Houston Petroleum Engineer Salary, TX

A total of 335 real petroleum engineer salary data found within 25 miles of Houston, TX.

Salary Average: $104,910
Salary Range: $42,349

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Petroleum EngineerFircroft$204kHouston, TX (01/2003)
Petroleum EngineerAgar$65kHouston, TX (03/2003)
Petroleum EngineerThe Mudlogging$61kHouston, TX (04/2003)
Petroleum EngineerThe Mudlogging$42kHouston, TX (05/2003)
Petroleum EngineerSchlumberger Technology$65kHouston, TX (07/2003)
Petroleum EngineerCalsep$80kHouston, TX (08/2003)
Petroleum EngineerKnowledge Reservoir$65kHouston, TX (08/2003)
Petroleum EngineerChevrontexaco$70kBellaire, TX (09/2003)
Petroleum EngineerSeismic Micro Technology$95kHouston, TX (09/2003)
Petroleum EngineerChevrontexaco$67kHouston, TX (10/2003)
Petroleum EngineerKappa North America$72kHouston, TX (11/2003)
Petroleum EngineerSchlumberger Technology$53kHouston, TX (12/2003)
Petroleum EngineerChevrontexaco$67kHouston, TX (02/2004)
Petroleum EngineerT H Hill Associates$66kHouston, TX (02/2004)
Petroleum EngineerOptimization Petroleum Technologies$60kHouston, TX (06/2004)
Petroleum EngineerAmerada Hess$62kHouston, TX (08/2004)
Petroleum EngineerCollarini Energy Staffing$65kHouston, TX (09/2004)
Petroleum EngineerSeismic Micro Technology$80kHouston, TX (01/2005)
Petroleum EngineerElliott Oil And Gas Operating$60kHouston, TX (03/2005)
Petroleum EngineerPinnacle Technologies$58kHouston, TX (03/2005)