Faithful Gould Jobs

A total of 59 Faithful Gould jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $78,737
Salary Range: $38,605

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Architectural And Engineering Manager1$135kNA
Senior Project Engineer Manager Controls1$135kNA
Technical Director1$123kNA
Senior Quantity Surveyor2$123k
Managing Director1$117kNA
Lead Project Controls Manager1$115kNA
Senior Cost Engineer1$110kNA
Senior Engineering Consultant2$108k
Senior Consultant Project Controls Engineering1$105kNA
Senior Cost Construction Estimator Quantity Surveyor1$105kNA
Cost Consultant Mechanical Engineer1$105kNA
Senior Cost Consultant Quantity Surveyor1$105kNA
Cost Estimator Senior Consultant1$100kNA
Senior Consultant Civil Engineer3$98kNA
Senior Cost Consultant2$98k
Senior Cost Manager3$96k
Lead Quantity Surveyor3$95k
Project Cost Controls Consultant2$95k
Senior Program Manager1$90kNA
Senior Project Manager1$90kNA
Cost Consultant8$88k
Senior Consultant Project Controls Analyst2$87kNA
Project Controls Manager5$87k
Cost Consultant Construction Manager11$87k
Project Director1$85kNA
Senior Consultant Quantity Surveying5$85k
Cost Consultant Industrial Engineer4$85k
Senior Cost Construction Estimator1$82kNA
Senior Consultant Cost Engineer1$82kNA
Consultant Project Controls2$82k
Cost Estimator30$81k
Cost Construction Estimator5$80k
Civ Eng Project Ops And Field Management1$80kNA
Cost Manager6$79k
Cost Consultant Civil Engineer12$79k
Operations Research Cost Data Analyst2$78k
Senior Consultant Quantity Surveyor2$73k
Cost Consultant Quantity Surveyor44$72k
Operations Research1$72kNA
Operations Research Analyst4$72k
Consultant Cost Control Manager3$71k
Cost Contract And Budget Consultant1$70kNA
Senior Cost Construction Estimator Quantity Surve3$68kNA
Consultant Construction Manager1$68kNA
Project Manager1$65kNA
Project Management Analyst1$65kNA
System Accountant1$61kNA
Senior Alliance Administrator Quantity Surveying1$61kNA
Quantity Surveyor Contract Engineer2$61k
Consultant Civil Engineer1$60kNA
Operational Integration Management System Adviser1$60kNA
Facility Condition Assessor1$60kNA
Consultant Quantity Surveyor7$59k
Quantity Surveyor8$55k
Assistant Project Manager2$51kNA
Estimating Assistant2$46k
Cost Construction Estimator Quantity Surveyor4$40kNA