Exxon Mobil Jobs

A total of 131 Exxon Mobil jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $109,716
Salary Range: $50,315

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Staff To The Chairman1$290kNA
System Analyst Sap1$270kNA
VP Asia Pacific Middle East1$263kNA
Projects Implementation Manager1$243kNA
Ops Support Production Ops Best Practices Mgr1$232kNA
Asia Pacific Global Optimization Advisor1$225kNA
Glbl Crude Feedstock Manufacturing Accnting Pro2$216k
Safety Security Health Environment Advisor1$214kNA
Americas Crude Optimization Manager2$213k
Geoscience Supervisor1$211kNA
Project Support Services Advisor1$209kNA
Commercial Advisor1$196kNA
Geoscience Planning Advisor1$180kNA
Senior Research Associate1$176kNA
Global Recruiting Manager1$176kNA
Operations Superintendent1$170kNA
Safety Security Health And Environment Advisor1$167kNA
Engineering Manager2$159k
Geoscience Associate9$157k
Geophysical Associate4$152k
Business Analysis Reporting Global Operations Mgr1$149kNA
Pipeline Integrity Advisor1$147kNA
Engineering Supervisor2$147kNA
Geoscientists Except Hydrologist Geographer1$141kNA
Global Financial Operations Senior Advisor1$139kNA
Production Geoscience Supervisor1$138kNA
Geoscientists Except Hydrologists Geographers1$138kNA
Operations Geology Specialist1$138kNA
Natural Gas Commercial Manager1$137kNA
Baytown Area Human Resources Manager1$137kNA
Core Engineering Associate1$133kNA
Senior Research Engineer Technical Software Develo1$133kNA
Petroleum Engineer8$132k
Planning Advisor1$132kNA
Geoscientists Except Hydrologists And Geographers12$131k
Geoscientists Except Hydrologist Geographers4$130k
Global Financial Advisor1$130kNA
Senior Exploration Geophysicist8$127k
Senior Research Specialist3$126k
Rotating Equipment Engineer2$126kNA
Facilities Engineer3$124k
Geological Associate3$123k
Exploration Geophysicist23$122k
Chemical Engineer4$122k
Senior Process Engineer2$120k
Senior Staff Machinery Engineer3$120k
Engineering Specialist18$119k
Senior Geoscientist2$118k
Materials Engineer1$116kNA
Exploration Geologist21$116k
Lead Process Facilities Surveillance Engineer1$116kNA
Research Specialist16$115k
Senior Specialist6$114k
Senior Exploration Geologist6$113k
System Completion Advisor1$113kNA
Senior Exploration Geophysicist Seismic Processing1$113kNA
Facilities Surveillance Engineer1$113kNA
Specialist Engineer1$111kNA
Supply Logistics Coordinator1$111kNA
Geophysical Operations Specialist3$110k
Mechanical Engineer14$109k
Rig Supervisor1$107kNA
Geophysical Field Supervisor2$107k
Senior Research Geologist17$106k
Dynamic Simulation Engineer1$106kNA
Project Engineering Manager2$104k
Structural Engineer1$102kNA
Subsurface Engineer5$102k
Process Research Engineer5$101k
Productivity Cross Service Design Lead1$101kNA
Planning Analyst1$100kNA
Senior Petroleum Geologist18$100k
Senior Analyst2$100k
Formation Evaluation Specialist3$100k
Senior Reservoir Engineer1$99kNA
Corrosion Engineer1$99kNA
Senior Research Engineer43$98k
Senior Geophysicist12$98k
Senior Engineer2$98k
Senior Research Geophysicist9$98k
Reservoir Engineer7$97k
Advanced Process Control Application Engineer1$97kNA
Research Chemist1$96kNA
Sourcing And Services Advisor Sa Upstream1$96kNA
Geophysical Interpreter1$96kNA
Research Geophysicist5$95k
Senior Petroleum Geophysicist15$95k
Polymer Scientist1$94kNA
Polyolefins Conventional Support Chemist1$94kNA
Heterogeneous Catalysis Researcher1$94kNA
Research Engineer16$92k
Senior Researcher2$92k
Research Geologist10$90k
Organometallic Catalysis Chemist1$90kNA
Upstream User Support Engineer2$89k
Senior Geologist17$88k
Global Products Coordination Manager Chemist1$88kNA
Senior Petroleum Geoscientist1$88kNA
Natural Gas Liquids Ngl Negotiator1$88kNA
Drilling Engineer4$88k
Machinery Engineer2$85k
Procurement Process System And Controls Advisor1$83kNA
Global Industry Analyst1$83kNA
Senior Procurement Associate2$79k
Market Research Analyst1$79kNA
Development Planning Engineer1$78kNA
Process Engineer2$77k
Lead Drilling Engineer2$75kNA
Senior Chemist1$73kNA
Financial Analyst1$73kNA
Researcher Subsurface Imaging2$73k
Project Engineer4$72k
Researcher Hydrocarbon System Analysis1$68kNA
Associate Geologist2$68k
Sales Representative II1$67kNA
Researcher Geophysics1$66kNA
Geoscience Team Member1$64kNA
Global Pe Business Analyst1$64kNA
Research Geophysicist Subsurface Imaging2$62k
Environmental Scientist And Specialists Including Health1$62kNA
Plant And Process Engineer1$60kNA
Research Geologist Reservoir Characterization1$56kNA
Computer System Analyst1$50kNA