Georgia Financial Analyst Salary

A total of 407 real financial analyst salary data listed for Georgia.

Salary Average: $55,067
Salary Range: $24,149

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Financial AnalystSmurti$150kAtlanta, GA (05/2012)
Financial AnalystGmac$125kAtlanta, GA (03/2013)
Financial AnalystTrustus Realty$123kNorth Metro, GA (01/2011)
Financial AnalystKpmg$122kAtlanta, GA (10/2011)
Financial AnalystArcturus Partners Capital Management$120kRoswell, GA (05/2006)
Financial AnalystArcturus Partners Capital Management$120kRoswell, GA (03/2007)
Financial AnalystGeorgia Teachers Retirement System$110kAtlanta, GA (03/2011)
Financial AnalystWestwind Capital Partners$105kAtlanta, GA (08/2006)
Financial AnalystGas South$103kAtlanta, GA (02/2007)
Financial AnalystDeloitte Consulting$103kAtlanta, GA (11/2011)
Financial AnalystApplication Development Resources$100kAlpharetta, GA (09/2013)
Financial AnalystBank Of America$100kAtlanta, GA (05/2012)
Financial AnalystGeorgia Pacific$97kAtlanta, GA (08/2007)
Financial AnalystCingular Wireless$97kAtlanta, GA (08/2007)
Financial AnalystKawneer$97kNorcross, GA (01/2010)
Financial AnalystLafarge North America$95kAlpharetta, GA (03/2008)
Financial AnalystJ M Heritage Imports$95kAtlanta, GA (06/2012)
Financial AnalystJack Henry Associates$95kAtlanta, GA (09/2011)
Financial AnalystJack Henry Amp Associates$95kAtlanta, GA (08/2011)
Financial AnalystIng Investment Management International$93kAtlanta, GA (04/2013)