Ford Motor Jobs

A total of 211 Ford Motor jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $77,234
Salary Range: $46,320

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Director Of Engineeriing1$193kNA
Director Of Engineering1$189kNA
Manufacturing Director1$185kNA
Director Lincoln Design1$174kNA
Project Engineering Manager1$159kNA
Manager Design Communications1$124kNA
Global Quality And Design Communications Manager1$123kNA
Manager Rev Management Global Lifestyle Analytics1$121kNA
Chief Designer1$120kNA
Die Process Engineer1$110kNA
Director Human Resources1$105kNA
Chassis Controls Embedded Software Design Developm1$105kNA
Computer Hardware Engineer1$102kNA
Chassis Controls Engineer1$102kNA
Corporate Dfss Manager1$97kNA
Weight Engineer2$96k
Senior Researcher2$96kNA
Research Scientist2$95k
Structures Manager1$94kNA
Health And Safety Engineer Except Mining Safety Engineer1$94kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$92kNA
Computer And Information Scientist Research1$92kNA
Senior Software Architect1$92kNA
Materials Engineer1$91kNA
Mechanical Engineer17$91k
Lead Computer Cae System Eng1$91kNA
Product Development Reliability Engineer2$91kNA
Controls System Engineer1$90kNA
Powertrain Nvh Advanced Methods Cae Engineer1$90kNA
Product Development Engineer Performance Feel Cae1$90kNA
Control System And Embedded Software Research Eng1$90kNA
Research Engineer Vehicle Controls1$90kNA
Magnetic Material Research Engineer1$90kNA
Quality Sta Engineer2$89k
Research Engineer Battery Controls2$89k
Computer Software Engineer Application3$89k
Research Engineer Battery System1$89kNA
Product Devel Engineer Crash Safety1$88kNA
Ph D Research Engineer4$88k
Tooling Supervisor1$88kNA
Advanced Automotive Engineer2$87k
Lead Ergonomic Engineer2$87k
Product Development Engineer Sg071$87kNA
Safety Engineer1$87kNA
Electric Drive System Engineer1$86kNA
Brake System Validiation Engineer1$86kNA
Brake System Validation Engineer1$86kNA
Senior Designer4$86k
Chemical Engineer1$86kNA
Product Design Engineer Atf1$85kNA
Lead Comp System Des Eng2$85k
Nvh Engineer Product Development3$85k
Product Design Research Engineer1$85kNA
Sync Product Development Hardware Design Engineer1$84kNA
Research Engineer Human Factors1$84kNA
Vehicle Dynamics Engineer3$84k
Power Electronics Technical Expert1$83kNA
Electric Machines Technical Expert2$83kNA
Technical Expert1$82kNA
Diesel Development Engineer1$82kNA
Vehicle Controls Algorithm Design Engineer1$82kNA
Controls Algorithm Engineer1$82kNA
Product Design And Release Engineer2$82k
Powertrain Cooling Engineer1$82kNA
Powertrain Program Management Team Leader2$82k
System Engineer Safety2$82k
Phd Research Engineer1$82kNA
Lead Computer System Design Engineer1$82kNA
Research Engineer45$81k
Automotive Electrical System Engineer1$81kNA
Atf Product Development Engineer1$81kNA
Powertrain Controls R A1$81kNA
Product Design Engineering1$80kNA
Core Vehicle Ergonomics Engineer1$80kNA
Advanced Mechanical Engineer1$80kNA
Product Development Engineer Ergonomics1$80kNA
Vehicle Controls Engineer1$80kNA
Vehicle Dynamics Engineer Structures1$80kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$80kNA
E Drive System Research Engineer1$80kNA
Product Design Engineer Safety1$80kNA
Research Engineer Battery Cell Degradation Ana1$80kNA
Electrification Propulsion System Research Engine2$79kNA
Thermal System Engineer1$79kNA
Lead Product Development Engineer2$79k
Computation Fluid Dynamics Engineer Global Engine1$79kNA
Calibration Engineer Elect Maching And Power Elec1$79kNA
Product Development Engineer Software1$79kNA
System Engineer1$79kNA
Electrical Engineer3$78k
Motor Controls Engineer1$78kNA
Mechanical Research Engineer2$78k
Mechanical Engineer Product Development1$78kNA
Senior Archivist2$78k
Advance Engine System Product Design Engineer2$77k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer5$77k
Mechanical Des Research Eng2$77kNA
Residual Value Analyst1$77kNA
Product Design Engineer Cfd Analyst1$77kNA
Product Development Engineer79$76k
Electrical System Design Rel Eng3$76kNA
Residual Analyst3$76k
Vehicle Corrosion Research Engineer2$76kNA
Research Scientist Gsr VIII1$76kNA
Product Design And Release Engineer Body Structu1$76kNA
Safety Crashworthiness Engineer1$75kNA
Automotive Engineer1$75kNA
Product Design Release Engineer1$75kNA
Engineering Designer Analyst Product Design Eng1$75kNA
Product Development Design Engineer2$75k
Product Development Engineer Seat Cae1$75kNA
Product Design Engineer A Hybrid Vehicle Eds1$75kNA
Advanced Electrical Engineer1$75kNA
Electrification Propulsion System Research Engineer2$74k
Statistical Engineer1$74kNA
Engineering Designer Analyst A1$74kNA
Squeak Rattle Product Design Engineer3$74kNA
Technical Specialist1$74kNA
Product Development Engineer Design And Release En1$74kNA
Principal Research Engineering Associate1$74kNA
Vehicle Package Engineer2$73k
Power Elextronics Engineer1$73kNA
Product Design Development Engineer1$73kNA
Product Design Engineer20$73k
Power Electronics Engineer5$73k
Process Control Engineer2$73k
Powertrain Program Mngmt Team Leader1$72kNA
Active Safety Engineer1$72kNA
Finance Analyst Product Development1$72kNA
Product Development Electronics Hardware Engineer1$72kNA
Pd Engineer1$71kNA
Auto Module Electrical System Engineer1$71kNA
Product Design Engineer Safety System1$71kNA
Manufacturing Engineer1$71kNA
Product Development Engineer Mechanical1$71kNA
Computer Application Engineer B2$71k
Product And Pricing Analyst1$70kNA
Safety Quality Engineer1$70kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$70kNA
Electrical Auto Module System Engineer1$70kNA
Performance Feel Engineer1$70kNA
Product Engineering Designer B1$70kNA
Driver Assist And Active Safety Development Engine1$70kNA
Product Engineer Design Release2$70kNA
Product Development Engineer Sg VI1$70kNA
Research Engineer Active Safety1$70kNA
Package Engineer1$70kNA
Design And Release Engineer3$69k
Gas Engine Controls Research Engineer1$69kNA
Engineer Design Analyst1$69kNA
Calibration Engineer1$68kNA
Information Management Analyst1$68kNA
Pti Cooling Application Engineer1$68kNA
Control System And Embedded Software Engineer1$68kNA
Ergonomic Engineer8$68k
Product Development Engineer Electronics2$68k
System Design Engineer1$68kNA
Product Engineer1$68kNA
Turbocharged Engine Controls Engineer1$68kNA
Automated Driving Development Engineer1$68kNA
Program Management Analyst1$68kNA
Nvh Diesel Engineer3$67k
Ergonomic Human Factors Engineer1$67kNA
Manufacturing Process Engineer1$67kNA
Virtual Manufacturing Engineer1$66kNA
Commercial Financial Analyst3$66k
Research Engineer A2$66k
Quality Control Engineer2$66k
Ergonomic Research Engineer1$65kNA
Business Analyst1$65kNA
Nvh Product Development Engineer5$65k
Product Development Engineer B4$65k
Csso Applink Test Lead2$64k
Ergonomics Engineer2$64k
Automotive Module Electrical System Engineer1$64kNA
Electrical System Design Release Engineer1$64kNA
Finance Analyst3$64k
Product Design Engineer B7$64k
Research Engineer B1$64kNA
Paint Simulation Engineer2$64k
Product Engineering Analyst Tire Specialist1$63kNA
Color Material Designer1$63kNA
Hev Hil Control Engineer1$63kNA
Controller Hardware Engineer1$63kNA
Industrial Engineer3$63k
Manufacturing Processing Engineer A1$63kNA
Computer System Engineer1$62kNA
Engineering Design Analyst9$62k
Engineering Design Product Design3$62k
Engineering Design Analysis Specialist1$62kNA
Transmission Controls Product Development Engineer1$61kNA
Auto Manu Preventative Maintenance Engineer1$61kNA
Prod Devel Engineering Design Analyst1$61kNA
Dimensional Engineer1$61kNA
Engineering Design Product Development5$60k
Manufacturing Engineer B1$58kNA
Engineering Design Analysis Sp1$58kNA
Product Development Engineer Electrical System1$58kNA
Engineering Designer9$58k
Hev Software Controls Engineer1$57kNA
Plant Engineer1$57kNA
System Analyst1$55kNA
Manufacturing Maintenance Engineer1$53kNA
Product Development Engineering Design Analyst1$52kNA
Product Engineering Designer A1$52kNA
Automorive Diesel Engineer1$50kNA
Automotive Diesel Engineer1$50kNA
Financial Analyst Purchasing Controller S Office1$50kNA
Financial Analyst1$46kNA