Fusion Plus Solutions Salary

A total of 202 real salary data listed for Fusion Plus Solutions.

Salary Average: $71,391
Salary Range: $60,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Software Developer ApplicationFusion Plus Solutions$76kEdison, NJ (09/2014)
Programmer AnalystFusion Plus Solutions$76kSan Francisco, CA (08/2014)
Data AnalystFusion Plus Solutions$75kMinneapolis, MN (03/2014)
Data AnalystFusion Plus Solutions$75kMinneapolis, MN (02/2014)
Oracle DeveloperFusion Plus Solutions$75kHarrisburg, PA (02/2014)
Software Developer EngineerFusion Plus Solutions$74kFranklin Lakes, NJ (09/2014)
Software DeveloperFusion Plus Solutions$74kRedmond, WA (03/2014)
Programmer AnalystFusion Plus Solutions$73kBoston, MA (02/2014)
Database AdministratorFusion Plus Solutions$73kHoboken, NJ (02/2014)
Software DeveloperFusion Plus Solutions$73kNew York, NY (03/2014)
Database AdministratorFusion Plus Solutions$73kFort Washington, PA (02/2014)
Application Software DeveloperFusion Plus Solutions$73kNorwalk, CT (02/2014)
Programmer System AnalystFusion Plus Solutions$73kAnnapolis, MD (02/2014)
Programmer AnalystFusion Plus Solutions$72kCharlotte, NC (03/2014)
Programer AnalystFusion Plus Solutions$72kVerona, VA (03/2014)
Software DeveloperFusion Plus Solutions$72kGlen Allen, VA (03/2014)
Programmer AnalystFusion Plus Solutions$72kRamsey, NJ (03/2014)
Programmer AnalystFusion Plus Solutions$72kBaltimore, MD (03/2014)
Data Base AdministratorFusion Plus Solutions$72kWarren, NJ (03/2014)
Programmer AnalystFusion Plus Solutions$72kRye, NY (03/2014)