Gensler Jobs

A total of 52 Gensler jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $49,372
Salary Range: $28,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Principal Design Director1$140kNA
Senior Designer4$88k
Revit Manager Designer1$88kNA
Project Architect Unlicensed1$87kNA
Archtiect Intern1$86kNA
Project Manager3$82k
Senior Project Architect1$81kNA
Senior Strategic Planner1$80kNA
Senior Consultant1$75kNA
Senior Project Cost Control Manager1$74kNA
Design Director Graphic Design1$72kNA
Intermediate Architect1$72kNA
Strategic Planner1$69kNA
Strategist Senior Planner2$67k
Project Architect Project Manager Unlicensed1$66kNA
Strategy Planner1$66kNA
Archtiectural Designer1$61kNA
Project Architect1$60kNA
Intermediate Interior Designer2$60kNA
Architect Intern11$59k
Project Architectural Designer1$58kNA
Urban Planner Designer2$57k
Urban Planner2$56k
Green Building Consultant1$56kNA
Master Planner1$55kNA
Workplace Program Analyst1$53kNA
Project Accountant3$51k
Archtitectural Job Captain1$51kNA
Database Analyst1$51kNA
Interior Architect6$50k
Intermediate Interior Designer Job Captain1$50kNA
Graphic Designer5$50k
Architectural Designer108$49k
Job Captain5$48k
Architectural Job Captain52$47k
Architectural Job Captain Designer1$47kNA
Studio Technical Translator3$45k
Visual Technology Designer3$45k
Interior Designer62$44k
Intern Intern1$44kNA
Interior Architectural Designer6$44k
Junior Designer2$43k
Junior Architectural Designer3$42k
Brand Analyst1$42kNA
Architectural Planner1$42kNA
Environmental Interior Designer1$40kNA
Intern Architect41$40k
Junior Interior Designer2$40k
Computer System Analyst1$30kNA