Henry M Jackson Foundation Jobs

A total of 62 Henry M Jackson Foundation jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $53,670
Salary Range: $22,963

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Deputy Director Research1$182kNA
Software Developer7$157k
Military Health Scholar1$140kNA
Senior Military Health Scholar1$130kNA
Pharmo Economist1$107kNA
Senior Scientist1$101kNA
Web Developer1$92kNA
Oracle Reports Developer Analyst1$90kNA
Public Health Researcher1$80kNA
Senior Software Developer1$78kNA
Clinical Director1$73kNA
Senior Laboratory Manager2$71k
Research Scientist9$70k
Research Associate IV1$69kNA
Program Manager2$69k
Electron Microscopist1$67kNA
Staff Scientist8$62k
Programmer Analyst3$62k
Research Historian Of Science And Medicine1$60kNA
Staff Investigator1$60kNA
Research Associate Postdoctoral1$58kNA
System Engineer1$58kNA
Clinical Research Corodinator1$57kNA
Computer Research Engineer2$57k
Scientific Writer3$54k
Research Psychologist1$53kNA
Software Engineer1$52kNA
Scientist I1$51kNA
Senior Research Associate1$50kNA
Research Microbiologist1$50kNA
Historian Of Science Technical Writer2$49k
Bioinformatics Statistician1$48kNA
Research Technician2$47k
Medical Technologist1$46kNA
Scientist II4$45kNA
Technical Writer1$45kNA
Research Analyst2$45k
Computer Programmer I2$42k
Postdoctoral Fellow43$41k
Computer Programmer1$40kNA
Research Associate II3$40k
Research Associate19$40k
Data Manager1$39kNA
User Support Specialist1$39kNA
Scientist III6$39kNA
Research Assistant Toxicology1$38kNA
Research Statistician1$38kNA
Research Associate I1$35kNA
Research Assistant21$34k
Research Data Manager1$34kNA
Research Techncian1$31kNA
Laboratory Specialist1$30kNA
Laboratory Technician3$30k
Research Assistant II2$28k
Research Assistant I2$25k