General Electric Company Global Research Center Jobs

A total of 65 General Electric Company Global Research Center jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $103,238
Salary Range: $79,498

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Researcher1$180kNA
Integration Architect1$175kNA
Software Development Manager2$146k
Lead Machine Learning Researcher1$132kNA
Lead Scientist1$125kNA
Machine Learning Researcher3$124k
Natural User Interface Researcher1$120kNA
Mobile Solution Researcher1$120kNA
Mechancial Engineer1$120kNA
Lead Solutions Quality Engineer1$120kNA
Bioinformatics Scientist1$120kNA
Senior Researcher Mobile Solutions1$120kNA
Collaboration Researcher6$117k
Lead Simulation Researcher1$115kNA
User Experience Researcher1$115kNA
Lead Ui Quality Engineer1$110kNA
Semantic Scientist1$107kNA
Lead Electrical Engineer1$105kNA
Computer Engineer1$105kNA
Computer Scientist4$103k
Biomedical Instrumentation Engineer1$103kNA
Electrical Engineer20$102k
System Engineer1$101kNA
Electrical Propulsion System Engineer1$101kNA
Chemical Engineer3$100k
Staff Scientist1$100kNA
Mobile Software Engineer1$100kNA
Research Engineer Signal Analytics1$100kNA
Power Electrical Engineer1$100kNA
Rolling Element Bearings Rotating Components Eng1$100kNA
Power Electronics Engineer1$100kNA
Lead Software Quality Engineer1$100kNA
Controls Engineer1$100kNA
High Power Electronics Engineer1$100kNA
High Frequency Power Electronics Engineer1$100kNA
Algorithm Scientist1$100kNA
Cyber Physical System Architect1$100kNA
Control System Engineer5$100k
Image Analysis Scientist4$100k
2d 3d Image Analysis Scientist4$99k
Ct Algorithm Scientist2$99k
Text Process Researcyer1$97kNA
Text Processing Researcher1$97kNA
Physical Metallurgist1$97kNA
Advanced Computing Researcher1$97kNA
Operations Researcher1$97kNA
Operation Researcher1$97kNA
Computer Vision Scientist1$97kNA
Mechanical Engineer22$97k
Research Engineer4$97k
Optical Scientist1$96kNA
Materials Scientist4$95k
Interventional Device Engineer1$95kNA
Artificial Intelligence Scientist2$95kNA
Combustion Research Engineer1$95kNA
Material Scientist2$94k
Detector Scientist1$92kNA
Research Fellow1$90kNA
Ultrasound Imaging Engineer1$90kNA
Software Engineer1$85kNA