Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Jobs

A total of 158 Hitachi Global Storage Technologies jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $104,008
Salary Range: $53,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Tech Staff Member Project Manager1$200kNA
IT Project Manager1$150kNA
Research Engineer Technologist2$148k
Senior Signal Processing And Integration Engineer1$140kNA
Principal Writer Integration Engineer1$138kNA
Software Application Engineer1$137kNA
Senior Mechanical Engineer Hdd Spindle Motor Devel1$136kNA
Senior Sap Srm Funct Configurator Subj Matter Expert1$135kNA
Senior Sap Srm Funct Configurator And Subject Matter1$135kNA
Hdi R D Tribology Engineer1$135kNA
Principal R W Engineer1$135kNA
Principal Hardware Development Engineer1$135kNA
Senior Product Engineer6$134k
Senior Security Architect2$134k
Development Advisory Engineer Scientist3$132k
Computer Software Engineer Application1$132kNA
Principal Database Engineer1$130kNA
Principle Research Engineer1$130kNA
Senior Engineer Advanced Technology1$130kNA
Manager Information System2$129k
Advanced Test Development Engineer3$129k
Advanced Development Engineer1$127kNA
Advanced Hw Development Engineer1$127kNA
Senior Software Engineer6$127k
Senior Cost Analyst1$125kNA
Engineer Plating Equipment1$125kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$124kNA
Plating And Etch Engineer2$124k
Senior Business System Analyst Senior Software Engine1$124kNA
Software Developer Application2$123k
Materials Engineer5$122k
Principal Research Engineer9$121k
Electronics Engineer4$120k
Signal Processing Coding Engineer1$120kNA
Hdd Firmware Engineer1$120kNA
Hris Analyst Principal1$120kNA
Business System Analyst Principal1$118kNA
Principal Firmware Engineer2$117k
Electrical Engineer6$117k
Principal Software Engineer Application1$116kNA
Senior Business System Analyst Senior Software Engineer1$116kNA
Principal Engineer Research1$115kNA
Research Engineer Principal2$115k
Research Staff Member19$114k
Research And Development Engineer1$113kNA
Computer Software Engineer1$111kNA
Research Staff Engineer1$110kNA
Tool Automation Programmer1$110kNA
Advanced Manufacturing Engineer4$108k
Senior Hardware Development Engineer12$108k
Research Engineer2$108k
Advisory Researcher1$107kNA
Enterprise Resource Planning Erp Business Analyst1$106kNA
Mechanical Engineer7$106k
Computer Hardware Engineer5$105k
Advisory Scientist Engineer1$105kNA
Senior Software Engineer Application1$105kNA
Advisory Engineer Sj Head Appli Test Engineer1$105kNA
Cmp Engineer1$105kNA
Mi Hdi Staff Engineer Tribologist1$105kNA
Development Engineer II1$105kNA
Spacing Control And Reliability Engineer2$105kNA
File Integration Staff Engineer Scientist1$105kNA
Engineer Solution Architect1$105kNA
Data Network Engineer1$105kNA
Advanced Write Head Design Engineer1$105kNA
Senior Development Engineer7$105k
Industrial Engineer7$105k
Sap Business Analyst2$103kNA
Software Engineer14$102k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer8$102k
Engineer Scientist Read Channel Architect1$100kNA
Senior Sap Abap Programmer2$100kNA
R D Development Engineer1$100kNA
Advisory Process Metrology Engineer1$100kNA
Advisory Software Engineer12$100k
Advisory Development Engineer3$99k
Electronic Engineer1$99kNA
Metrology Engineer1$99kNA
Computer System Analyst7$99k
Advisory Engineer Scientist3$98k
Development Engineer Scientist1$97kNA
Advisory Engineer Test Characterization1$97kNA
Wafer Fabrication Equipment Engineer1$97kNA
Development Engineer Principal1$97kNA
Advisory Engineer1$96kNA
Advisory Engineer Scientist Developer1$96kNA
Sputter Process Engineer1$96kNA
Advanced Engineer Scientist Developer1$96kNA
Financial Analyst3$96k
System Analyst Business System Engineer2$95k
Software Engineer Application1$95kNA
Advisory Reader Definition Engineer1$95kNA
Senior Engineer Scientist1$95kNA
Agile Plm Devevelopment Engineer Software1$95kNA
Reliability Engineer1$95kNA
Media Reliability Engineer1$95kNA
Erp Business Analyst1$95kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist3$95k
Agile Plm Development Engineer Software2$95kNA
Senior Financial Analyst2$95k
Staff Software Engineer7$94k
Staff Engineer Scientist Development5$94k
Advanced Engineer1$94kNA
System Analyst Financial Business System1$94kNA
World Wide Call Center Manager1$94kNA
Global Support Operations Manager1$94kNA
Staff Development Engineer3$93k
Global Quality Account Manager1$93kNA
Development Engineer7$93k
Staff Engineer Scientist Developer1$93kNA
Postdoctoral Researcher Technical2$93k
Research Scientist4$93k
Technical Postdoctoral Researcher2$90kNA
Technical Support Engineer1$90kNA
Advisory Process Development Engineer1$90kNA
Advisory Financial Analyst1$90kNA
Advisory Hard Disk Drive Servo Writer Engineer2$90kNA
Manufacturing Engineer II1$90kNA
Head Media Quality Assurance Engineer1$90kNA
Worldwide Cost Coordinator1$90kNA
Hardware Development Engineer4$89k
Tribology Engineer2$88k
Hardware Development Engineer II6$88k
Software Developer System Software1$88kNA
Staff Engineer Mechanical Engineering1$85kNA
Senior Manufacturing Engineer2$85kNA
Postdoctoral Researcher2$83k
Staff Engineer2$82kNA
Thin Film Process Engineer1$82kNA
Ald Process Engineer1$82kNA
Test Equipment Engineer3$81k
Staff Engineer Scientist2$81k
Info Tech Business Process Program Mgr1$80kNA
Engineer Scientist1$80kNA
Staff Servo Engineer1$80kNA
Senior Business Analyst1$80kNA
Development Engineer I1$78kNA
Manufacturing Process Control Engineer1$75kNA
Test Software Engineer1$75kNA
Postdoctoral Research Scientist1$75kNA
Senior Accountant1$75kNA
Servo Design Engineer1$75kNA
Firmware Engineer I3$75k
System Design Architect Engineer1$73kNA
System Engineer Data Storage Algorithms2$73kNA
Engineer Scientist Manufacturing1$71kNA
Hardware Development Engineer I2$71k
Asic Design Engineer I2$70kNA
Server Development Engineer1$70kNA
System Design Engineer II1$68kNA
Programmer Analyst1$66kNA
Firmware Engineer1$65kNA
Global Web Finance And Strategic Analyst1$65kNA
Channel Marketing Specialist1$53kNA