Howard Hughes Medical Institute Jobs

A total of 52 Howard Hughes Medical Institute jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $45,953
Salary Range: $27,206

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Chief Financial Officer Vp Finance1$300kNA
Shared Resource Manager1$140kNA
Senior Computer Specialist I1$105kNA
Early Career Scientist2$105k
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$103kNA
Project Scientist2$100kNA
Senior Scientist2$100kNA
Senior Web Developer1$100kNA
Senior Software Engineer3$98k
Senior Program Officer1$96kNA
Software Developer Application Non R D1$95kNA
Software Developer3$95kNA
Unix Engineer2$90kNA
Senior Human Resources Specialist Employee Relati1$85kNA
Software Engineer II2$85kNA
Senior Human Resources Specialist1$85kNA
Research Fellow3$83k
Engineering Specialist I1$80kNA
Engineering Specialist2$80k
Bioinformatics Specialist II2$77k
Computer Analyst III1$75kNA
Bioinformatics Specialist16$70k
Junior Fellow3$70k
Computer Analyst II2$63k
Research Specialist II15$62k
Computer Analyst4$61k
Bioinformatics Specialist I3$56k
Research Specialist200$52k
Research Technician II3$51k
Research Specialist I43$51k
Reserach Specialist1$49kNA
Research Asociate1$48kNA
Research Technician III7$48k
Research Technician5$45k
Research Assocoate1$45kNA
Jccf Associate2$43kNA
Computational Associate14$43k
Life Science Research Fellow2$43k
Life Scientist5$42k
Research Associate1142$42k
Reswearch Associate1$42kNA
Research Asscoiate1$42kNA
Researh Associate1$42kNA
Lsrf Associate3$41k
Helen H Whitney Associate1$40kNA
Research Associat1$40kNA
Life Science Research Associate1$40kNA
Resarch Associate1$39kNA
Reserach Associate1$37kNA
Research Assoicate1$37kNA