Hess Jobs

A total of 135 Hess jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $111,051
Salary Range: $36,338

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Vp Exp Prod Org Effect Strat Staffing2$318k
VP Development1$305kNA
Senior VP Major Products1$300kNA
Manager Global Production Planning1$240kNA
VP Corporate Strategy1$240kNA
Manager Pre Development Planning1$238kNA
Senior IT Advisor1$215kNA
Project Manager Facilities1$200kNA
Integrity Advisor Offshore Americas West Africa1$197kNA
Senior Geological Advisor1$196kNA
Exploration And Production Geological Advisor1$195kNA
Drilling Engineering Advisor2$194k
Operations Manager Offshore Americas1$186kNA
Senior Geophysical Algorithm Developer1$178kNA
Drilling Supervisor1$176kNA
Mining And Geological Engineer Including Mining Safety Engineer1$175kNA
Manager Energy Services Bus Dev Energy Mkting1$174kNA
Marketing Manager2$169k
Reservoir Engineering Advisor4$167k
Senior Drilling Engineering Advisor1$164kNA
Team Lead Production Engineering2$163kNA
Manager Projects Facilities1$160kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager2$160k
Senior Risk Analyst1$158kNA
Geoscientists Except Hydrologists And Geographers4$154k
Manager Energy Services Business Development2$153k
Evaluations Engineering Advisor1$153kNA
Advisor Supply Chain1$152kNA
Senior Risk Technology Analyst4$150k
Senior Manager Organization Development E P Hr2$148k
Senior Reliability Advisor2$146kNA
Senior Geophysicist1$145kNA
Engineering Team Leader2$142k
Flowback Superintendent1$140kNA
Analyst Physical Oil Trading1$138kNA
Senior Evaluations Engineer1$135kNA
Exploration Manager South America And West Africa1$135kNA
Exploration Manager South America West Africa1$135kNA
Reservoir Engineer Simulation Permian Basin2$133kNA
Environment Health Safety Advisor2$130kNA
Social Responsibility Subject Matter Expert2$130kNA
Senior Project Consultant4$130k
Counsel Trading1$129kNA
Manager Cost Project Production Excellence2$129kNA
Manager Exploration Production Aviation Safety2$129kNA
Subsurface Application Advisor1$128kNA
Conceptual Engineering Advisor1$126kNA
Senior Geologist4$126k
Senior Geophysical Advisor2$126kNA
Senior Programmer Consultant2$126k
Drilling Engineer Rock Mechanics1$125kNA
Talent Acquisition Manager Recruitment1$120kNA
Senior Reservoir Engineer10$120k
Petroleum Engineer15$119k
Senior Naval Architect1$119kNA
Ehs Advisor Land Transportation Safety5$118k
Senior Production Engineer1$115kNA
Engineering Manager2$112k
Ground Disturbance Specialist Facilities1$111kNA
Programming Consultant Retail Information1$111kNA
Programming Consultant Retail Info System1$111kNA
Enterprise Resource Planning Erp Specialist1$110kNA
Chief Executive1$109kNA
Geological Advisor1$108kNA
Geologist Geophysicist2$108k
Product Control Specialist Electricity1$107kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$106kNA
Manager Pricing Structure1$106kNA
Network Security Specialist2$105k
Reservoir Engineer Simulation Specialist2$105kNA
Geophysical Developer2$105kNA
Senior Petroleum Engineer1$105kNA
Integrity Advisor1$104kNA
Programming Consultant Retail Information System3$103k
Information Security Analyst Web Developer And Computer Network Architect1$103kNA
Talent Acquisition And Recruitment Manager1$102kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator2$101k
International Tax Specialist1$101kNA
Compliance Specialist2$100k
Naval Architect1$100kNA
Senior Ehs Specialist1$100kNA
Senior Facilities Engineer1$100kNA
Forward Desk Trader1$99kNA
Production Engineer4$95k
I Finance Specialist2$95k
Supply Chain Category Management Specialist1$94kNA
Supply Coordinator2$94k
Financial Analyst III1$93kNA
Senior Mechanical Engineer Global Drilling Group2$93k
Compliance Officer1$92kNA
Reservoir Engineer17$92k
Facilities Engineer3$91k
Specialist Supply Chain2$91k
Electric Pricing Analyst2$90kNA
Programming Consultant Retail Information Sustems1$90kNA
Exploration Geologist Existing Assets S A W A1$90kNA
Industrial Engineer2$89k
Geoscience System Support Advisor1$89kNA
Geophysicist Geosciences System Analyst1$89kNA
Manager Human Resources Information Services1$88kNA
Drilling Engineer4$88k
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents1$87kNA
Programming Consultant2$85kNA
International Tax Manager2$84kNA
Subsea Engineer3$83k
Geophysicist Geosciences Development Group7$81k
Global Supply Chain Analyst1$81kNA
Ehs Specialist2$81kNA
Marketing Representative2$80k
Foundation Engineer8$78k
Completions Engineer1$77kNA
Project Engineer2$77k
Geologist Geosciences Development Group1$75kNA
Accounting Specialist1$74kNA
Operations Geologist2$74kNA
Geoscience Technician1$70kNA
Geophysicist Geoscience Development Group1$70kNA
Paradigm System Support Analyst2$68kNA
Human Resources Representative1$68kNA
Manager Human Resources Ept Development2$68kNA
Application System Engineer1$68kNA
Supply Planning Analyst1$67kNA
Supply Chain Analyst11$67k
Geologist Geoscientist1$66kNA
Senior Accountant Corporate Accounting3$62k
Engineer Operations1$59kNA
Supply Chain Associate3$57k
Accountant I2$44kNA
Hr Analyst1$36kNA