Gap Jobs

A total of 122 Gap jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $105,202
Salary Range: $40,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Global Brand Executive2$1,000kNA
President International1$500kNA
Vp Women S Design1$350kNA
Executive Vp Design Product Development1$350kNA
VP Supply Chain Strategy1$250kNA
Senior Director Design1$180kNA
Senior Director Of Production1$175kNA
Director Of Human Resources1$165kNA
Computer Sw Engs System Software1$165kNA
Senior Director Production1$160kNA
Computer And Information System Manager4$141k
Manager Technical Design Gap Body Foundations1$140kNA
Director Human Resources1$135kNA
Director Of Design Seasonal Accessories1$132kNA
Director Of Gap Body Pre Production2$124k
Information Security Analyst Web Developer And Computer Network Architect1$121kNA
Art Director Packaging1$120kNA
Director Gap Intl Strategy Consumer Insights1$120kNA
Software Developer Application14$119k
Director IT1$118kNA
Industrial Production Manager6$115k
Fashion Designer10$111k
Senior Designer Men S Sweaters2$108k
Computer Software Engineer Appls4$107k
Software Developer System Software1$106kNA
Senior Designer2$105k
Lead System Analyst1$105kNA
Financial Manager4$104k
Director Of Relationship Marketing1$104kNA
Senior Manager Sourcing Strategy1$103kNA
Marketing Manager1$102kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application13$101k
Computer Sw Engineer Application2$101kNA
Finance Manager Real Estate Finance1$101kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator3$100k
Computer System Analyst12$100k
Manager Cad Textile Design1$100kNA
Manager All Other1$97kNA
Lead Data Warehouse Engineer3$97k
Network System And Data Communications Analyst2$96k
Financial Analyst3$96k
Operations Research Analyst4$94k
Purchasing Manager7$93k
Senior Analyst II Performance Management1$92kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software3$92k
Manager Capital Investments1$91kNA
Senior Manager Product Management1$91kNA
Lead Engineer1$91kNA
Manager Of Technical Design1$91kNA
Stores And System Planning Manager1$90kNA
Brand Manager Europe1$90kNA
Manager Company Planning1$90kNA
Senior Consultant1$90kNA
Manager Supply Chain Strategy Vendor Mng Inventory1$90kNA
Lead Web Solutions Engineer1$89kNA
Engineering Manager2$88k
Forecast Manager1$88kNA
Manager Finance1$87kNA
Web Solutions Engineer1$87kNA
Director Of Production1$86kNA
Director Of Real Estate1$86kNA
Project Manager2$85k
Senior Account Analyst1$85kNA
Senior Designer Men S Sweaters And Soft Accessories1$85kNA
Senior Manager Product Integrity1$85kNA
Technical Designer1$85kNA
Management Analyst3$84k
Manager Financial Planning And Analysis1$84kNA
Production Manager2$83k
Lead Software Development Engineer8$82k
Designer Boy S Knits2$82kNA
Lead Test Engineer2$82k
Designer Women S Sweaters1$82kNA
Manager Company Planning Old Navy1$82kNA
Designer Casual Wovens1$80kNA
Senior Men S Cad Designer1$80kNA
Budget Analyst1$80kNA
Designer Girls And Baby Girls Denim1$80kNA
Prod Des Dev Mgr Fashion Designer1$80kNA
Associate Production Manager Kids Baby Accessori1$80kNA
Senior Analyst Finance2$79k
Finance Manager2$79k
Senior Analyst II1$78kNA
Senior Manager Construction Estimating1$77kNA
Industrial Engineer7$77k
Designer Men S Knits Graphics Underwear1$76kNA
Copy Writer1$75kNA
Fshion Designer1$75kNA
Project Manager Conversion Improvement Strategy1$75kNA
Project Manager Value Engineer2$73k
Senior Cad Designer Women S1$73kNA
Senior Manager Marketing1$70kNA
Senior Manager Of Product Integrity Color Services1$70kNA
Lead Business System Analyst1$70kNA
Merchandise Planner1$70kNA
Senior Industrial Engineer1$70kNA
Data Warehousing Engineer1$70kNA
Graphic Designer2$69k
Associate Designer Women S Knits1$67kNA
Campus Training Development Manager1$65kNA
Software Development Engineer2$64k
Senior Analyst1$64kNA
Manager Of Merchandising Planning1$64kNA
System Engineer1$62kNA
Staff Analyst1$60kNA
Assistant Merchant1$60kNA
Associate Designer3$59k
Product Engineer1$59kNA
System Analyst2$59kNA
Business Analyst1$57kNA
Associate Production Manager2$56k
Assistant Designer Baby Girls Knits1$55kNA
Distribution Planner1$55kNA
Senior Vendor Compliance Officer1$53kNA
Senior Real Estate Analyst1$53kNA
Assistant Designer2$44k
Assistant Designer Men S Sweaters1$41kNA
Assistant Fashion Designer1$40kNA