Glotel Jobs

A total of 148 Glotel jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $93,565
Salary Range: $46,600

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Staff Accountant2$256k
Gfs Engineer1$198kNA
Project Implementation Engineer1$181kNA
Fi Co Sap Engineer1$175kNA
Basis Sap Engineer1$166kNA
Rttm Team Lead1$155kNA
Pmo Project Manager1$154kNA
Bts Site Engineer1$145kNA
Facility Equipment Deveopment Eng1$144kNA
Radio Networks Operations Engineer1$140kNA
Gprs Engineer1$139kNA
Rttm Developer1$138kNA
Ericsson Program Manager1$135kNA
Ericsson Program Market Manager1$135kNA
Program Director Wireless Solutions2$133kNA
Umts Engineer1$132kNA
Senior Java Developer1$130kNA
Engineering Project Manager2$127kNA
Senior Rf Design Optimization Engineer1$125kNA
Cellular Engineer1$125kNA
Regional Project Manage1$125kNA
Traffic Engineer1$125kNA
Nokia Bsc Eos Engineer1$122kNA
Integration Engineer3$120k
Radio Network Engineer1$120kNA
Nss Eos Switch Engineer1$118kNA
Project Manager4$116k
Nokia Switching Engineer1$115kNA
Umts Gprs System Engineer1$115kNA
Utdoa Engineer1$114kNA
Senior Msc Engineer1$114kNA
Voip Consultant3$114k
Senior Ericcson Switch Engineer1$114kNA
Switch Configuration Engineer2$113k
Rc Commissioning Engineer2$112kNA
Regional Project Manager2$111k
Bsc Eos Engineer1$111kNA
Project Integration Engineer1$110kNA
Oss Engineer5$109k
Nss Engineer4$108k
Nokia Bsc Engineer1$108kNA
Umts Design And Optimization Engineer2$108kNA
Sgsn Engineer2$108k
Oss Nss Engineer2$107k
Bts Engineer8$106k
Rnc Engineer1$106kNA
Ericsson Grps Engineer1$104kNA
Senior Rf Engineer1$104kNA
Ericsson Data Transcript Engineer1$104kNA
Regional Program Manager1$101kNA
Bss Nms Engineer2$101k
Umts Rf Optimization Engineer2$100k
Radio Network Performance Engineer2$99k
Ericsson Bss Engineer2$99k
Bss Engineer17$99k
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$98kNA
Equipment Engineer6$98k
Sql Developer1$98kNA
Director Solutions Development1$97kNA
Msc Performance Engineer2$96k
Bsc Engineer15$96k
Nortel Bss Engineer3$95k
Nokia Operations Support System Engineer3$94k
Omc R Engineer1$94kNA
Electrical Engineering Consultant1$94kNA
Ericsson Bsc Engineer1$94kNA
Ericsson Bts Engineer2$94kNA
Sc Commissioning Engineer1$94kNA
Ericsson Bsc Consultant1$94kNA
Gprs Operations Engineer1$94kNA
Senior Network Engineer1$93kNA
Rf Frequency Planning Engineer1$93kNA
Perfomance Engineer2$93k
Rf Planning Engineer7$92k
Ericsson Oss Support Engineer3$92k
Ericsson Oss Engineer2$92k
Construction Production Manager1$91kNA
Ric Engineer1$91kNA
Core Bsc Engineer1$90kNA
Master Project Manager1$90kNA
Switch Engineer37$90k
Rf Engineer12$89k
Nortel Nss Engineer3$88k
Cost And Progress Controller For Information Tech1$88kNA
Bsc Operations Engineer1$88kNA
Mobile Communications Management Engineering1$88kNA
Oracle Financials Developer1$87kNA
Nokia Nss Engineer1$85kNA
Ericsson Gprs Engineer3$85k
Implementation Engineer2$84k
Senior Ericsson Switch Engineer19$84k
Base Transceiver Station Bts Engineer1$83kNA
Oss Support Engineer1$83kNA
Senior Field Engineer1$83kNA
Wireless Engineer Manager1$83kNA
Radio Base Station Engineer4$83k
Electrical Engineer4$82k
Ericsson Switch Engineer8$82k
Senior Nokia Bts Engineer6$82k
Regional Equipment Engineer1$81kNA
Optinet Rf Engineer1$81kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$80kNA
Ericsson Rbs Engineer14$79k
Core Network Engineer4$79k
Engineering Consultant1$79kNA
Cs Engineer1$78kNA
Rbs Engineer6$78k
Senior Switch Engineer1$78kNA
Senior Implementation Consultant Engineer1$78kNA
Senior Ericsson Switche Engineer1$78kNA
Senior Ericsson Rbs Engineer1$78kNA
Field Technician1$75kNA
Electronics Engineer3$75k
Senior Ericsson Engineer1$75kNA
Oss Engineer Oracle Dba1$75kNA
Field Operations Manager1$74kNA
Technical Switch Engineer1$73kNA
Gprs Gsm International Engineer1$73kNA
Field Engineer5$72k
Rf Design Engineer3$71k
Uat Test Engineer1$71kNA
Msc Engineer2$71k
E Ectronics Test Engineer1$70kNA
Hlr Specialist1$70kNA
Senior Operations System Support Engineer1$70kNA
Electrical Engineering1$70kNA
Cell Site Engineer1$70kNA
Senior Technical Support Engineer2$70kNA
Provisioning Engineer1$70kNA
Swtich Engineer1$69kNA
Network Engineer4$66k
Electrical Technology Consultant1$65kNA
Bts Integrator1$63kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$63kNA
User Accpetance User Engineer1$62kNA
User Acceptance Tester Engineer1$62kNA
Technical Support Engineer2$62kNA
Oracle Programming Engineer1$62kNA
Accceptance Tester Engineer1$62kNA
Rf Opimization Engineer1$61kNA
Switch Equipment Engineer1$60kNA
Accountant And Auditor1$60kNA
Network System Engineer1$59kNA
Ericsson Noc Engineer1$58kNA
Business Analyst1$52kNA
Data Service Engineer1$52kNA
Finance Analyst1$48kNA
System Technical Support Engineer1$48kNA