Fermi Research Alliance Jobs

A total of 59 Fermi Research Alliance jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $70,234
Salary Range: $34,840

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Computer Professional VII1$110kNA
Computer Science Researcher II1$110kNA
Engineer IV2$103k
Engineering Physicist III1$100kNA
Engineer III4$99k
Computer Science Researcher I2$99k
Engineering Manager1$95kNA
Computer Security Specialists2$91kNA
Computing Services Specialist III1$90kNA
Application Physicist II3$89k
Associate Scientist People S Fellow1$88kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer R D4$87k
Engineering Physicist1$86kNA
Application Development System Analyst III2$86k
Computer Professional VI3$84k
Engineer All Other1$84kNA
Application Development System Analyst II8$82k
Associate Scientist31$79k
Electrical Engineer R D2$79k
Scientist I8$79k
Computer Professional V2$79k
Computer Services Specialist I1$78kNA
Engineer II39$78k
Computer Science Research I1$77kNA
Engineering Physicist II3$77k
System Administrator III1$77kNA
Application Developer System Analyst III1$77kNA
Guest Scientist8$75k
Computing Services Specialist II5$71k
Computer Services Specialist II2$71k
Application Development System Analyst I2$71kNA
Application Physicist I14$70k
Radiation Physicist II1$70kNA
Electrical Engineer1$70kNA
Mechanical Cryogenics Engineer II2$70k
Computational Physics Developer II2$69k
Computing Services Specialist I1$69kNA
Mechanical Engineer Non R D1$69kNA
Mechanical Engineer2$69kNA
Mechanical Engineer Nonr D1$69kNA
Appl Ns Dev T And System Analyst II1$69kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer Non R D1$69kNA
Electrical Engineer II2$68k
Mechanical Engineer II2$68kNA
Application Developer System Analyst II3$68kNA
Engineering Physicist I1$67kNA
Computational Physics Developer I1$65kNA
Network Computer System Admin3$64k
Engineer I7$61k
Materials Engineer1$61kNA
Ilc Website Specialist1$60kNA
Guest Engineer2$58k
International Services Policy Research Analyst1$55kNA
Mechanical Engineer I1$54kNA
Research Associate61$50k
Communications Website Coordinator1$50kNA
Web Application Developer I2$48k
Computer System Analyst Non R D1$43kNA