Forest Laboratories Jobs

A total of 159 Forest Laboratories jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $91,852
Salary Range: $46,765

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Director Of Licensing Pharmaceutical Techno1$215kNA
Director Pharmacovigilance And Risk Management1$200kNA
Associate Director Business Analytics1$175kNA
Product Director Central Nervous System Dept1$156kNA
Director Of Therapeutic Area For Cdma1$154kNA
Director Of Statistical Programming1$153kNA
Senior Manager Business Analytics1$148kNA
Director Statistical Programming1$147kNA
Associate Director Statistical Programming3$146k
Associate Director Clinical Data Management2$140k
Project Manager1$137kNA
Senior Principal Scientist1$135kNA
Senior Analyst1$126kNA
Senior Analyst Bi1$125kNA
Manager Associate Director Business Analytics1$125kNA
Computer System Analyst Bi1$125kNA
Manager Business Analytics1$125kNA
Manager Business Intelligence1$125kNA
Assistant Director Statistical Programming1$125kNA
Assitant Director Cns Therapeutic Area1$123kNA
Assistant Director Clinical Data Management1$122kNA
Senior Statistician Biostatistics4$119k
Principal Scientist Pharmacokinetics1$117kNA
Senior System Analyst Bi Design Developer3$115k
Associate Director Biostatistics1$115kNA
Senior Analyst Business Intelligence2$114k
Principal Clinical Application Analyst3$114kNA
Principal Clinical Application Supplement1$114kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst Portal1$113kNA
Senior Analyst Bi Design Developer3$112k
Senior Development Analyst1$110kNA
Computer System Analyst Sap Bi1$110kNA
Computer Analyst Bi Developer1$110kNA
Clinical Director1$110kNA
Assistant Manager Business Intelligence2$110kNA
Itsm Remedy Engineer1$110kNA
Senior Principle Statistician1$110kNA
Principle Statistical Programmer1$110kNA
Senior Bi Analyst2$109k
Analyst Sap Bi1$109kNA
Marketing Manager1$109kNA
Manager Marketing Sciences2$108k
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$107kNA
Senior Sap Basis Administrator2$107k
Scientist Pharmacokinetics2$107kNA
Senior Pharmacokinetic Pk Scientist1$105kNA
Manager Marketing Services1$105kNA
Senior Research Scientist1$105kNA
Senior System Analyst6$103k
Principal System Analyst1$103kNA
Database Designer I1$103kNA
System Analyst Bi3$102k
Senior Clinical Research Database Analyst1$102kNA
Assitant Director Clinical Data Management1$101kNA
Senior Clinical Application Analyst1$101kNA
Edc Clinical Data Manager1$101kNA
Market Research Analyst Assistant Product Manager1$101kNA
Assistant Director Of Biostatistics1$100kNA
Software Developer Application2$100k
Senior Principal Statistician1$100kNA
Database Design Engineer1$98kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application7$98k
Senior Clinical Database Analyst2$98k
Industrial Engineer2$97k
Clinical Application Analyst3$95k
Senior Statistical Analyst Programmer1$95kNA
Business Application Analyst Sap Bw1$95kNA
Scientist Product Development1$95kNA
Senior Standards Analyst2$95k
Senior Statistician11$95k
Bi Analyst6$95k
Project Manager IT3$94k
System Analyst Programmer1$93kNA
Pharmacokinetic Pk Scientist1$93kNA
Analyst Business Intelligence2$93k
Medical Researcher Writer3$92k
Senior Programming Analyst1$92kNA
Senior Pharmaceutical Auditor2$92k
Data Manager1$91kNA
Computer System Analyst9$90k
Sap Bi Electronics System Analyst1$90kNA
Computer System Developer Bw Sap1$90kNA
Web Programmer3$90k
Quality Assurance Computer System Specialist2$90k
Senior Marketing Sciences Analyst1$90kNA
Database Design Analyst1$89kNA
Research Scientist7$89k
Deputy Product Manager1$89kNA
Computer Programmer3$88k
Senior Programmer Analyst11$88k
Senior Biostatistician2$88k
Clinical Database Analyst3$88k
Clinical System Analyst1$88kNA
Pharmacokinetics Scientist2$87k
Senior Analyst Crm Middleware1$86kNA
Senior Sas Programmer1$85kNA
Programmer Analyst4$85k
Senior Statistical Programmer10$85k
Medical Scientist1$85kNA
Senior Business Analyst1$85kNA
Senior Auditor1$85kNA
Computer Analyst2$85k
Clinical Scientist II1$85kNA
Institutional Segment Marketing Specialist1$85kNA
Research Scientist Bioanalytical1$85kNA
Research Scientist Exploratory Pharmaceutics1$85kNA
Senior Analyst Market Research2$85k
Associate Research Scientist5$84k
Senior Marketing Science Analyst1$84kNA
Senior Statistical Programmer Biostatistics1$84kNA
Scientist V Chemical Development2$84kNA
Senior Clinical Data Manager4$84k
Computer Software Engineer System1$83kNA
Clinical Database Manager1$82kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst Sap Portals1$82kNA
Business Application Specialist5$82k
Analyst Programmer3$82k
Drug Safety Associate1$82kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst Crm Middleware1$80kNA
Technical Application Services Analyst1$80kNA
Associate Manager E Marketing1$80kNA
Database Analyst2$80k
Market Research Analyst4$80k
Database Adminstrator1$80kNA
Clinical Data Analyst1$79kNA
Database Administrator2$76k
Chemical Business Analyst1$75kNA
Clinical Data Manager9$74k
System Analyst9$74k
Budget Analyst1$73kNA
Analyst I Dba Database Administrator1$73kNA
Statistical Programmer12$73k
Financial Analyst1$71kNA
Validation Engineer2$68k
Marketing Scientist1$68kNA
Biochemist And Biophysicists2$67k
Web Programmer Analyst1$67kNA
Research Analyst1$67kNA
Associate Programmer Analyst2$65k
Scientific Advisor1$65kNA
Web Designer Programmer1$65kNA
Biological Statistician5$64k
Software Engineer1$62kNA
Scientist IV1$61kNA
Research Scientist III1$60kNA
Marketing Science Senior Analyst1$59kNA
Scientist III5$58k
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologist1$56kNA
Data Analyst Statistical Programming1$55kNA
Information System Analyst1$55kNA
Associate Programmer1$55kNA
Research Scientist II1$54kNA
Chemical Technician Pharmaceutical Analysis1$48kNA
Research Scientist I1$47kNA