Fox Chase Cancer Center Jobs

A total of 49 Fox Chase Cancer Center jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $46,969
Salary Range: $26,250

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Assistant Professor In The Department Of Radiation1$119kNA
Assistant Professor5$110k
Associate Member11$95k
Senior Bioinformatics Specialist2$89kNA
Data Warehouse Developer1$85kNA
Assistant Member3$73k
Contract Business Development Specialist1$70kNA
Assistant Research Professor1$69kNA
Research Biostatician1$65kNA
Project Manager1$65kNA
Research Biostatistician2$64k
Database Administrator1$64kNA
Medical Fellow3$62k
Staff Scientist3$62k
Fellow Radiation Oncology1$60kNA
Computer Programmer Non R D1$58kNA
Flow Cytometry Supervisor1$56kNA
Flow Cytometry Supevisor1$56kNA
Programmer Analyst1$55kNA
Programmer Analyst II3$54k
Scientific Associate1$54kNA
Surgical Pathology Fellow1$54kNA
Cytogenetic Specialist2$53k
Surgical Oncology Fellow1$53kNA
Scientific Assistant1$49kNA
Research Associate36$48k
System Administrator2$47kNA
Research Associate I1$45kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow9$44k
Assistant Director Strategic Planning1$43kNA
Postdoctoral Associae1$43kNA
Postdoctoral Associate121$42k
Health Educator1$41kNA
Biological Scientist All Other1$41kNA
Research Fellow1$39kNA
Technical Specialist4$39k
Scientific Technician II7$37k
Data Manager1$35kNA
Scientifc Technician1$33kNA
Scientific Technician I7$32k
Scientific Technician37$32k
Research Study Assistant2$31k
Research Data Analyst3$31k
Scientific Techncian1$29kNA