General Electric Company Infrastructure Jobs

A total of 191 General Electric Company Infrastructure jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $87,671
Salary Range: $59,467

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Electrical Design Project Engineer4$272k
Services Erp Program Manager1$160kNA
Continuous Improvement Leader1$160kNA
T D Pricing Leader1$150kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$133kNA
Senior Engineer Electrical Compliance System1$130kNA
Marketing Program Manager1$130kNA
Senior Staff Engineer Technologist1$128kNA
Plant System Integration Engineer2$125k
Global Flow Psi Leader1$121kNA
Senior Smart Plant Services Engineer1$120kNA
Manager Controls Engineering1$117kNA
Im Team Leader Americas Region And Operation1$115kNA
Plant Manager IV1$112kNA
Commercial Risk Leader1$110kNA
Senior System Engineer2$109k
Master Black Belt Steam Turbine Generator Coe1$109kNA
Otr Leader Compression1$108kNA
Senior Global Commodity Leader1$106kNA
Im Leader Americas Region1$105kNA
Structures Steam Delivery Design Technical Leade1$105kNA
Oil Gas Sales Manager1$105kNA
Sourcing Manager2$104k
Application Development Engineer1$104kNA
Business Leader1$103kNA
Sourcing Manager Analytics And Projects1$102kNA
Smart Plant Services Process Leader1$102kNA
Service Manager1$102kNA
Engineering Technical Leader2$102k
Manager Project Controls1$101kNA
Quality Learning Leader1$101kNA
Im Program Manager Business Solutions1$101kNA
Senior Process Engineer1$100kNA
Controls Hardware Structuring Technical Leader1$100kNA
Engineering Technical Leader Control System1$99kNA
Senior Field Engineer1$98kNA
Engineering Program Leader3$98k
Commercial Operations Director1$97kNA
Lead Project Manager1$96kNA
Steam Turbine Lead Aerodynamic Engineer1$96kNA
Commericial Leader1$95kNA
Wind Logistics Leader1$95kNA
Clarify Programmer1$95kNA
Commercial Leader1$95kNA
Senior Electrical Application Engineer1$95kNA
Services Engineer Electrical System Control1$95kNA
Im Program Manager Accounts Payable1$95kNA
Principal Engineer1$95kNA
Lead Npi Engineer1$94kNA
Lead Software Engineer5$94k
Lead Electrical Engineer1$94kNA
Lead Engineer Analytics2$94k
Senior Mechanical Engineer1$93kNA
Lean Leader1$92kNA
Electrical Requisition Engineer1$91kNA
Lead Controls Engineer3$91k
Global Commodity Leader3$91k
Senior Software Engineer3$91k
System Engineer1$91kNA
Project Manager Drilling System1$90kNA
Lead Machinery Diagnostics Field Engineer1$90kNA
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analyst1$90kNA
Steam Turbine Component Engineer1$89kNA
Commodity Site Leader Fluid System1$89kNA
Thermal Hydraulic Technologist1$88kNA
Lead Process Engineer3$88k
Technology Development Engineer1$88kNA
Project Manager1$88kNA
Engineering Product Leader1$87kNA
Software Team Leader1$87kNA
Product Support Manager2$87k
Control System Lead Engineer1$86kNA
Senior Engineer5$86k
Lead Gasification Process Engineer1$86kNA
Document Quality Electrical Engineer1$86kNA
Operations Leader2$86kNA
Hardware Structure Engineer1$85kNA
Mechanical Engineer Pmlp Program1$85kNA
Lead Mechanical Project Engineer1$85kNA
Lead Repair Engineer1$85kNA
Measure While Drilling1$85kNA
Lead Field Manager P O Services1$85kNA
Lead Engineer Technologist Embedded Software System1$85kNA
Lead Cfd Heat Transfer Engineer1$85kNA
Commercial Manager Wind Segment1$85kNA
Lead Engineer Gas Turbine Accessory Fluid System1$85kNA
Lead Combustion Engineer Aerothermal1$85kNA
Engineering Technical Leader V1$85kNA
Program Manager2$85k
Lead Engineer Technologist18$84k
Team Leader Prc Data Solutions1$84kNA
Lead Engineer M D Application Engineering1$83kNA
Advanced Engineer Technologist1$83kNA
Senior Engineer Steam Delivery And Shell Technolo1$83kNA
Lead Engineer Steam Delivery Shell Technology1$83kNA
Advanced Control Engineer Predictive Control Op1$83kNA
Intellectual Property Engineer1$83kNA
Gas Turbine Product Service Lead Engineer1$82kNA
Gso Project Manager1$82kNA
Power Electronics Design Engineer1$82kNA
Lead Engineer Steam Turbine Performance Methods1$82kNA
Lead Engineer6$81k
Senior Proposal Engineer1$81kNA
Sales Application Engineer1$81kNA
Gas Turbine Application Engineer1$81kNA
Senior Heat Recovery Steam Generator Engineer1$81kNA
Lead Design Engineer3$81k
Product Manager1$81kNA
Lead Mechanical Engineer1$81kNA
Lead System Analysis Engineer1$80kNA
Power Electronics Control Engineer1$80kNA
Black Belt V M D And Initiatives1$80kNA
Global Methods Processes Leader1$80kNA
Direct Material Productivity Cost Leader1$80kNA
Mechanical Project Fulfillment Engineer1$80kNA
Lead Total Plant Services System Engineer1$80kNA
Dfss Black Belt V Oc1$80kNA
Test Cell Manager1$80kNA
Combustion Engineer Aerothermal7$80k
Machinery Diagnostics Operations Specialist1$80kNA
Design Engineer Rotordynamics1$79kNA
Lead Field Engineer1$79kNA
Chemical Manufacturing Engineer1$79kNA
M D Lead Application Engineer1$78kNA
Global Commodity Leader Bearings1$78kNA
Diagnostics Specialist Rm D1$77kNA
Lead Manufacturing Support Engineer1$77kNA
Application Engineer Software2$77k
Engineer Steam Turbine Performance Methods1$77kNA
Wind Turbine Project Leader1$77kNA
Design Requisition Engineer3$77k
Optimization Technology Engineer1$76kNA
Electrical System Electronics Supplier Quality1$76kNA
Black Belt Thermal1$76kNA
Lead System Engineer1$76kNA
Lead Application Engineer1$76kNA
Electrical Engineer Emerging Products1$75kNA
Lead Mechanical Engineer Bms Packaging1$75kNA
Power Electronics Engineer1$75kNA
Risk Analyst1$75kNA
Black Belt Up1$75kNA
Power Conversion Design Engineer1$75kNA
Product Service Lead Engineer1$75kNA
Lead Mechanical Design Engineer Rotor Design1$74kNA
Senior Engineer Power System Software1$74kNA
Power System Application Software Engineer1$74kNA
Mechanical Design Engineer Gas Turbine Engineerin1$73kNA
Marketing Application Engineer1$73kNA
Generation Account Manager1$73kNA
Technology Project Engineer1$73kNA
Electrical Project Engineer1$73kNA
Sourcing Quality Engineer2$72kNA
Unit Exchange1$72kNA
Wind Turbine Application Engineer1$72kNA
Application Engineer5$72k
Lead Sourcing Specialist1$72kNA
Field Product Service Engineer1$72kNA
Lead Total Plant Services Engineer2$71k
Turbine Aerodynamics Lead Engineer1$71kNA
Proposal Contract Leader1$71kNA
Test Engineer1$71kNA
Quality Leader1$71kNA
Igcc System Integration Engineer1$71kNA
Ito Planner1$71kNA
Product Development Lead1$71kNA
Strategic Marketing Analyst1$70kNA
Controls Engineer1$70kNA
Process Engineer5$70k
Lead Engineer Power Plant Controls1$70kNA
Engineer Technologist7$69k
Turbocharger Program Leader1$69kNA
Software Engineer1$69kNA
Wind Turbine Performance Analyst2$68kNA
Black Belt1$68kNA
Inspection Development Engineer1$68kNA
Lead Engineer Rotor Design1$68kNA
Turbine Controls Simulation Engineer1$67kNA
New Product Introduction Engineer1$67kNA
Combined Cycle Application Engineer1$66kNA
Structural Analysis Engineer Wind Coe Tower1$65kNA
Mechanical Engineer Ohv1$65kNA
Process Methods Engineer1$65kNA
Design Engineer3$64k
Global Erp Analyst1$64kNA
Engineer Plant Accessory System1$64kNA
Finance Project Program Manager2$63kNA
Technical Support Specialist1$63kNA
Eservices Operations Leader1$62kNA
Regulatory Compliance Engineer1$60kNA