Hntb Jobs

A total of 129 Hntb jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $69,788
Salary Range: $38,002

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Rail System Integration Manager1$200kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager1$200kNA
Chief Engineer High Speed Rail National Practice C1$191kNA
Senior Project Engineer1$163kNA
Senior Project Manager Engineering2$158k
Senior Project Engineer Engineering1$153kNA
Mechanical Senior Project Engineer1$145kNA
Segmental Bridge Specialist3$141k
Senior Project Manager1$139kNA
Senior System Eng R Highway Design Build Projects1$131kNA
Senior System Engineer Highway Design Build Proj1$127kNA
Design Build Project Manager1$123kNA
Senior Bridge Engineer Segmental Bridge Specialist1$122kNA
Senior Project Engineer Senior Squad Leader2$122k
Senior Technical Designer1$115kNA
Senior Bridge Engineer1$115kNA
Senior Field Representative1$110kNA
Senior Project Designer Architecture1$110kNA
Office Engineer3$102k
Engineering Manager1$100kNA
Senior Tunnel Engineer1$100kNA
Project Manager I Engineering1$98kNA
Project Engineer2$96k
Senior Developer1$96kNA
Mechanical Engineer2$96k
Senior Staff Engineer1$95kNA
Senior Transit Modeler1$95kNA
Senior Transportation Planning Engineer3$94k
Airport Landside Planner1$90kNA
Electrical Power System Engineer1$89kNA
Engineer II Rail System Engineer1$88kNA
Structural Project Engineer Arch1$87kNA
Project Engineer Traffic Engineering1$86kNA
Project Engineer Squad Leader6$86k
Construction Manager2$85kNA
Senior Transportation Planner4$84k
Technology Project Manager1$84kNA
Operations Researcher1$81kNA
Urban And Regional Planner4$80k
Project Manager1$79kNA
Structural Bridge Engineer1$79kNA
Senior Gis Developer1$77kNA
Civil Engineer30$77k
Architect Except Landscape Naval2$77k
Its Design Engineer II1$77kNA
Senior Cpm Claims Analyst1$76kNA
Signal Engineer II1$75kNA
Structural Bridge Rail Engineer1$75kNA
Senior Gis Developer Analyst2$74k
Design Developer II1$73kNA
Architect Except Landscape And Naval3$73k
Structural Engineer III1$73kNA
Engineer III33$71k
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$71kNA
Its Intelligent Transp System Design Engineer1$70kNA
Its Transportation Planner1$70kNA
Its Traffic Engineer I1$69kNA
Structural Bridge Engineer II1$69kNA
Project Architect10$69k
Aviation Economist1$68kNA
Traffic Engineer Modeler I1$67kNA
Urban Planner III1$67kNA
Aviation Environmental Planner1$66kNA
Engineer II76$65k
Financial Business Analyst1$65kNA
Geotechnical Engineer III2$65k
Urban Designer Landscape Architect IV1$65kNA
Its Design Engineer I3$65k
Planner IV5$65k
Tunnel Engineer1$64kNA
Transportation Planning Engineer8$63k
Senior Graphic Designer2$63k
Bridge Engineer II1$63kNA
Design Developer I2$62k
Web Designer I1$62kNA
Electrical Engineer2$62k
Transportation Planner Engineer1$61kNA
Geotechnical Engineer II3$61k
Structural Engineer II2$60k
Ocs Engineer1$59kNA
Civil Water Engineer1$59kNA
Civil Highway Engineer1$59kNA
Transportation Engineer II1$59kNA
Civil Engineer I1$58kNA
Transportation Planner11$58k
Transportation Engineer1$58kNA
Project Designer3$58k
Architect II1$58kNA
Stormwater Engineer1$57kNA
Engineer I36$57k
Bridge Architect II1$56kNA
Its Traffic Engineer1$56kNA
Its Engineer2$56k
Assistant Transportation Planner4$56k
Bridge Engineer2$55k
Architect III5$55k
Bridge Design Engineer1$55kNA
Structural Engineer10$55k
Geotechnical Engineer I1$54kNA
Multi Media Artist And Animators1$54kNA
Environmental Engineer3$54k
Environmental Planner1$54kNA
Graphic Designer3$53k
Traffic Engineer2$53k
Transportation Planning Engineer II1$52kNA
Signal Engineer1$52kNA
Traffic Project Engineer3$51k
Transportation Planning Engineer Modeler1$51kNA
Graphic Artist1$50kNA
Transportation Project Engineer1$49kNA
Civil Designer Engineer I1$49kNA
Structural Engineer Engineer I1$49kNA
Engineer I Transportation Planning Department1$49kNA
Project Engineer Electrical1$48kNA
Civil Engineering Software Engineer1$48kNA
Gis Analyst II1$48kNA
Urban Designer I1$47kNA
Community Planner1$46kNA
Project Engineer Structures1$46kNA
Traffic Engineer Planner1$46kNA
Engineer I Traffic Engineer1$45kNA
Urban Designer Landscape Architect III1$45kNA
Architect I5$43k
Landscape Architect2$43k
Planner I1$42kNA
Staff Accountant1$40kNA
3d Visualization Specialist1$40kNA