Gilead Sciences Jobs

A total of 189 Gilead Sciences jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $96,818
Salary Range: $42,340

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Director Clinical Research2$258k
VP Of Drug Safety And Public Health2$235kNA
Director Drug Safety Public Health Md1$234kNA
Director Drug Safety Public Health1$215kNA
Director Of Regulatory Ops1$180kNA
Senior Director Of Regulatory Operations1$180kNA
Director Research And Development1$180kNA
Director Risk Management1$180kNA
Associate Director Clinical Operations1$176kNA
Natural Sciences Manager3$175k
Associate Director Clinical Trials1$170kNA
Associate Director Clinical Research3$169k
Medical And Health Services Manager4$169k
Associate Director Clinical Research Md1$168kNA
Director Marketing Medicinal Education1$158kNA
Associate Director Market Research1$154kNA
Senior Clinical Program Manager3$148k
Associate Director Corporate Development2$145k
Director Clinical Research1$144kNA
Manager Of Biostatistics Liver Disease2$142k
Manager IT Application4$141k
Qa System Manager Compliance1$138kNA
Senior Clinical Research Physician1$137kNA
Clinical Pharmacologist II1$137kNA
Compliance Officer1$136kNA
Director Of Drug Metabolism1$135kNA
Senior Manager Market Research1$131kNA
Associate Director Regulatory Affairs2$131k
Senior Manager Corporate Development1$128kNA
Senior Medical Project Manager2$128k
Senior Analyst II System Analysis2$128k
Information Technology Manager2$126k
Manager Manufacturing Engineering1$121kNA
Application Engineering Manager3$121k
Associate Director Finance2$118kNA
IT Quality Engineering Manager2$117k
Manufacturing Manager1$116kNA
Industrial Production Manager1$116kNA
Associate Manager Business Analytics1$115kNA
Data Engineering Manager2$115k
Network And Computer System Administrator1$115kNA
Manager IT1$113kNA
Senior Analyst System Analysis2$113k
IT Architect1$112kNA
Senior Data Engineering Manager1$112kNA
Research Scientist I Analytical Development1$111kNA
Senior Manager Biostatistics1$111kNA
Manager Biostatistics6$111k
Architect II1$110kNA
Manager Business Analytics1$110kNA
Manager Operations2$110kNA
Application Engineer II1$110kNA
Associate Manager Financial Application System1$110kNA
Research Scientist Analytical Chemistry1$110kNA
Senior Application Engineer4$110k
Senior Analyst I System Analysis8$110k
Manager Regulatory Affairs1$109kNA
Computer System Analyst16$108k
Associate Manager IT Global Application2$108kNA
Manager Market Research2$106k
Manager Business Planning And Analysis1$106kNA
Research Scientist II Medicinal Chemistry1$106kNA
Research Scientist I Bioinformatics1$105kNA
Senior Biostatistician Biometrics1$105kNA
Biostatistician II Hcv1$105kNA
Senior Total Rewards Analyst I1$105kNA
Senior Safety Specialist Drug Safety Public Hea1$104kNA
Associate Manager Qa1$104kNA
Principal Clinical Research Associate1$104kNA
Senior Research Scientist Medicinal Chemistry1$103kNA
Associate Manager Clinical Data Management1$103kNA
Analyst II System Analysis4$103k
Manager Statistical Programming4$102k
Research Scientist II Biology2$102k
Research Scientist I High Throughput Biology1$100kNA
Manager Drug Safety1$100kNA
Clinical Research Manager1$100kNA
Senior Analyst System Analyst1$100kNA
Qa Specialist1$100kNA
Senior Data Engineer3$99k
Clinical Program Manager2$99k
Statistical Programmer1$98kNA
Research Scientist I Medicinal Chemistry3$98k
Associate Manager Regulatory Affairs Cmc2$98kNA
Associate Manager Drug Safety Public Health5$98k
Senior Treasury Analyst II2$97kNA
Accounting Manager2$97k
Occupational Health And Safety Specialists2$96k
Associate Scientist I1$96kNA
Validation Engineer III2$96k
Senior Associate II Outsourced Mfg1$96kNA
Biochemist And Biophysicists6$95k
Research Scientist Biology1$95kNA
Senior Safety Specialist2$95k
Clinical Programmer Analyst II Biometrics1$95kNA
Research Scientist I Biology8$95k
Computer Information Manager1$94kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$92kNA
Senior Analyst Business Analytics1$92kNA
Market Research Analyst And Marketing Specialists1$92kNA
Analyst System Analysis2$92k
Senior Statistical Programmer Analyst2$91k
Senior Statistical Programmer Analyst Biometrics3$91k
System Analyst1$91kNA
Senior Statistical Programmer11$91k
Medical Coder1$90kNA
Senior Business Analyst Financial System1$90kNA
Senior Financial Analyst I1$90kNA
Computer Programmer3$90k
Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate1$90kNA
Senior Biostatistician12$89k
Edc Programmer II1$89kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$89kNA
Biostatistician II1$88kNA
Biochemist And Biophysicist2$88k
Quality Assurance Specialist III1$88kNA
Senior Safety Specialist Drug Safety Public Health1$87kNA
Research Scientist24$86k
Associate Product Manager1$85kNA
Senior IT Specialist II1$85kNA
Statistical Programmer Analyst5$85k
Clinical Programmer II3$83k
Clinical Trials Manager1$83kNA
Senior Clinical Trials Manager Associate1$83kNA
Regulatory Affairs Associate II1$82kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst1$82kNA
Senior IT Specialist4$81k
Statistical Programmer Analyst Biometrics2$81k
Statistical Programmer II12$80k
Senior Medical Information Associate1$80kNA
IT Engineer1$80kNA
Senior Corporate Development Specialist1$80kNA
Packaging Engineer II1$80kNA
Senior Clinical Research Associate2$79k
Postdoctoral Scientist Medicinal Chemistry1$78kNA
Senior Research Associate II Medicinal Chemistry2$78k
Information Technology Specialist Web Apps1$78kNA
Financial Analyst II Commercial Fp A1$77kNA
Clinical Programmer Analyst Biometrics8$76k
Analyst II Contracts1$75kNA
Senior Research Associate II Formulation Process Dev1$75kNA
Clinical Data Associate I2$73k
Senior Associate Outsourced Manufacturing1$73kNA
Senior Research Associate II Analytical Development1$73kNA
Senior Clinical Trial Management Associate Hiv1$73kNA
Senior Clinical Data Associate1$73kNA
Safety Specialist II Dsph1$72kNA
Management Analyst1$72kNA
IT Web Application Developer1$71kNA
Senior Research Associate Analytical Chemistry4$70k
Statistical Programmer I4$70k
Senior Research Associate Medicinal Chemistry7$70k
Senior Research Associate I Analytical Dev1$70kNA
Senior Accountant I2$70kNA
Clinical Programmer I1$68kNA
Analyst I System Analysis1$67kNA
Senior Associate II Outsourced Manufacturing1$67kNA
Senior Research Associate I Medicinal Chemistry4$66k
Clinical Research Associate1$65kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Biology1$65kNA
Computer Programmer II Du1$65kNA
Senior Research Associate I Hcv1$65kNA
Senior Research Associate9$65k
Database Administrator1$65kNA
Senior Research Associate I2$64kNA
Senior Research Associate II2$63k
Bioinformatics Associate I2$63k
Senior Research Associate I Biology1$62kNA
Information Technology Specialist1$60kNA
Research Associate Medicinal Chemistry3$60k
Clinical Data Associate II2$60k
Research Assistant1$60kNA
Clinical Data Associate Biometrics1$60kNA
Senior Research Scientist1$60kNA
Senior Research Associate I Process Development2$59k
Research Associate Process Development2$57k
Research Associate Analytical Development1$55kNA
Research Associate11$55k
Clinical Analyst2$54kNA
Senior Research Assistant1$53kNA
Research Associate Quality Control1$48kNA
Senior Research Associate Clinical Virology1$48kNA
Associate Scientist I Biology1$48kNA
Research Associate Chemistry1$43kNA
Qa Analyst1$42kNA