Extreme Networks Jobs

A total of 94 Extreme Networks jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $100,204
Salary Range: $40,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Chief Technology Officer1$250kNA
Financial Manager1$180kNA
Senior Computer System Analyst1$150kNA
Principal Software Engineer1$150kNA
Senior Corporate System Engineer1$150kNA
Principal Engineer1$142kNA
Senior Program Analyst1$133kNA
Data Center Technical Solution Sales Architect1$130kNA
System Engineer2$127k
Software Quality Assurance Test Engineer1$126kNA
Solutions Architect2$126k
Senior Software Engineer Network Management1$125kNA
Product Manager1$125kNA
Senior Accounting Manager2$123k
Senior Software Qa Engineer3$121k
Software Engineer Team Lead1$120kNA
Lead Network Management Software Development1$120kNA
Senior Sqa Testing Engineer2$120k
Program Analyst2$119k
Corporate System Engineer1$118kNA
System Test Engineer2$118k
Senior Data Warehouse Developer2$117kNA
Senior Database Developer3$117k
Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer4$116k
Program Manager1$115kNA
Computer Software Eng System1$115kNA
Software Application Engineer1$115kNA
Hardware Asic Design Engineer3$114k
Signal Integrity Engineer2$114k
Computer Software Engineer System Software9$113k
Professional Services Consultant4$113k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$111kNA
Firmware Engineer IV1$111kNA
Computer Hardware Engineer1$110kNA
Senior Software Development Engineer2$110kNA
Senior Crm Business System Analyst1$110kNA
Sqa Automation Architect1$110kNA
Manufacturing Engineer1$108kNA
Software Qa Test Engineer1$108kNA
Senior Software Engineer50$106k
Technical Automation Regression Test Engineer1$105kNA
Npi Engineer1$105kNA
Sqa Engineer6$104k
Integration Engineer4$104k
Software System Engineer10$103k
Oracle System Analyst2$103k
Automation Test Engineer3$102k
Business Application Engineer Analyst2$102k
Senior Test Engineer17$101k
Business System Analyst1$101kNA
Software Quality Engineer1$100kNA
Financial Analyst1$100kNA
Unix System Analyst Administrator1$100kNA
Firmware Engineer III1$100kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$100kNA
Senior Sqa Engineer2$99k
Senior Automation Test Engineer5$98k
Senior Protocol Software Engineer1$97kNA
Programmer Analyst3$97k
Software Engineer Protocol Development1$95kNA
Information System Engineer Integration Engineer1$95kNA
Oracle Application Technical Analyst1$95kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer1$95kNA
Computer Software Engineer System8$94k
Supplier Quality Engineer2$94k
Senior Component Egr Semiconductor Reliability1$94kNA
Software Engineer38$93k
Senior Storage Linux Administrator2$93k
Software Development Engineer3$92k
Sustaining Sqa Engineer2$91k
Software Designer Software Engineer1$90kNA
Programming Analyst1$90kNA
Software Quality Assurance Engineer5$88k
Sales Engineer1$86kNA
Lead Networking Support System Administrator1$86kNA
Sustaining Qa Engineer1$86kNA
Auto Regression Test Engineer1$85kNA
Digital Hardware Design Engineer1$85kNA
Hardware Design Engineer Signal Integrity Egr1$85kNA
Sustaining Test Engineer Software Qa Engineer2$84k
Computer System Analyst3$84k
Software Developer System Software2$83k
Senior Associate Software Quality Assurance Engine1$82kNA
Computer Support Specialist2$82k
Technical Support Engineer30$82k
Software Qa Engineer7$81k
Senior Associate Software Engineer1$77kNA
Global Services Engineer2$75k
Hardware Engineer1$75kNA
Hardware Development Engineer1$75kNA
Senior Associate Quality Assurance Software Engine2$75k
Senior Associate Software System Engineer2$71k
Networks System Data Communication Analyst1$69kNA
Initial Response Technical Support Engineer2$46k