Goodrich Jobs

A total of 106 Goodrich jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $77,936
Salary Range: $31,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
President Aviation Technical Services Div1$137kNA
Group Engineer I1$127kNA
Senior Engineering Technologist2$124k
Technologist V1$115kNA
Engineering Project Manager1$113kNA
Staff Engineer Materials Structural1$108kNA
Design Engineer V2$107k
Mrb Engineer V1$104kNA
Continuous Improvement Director Interiors3$103k
Business Analyst II1$100kNA
Stress Engineer V15$99k
Quality Engineer V2$99k
Weights Engineer V2$97k
Repair Engineer IV1$95kNA
Group Engineer3$95k
Materials Review Board Engineer V1$95kNA
Senior Software Engineer1$94kNA
Engineering Mgr Lead System Integration Engineer1$91kNA
System Engineer IV2$90k
Materials Review Board Engineer IV1$90kNA
Senior Project Manager1$88kNA
Senior Project Engineer1$88kNA
Engineering Manager2$88k
Senior Stress Engineer2$88k
System Administrator III1$87kNA
Quality Engineer IV2$87k
Engineering Technologist V2$87k
Special Process Manager Quality Leader1$86kNA
Staff Engineer18$85k
Engineering Plant And Transition Manager2$85kNA
Senior Repair Development Engineer1$85kNA
Project Engineer IV1$85kNA
Business Advisor II2$85k
Commodities Administrator IV1$85kNA
Engineering Technologies Specialist1$85kNA
Information Technology Specialist III4$85k
Staff Engineer General Engineering1$85kNA
Design Engineer IV6$84k
Stress Engineer IV31$84k
Senior Engineer Aerodynamics1$84kNA
Staff Engineer Stress2$84k
Senior Manufacturing Engineer3$84k
Director Customer Support1$83kNA
Customer Services Field Service Engineer III1$83kNA
Senior Application Analyst1$82kNA
System Administrator1$81kNA
R D Scientist Engineer1$78kNA
Senior R D Engineer2$78k
Senior Mechanical Stress Engineer1$78kNA
Repair Engineer III1$77kNA
Mrb Engineer IV1$77kNA
Business Analyst III1$77kNA
Aerospace Engineer2$76k
Stress Engineer7$76k
Metallic Composites Stress Analyst1$76kNA
Special Process Manager2$76k
Industrial Engineer1$75kNA
Senior Acoustics Engineer1$75kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$75kNA
Technical Writer1$75kNA
Principle Engineer1$74kNA
Principal Engineer1$74kNA
System Engineer Principal Dynamics1$73kNA
Project Manager1$72kNA
Senior Engineer Reliability Engineer1$72kNA
Program Manager2$72kNA
Senior Engineer18$72k
Stress Engineer III10$72k
Senior Product Engineer1$72kNA
Senior Engineer Dynamics1$71kNA
Senior Design Engineer1$70kNA
Programmer Analyst4$69k
Manufacturing Engineer III2$69k
Electrical Engineer2$68k
Program Manager I1$68kNA
Commodities Administrator III1$68kNA
Senior Manager Customer Support1$67kNA
Mrb Engineer6$67k
Business System Analyst III1$67kNA
Materials Acquisition Administrator IV1$66kNA
Senior Mass Properties Engineer1$66kNA
Account Manager3$65k
Software Engineer2$65k
Mechanical Engineer7$65k
Staff Engineer Stress Design2$65kNA
Senior Business System Analyst1$65kNA
System Engineer5$64k
Design Engineer8$62k
Senior Engineer Equipment1$62kNA
Principal Electrical Engineer1$61kNA
Engineering Technician IV4$59k
Engineering Operations Analyst2$58k
Project Engineer1$57kNA
Finance Lead Sap Implementation Team2$57k
Repair Engineer1$57kNA
Senior Aerodynamics Engineer1$57kNA
Materials Acquisition Administrator III1$56kNA
Service Engineer3$55k
Engineer II2$55kNA
Repair Design Engineer1$54kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$51kNA
Manufacturing Engineer1$50kNA
Cost Accountant1$48kNA
Stress Engineer II2$46k
Operations Associate1$31kNA