Georgia Institute Of Technology Jobs

A total of 90 Georgia Institute Of Technology jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $59,389
Salary Range: $27,560

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
John P Hunter Chair And Professor1$195kNA
John P Hunter Junior Chair And Professor1$180kNA
Assistant Professor Of Finance1$160kNA
Chair And Professor1$159kNA
Distringuised Professor Rim Dir Kuka Chair1$148kNA
Business Associate Professional W Gen Faculty Stat1$135kNA
Professional W General Faculty Status1$135kNA
Computer Science Teacher Postsecondary1$135kNA
Business Teacher Postsecondary6$132k
The Thomas W Ventulett III Distinguished Chair1$120kNA
Prof Thomas W Ventulett III Distinguished Chair1$120kNA
Business Associate Professional W Gen Faculty Sta1$101kNA
Business Associate Professional W Gen Faculty St1$100kNA
Senior Research Technologist3$98k
Assistant Professsor1$93kNA
Economics Teacher Postsecondary3$92k
Director Economic Development Costa Rica1$90kNA
Associate Professor27$87k
Senior Research Engineer9$87k
Engineering Teacher Postsecondary1$85kNA
Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering1$84kNA
Principal Research Scientist2$84k
Architecture Teacher Postsecondary3$83k
Assistant Professor270$82k
Assistant Professor Of Electrical Computer Engin3$82kNA
Assistant Professor Of Mechanical Engineering1$80kNA
System Support Specialist IV2$75k
Assistant Professor Of Civil Environmental Engin1$74kNA
Electronics Engineerrn1$74kNA
Electronics Engineer2$74kNA
Senior Research Scientist18$73k
Academic Professional3$73k
Research Engineer II40$72k
Visiting Distinguished Professor1$70kNA
Social Sciences Teacher Postsecondary All Other1$70kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application Non R D1$67kNA
Research Associate II1$67kNA
Associate Academic Professional1$65kNA
Finance Manager I1$63kNA
Research Scientist II46$61k
Assistant Professor Of German1$61kNA
Research Engineer63$61k
Assistant Professor Of Arabic1$60kNA
Instructional Designer1$60kNA
System Support Specialist3$59k
Accountant And Auditor1$59kNA
Financial Manager I1$59kNA
Research Engineer I24$59k
System Development Engineer3$57k
Librarian II1$56kNA
Reseach Engineer II1$55kNA
Project Director1$55kNA
Lecturer In Korean Language Instruction2$55k
Lecturer Of Korean1$55kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor13$54k
Research Technologist1$54kNA
Laboratory Manager1$53kNA
Research Technician III3$52k
Research Associate I2$52k
Lecturer Japanese Language Instruction1$51kNA
Research Scientist I24$51k
Research Engineer Cnc Education Training1$51kNA
Post Docctoral Fellow1$50kNA
System Analyst1$49kNA
Research Chemist II1$48kNA
Information Services Librarian Faculty Member1$48kNA
Research Scientist105$48k
Research Associate3$47k
Lecturer Chinese Language Instruction1$47kNA
Mechanical Engineer1$46kNA
Instructional Technology Support Specialist1$45kNA
Research Coordinator2$45kNA
Web Author1$44kNA
Librarian I1$44kNA
Postdpctoral Fellow1$43kNA
Career Specialist1$43kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow517$43k
Instructional Coordinator1$42kNA
Postdoctoral Felow3$41k
Research Technician4$40k
Career Specialists1$40kNA
Computer Services Specialist1$39kNA
Computer Programmer I1$39kNA
Assistant Women S Tennis Coach3$38k
Postdoctoral Fello1$35kNA
Research Technologist I1$30kNA