Herbalife International Of America Jobs

A total of 96 Herbalife International Of America jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $106,506
Salary Range: $50,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Director Application Management1$170kNA
Principle Dba Oracle1$146kNA
Senior Manager Oracle Dba1$146kNA
Senior Manager Development2$144k
Director Distributor Promotions Analysis2$140kNA
Director Distibutor Promotions Analysis1$140kNA
Manager Application Management4$138k
Principal Dba Oracle3$137k
Senior Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator3$136k
Manager Enterprise Administration2$135kNA
Principal Developer5$132k
Manager Oracle Dba1$131kNA
Manager Oracle Database Administrator1$131kNA
Manager IT Application2$130kNA
Director Agile System Processing1$130kNA
Manager Quality Control1$129kNA
Principal Application Analyst3$128k
Senior Database Administrator2$126k
Manager Development1$126kNA
Senior Dba Oracle3$126k
Senior Developer Dts Development1$125kNA
Principal Oracle Application Analyst1$125kNA
Senior Database Administrator Oracle Application1$125kNA
Principal Business Intelligence Analyst1$124kNA
Manager Application Development1$122kNA
Senior Oracle Dba6$120k
Senior Manager Strategy Analysis1$120kNA
Manager Web Product1$118kNA
Principal Odi Developer Analytics1$118kNA
Manager Enterprise Content Management2$117kNA
Senior Developer Oracle Application5$116k
Manager Process Research1$115kNA
Senior Developer Business Intelligence1$115kNA
Oracle Developer1$114kNA
Senior Java Developer2$114k
Dba Oracle1$114kNA
Senior Application Developer3$114k
Developer Enterprise Application1$113kNA
Database Administrator7$113k
Quality Control Manager2$112k
Senior Build Release Engineer1$110kNA
Senior Application Analyst Web Product1$110kNA
Manager Enterprise Content Management Web Produc1$110kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst Oracle Application1$110kNA
Dts Product Management1$110kNA
Manager Web Product Dts Product Management1$110kNA
Database Administrator Oracle2$109k
Senior Developer36$109k
Enterprise Content Management Developer1$107kNA
Senior Application Analyst41$106k
Senior Developer Oracle16$105k
Developer Software Application1$105kNA
Staff Dba Oracle1$105kNA
Oracle Dba2$105k
Senior Programmer Analyst Java1$105kNA
Senior System Administrator2$104k
Senior Network Engineer1$100kNA
Staff Developer1$100kNA
Staff Developer Engineering1$100kNA
Developer Oracle Application2$98k
Developer Oracle1$96kNA
Senior Analyst Events Promotions Dept1$96kNA
Enterprise Content Mgt Developer Software Dev1$95kNA
Manager Forecasting1$94kNA
Manager New Product Development2$92k
Lead Programmer New System1$90kNA
Oracle Database Administrator1$90kNA
Application Analyst2$86k
Staff Application Analyst1$86kNA
Senior Research Chemist1$85kNA
Management Analyst1$84kNA
Manager Global Pricing Group1$83kNA
Associate Developer Oracle1$83kNA
Senior Strategic Planning Analyst2$82k
Marketing Manager Americas1$80kNA
Manager Project Management2$79k
Manager Forecast Analysis1$78kNA
Principal Ww Events Coordination2$74kNA
Senior Treasury Analyst3$71k
Associate Developer1$70kNA
Senior Analyst Demand Management3$67k
Product Development Manager1$65kNA
Senior Forecast Analyst1$65kNA
Senior Forecast Analyst Supply Chain Logistics2$65kNA
Material System Analyst1$64kNA
Web Designer1$62kNA
Distributor Analyst2$59k
Financial Analyst1$58kNA
Materials System Analyst1$58kNA
Associate Project Manager Product Development1$57kNA
Pricing Analyst1$54kNA
Events Coordinator1$51kNA
Forecast Analyst1$51kNA
Marketing Specialist1$50kNA