business Support Services Analyst1$55kNA
Equity Market Sales Analyst1$55kNA
IT Developer Fixed Income1$55kNA
Trading Assistant Mortgage Backed Securities2$50kNA
Pebg Client Service Officer1$50kNA
Junior Project Manager1$50kNA
Human Resources Administrator1$45kNA
Junior Research Analyst1$45kNA
Portfolio Administrator1$42kNA