Electronic Arts Jobs

A total of 342 Electronic Arts jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $89,803
Salary Range: $30,395

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Head Of Production Pogo World Wide1$245kNA
Executive Director Ea Sports Online2$215kNA
Marketing Director1$190kNA
Senior Director Pogo Publishing And Marketing1$190kNA
Director Network Acquisition Mobile1$190kNA
Senior Dir Pogo Publishing And Marketing1$190kNA
Senior Director Of Strategy And Operations1$190kNA
Director Strategic Talent Planning1$180kNA
Director Of Product Management Commerce Identit1$180kNA
Global Market Leader Online Video Gaming1$180kNA
Sales Manager1$175kNA
Senior Monetization Manager1$170kNA
Director Of Online Payments1$170kNA
Chief Game Designer1$160kNA
General Manager Games1$160kNA
Senior Product Manager Analytics And Data1$155kNA
Senior Development Director1$152kNA
Ww Technical Director1$150kNA
Audio Director1$150kNA
Director Eagl Online Operations1$150kNA
Senior Business Intelligence Technical Lead1$140kNA
Senior Research Software Engineer Data1$140kNA
VP Of Internal Audit1$138kNA
Senior IT Architect1$137kNA
Senior Manager Online Marketing1$137kNA
Technical Director7$136k
Senior Manager Accounting1$135kNA
Senior Manager Data Science1$135kNA
Senior Compensation Analytics Program Manager1$135kNA
Software Engineer III Data1$135kNA
Technical Lead1$133kNA
Director Application1$133kNA
Art Director1$131kNA
Database Architect Ea Online IT2$131k
Computer And Information System Manager3$130k
Cinematics Director1$130kNA
Senior Application Architect1$130kNA
Senior Finance Manager Financial Planning Analysis1$130kNA
Senior Campaign Marketing Manager Origin1$130kNA
Senior Software Engineer I4$129k
Senior Software Engineer10$128k
Software Engineer Developer2$128k
Senior IT Engineer1$127kNA
Lead Artist Multimedia Artist And Animator1$126kNA
Business Intelligence Architect1$126kNA
Senior Ai Engineer1$125kNA
Commercial And Industrial Designer1$125kNA
Director Special Projects1$125kNA
Research Data Scientist2$125k
Senior Sox Compliance Manager1$125kNA
Database Architect1$125kNA
Senior User Experience Designer Commerce Platform1$125kNA
Bi Data Warehouse Specialist1$125kNA
User Experience Director1$125kNA
Senior Business IT Consultant I1$125kNA
Lead Engineer Team Lead Real Time Strategy Group1$124kNA
Manager Program Management1$124kNA
Software Test Director2$124k
Senior Manager Security1$124kNA
Principal Project Manager1$123kNA
Solutions Lead1$123kNA
Bi Reporting Engineer1$123kNA
Program Manager4$121k
Financial Manager1$120kNA
Creative Director1$120kNA
Senior Manager Risk Management Services2$120kNA
Technical Program Manager I1$120kNA
Manager Risk Management Services1$120kNA
Senior Online Product Manager1$120kNA
Producer I1$120kNA
Lead Configuration Management Engineer1$120kNA
Launch Readiness Senior Manager2$120kNA
Engineering Manager2$120k
Senior Business IT Consultant2$119k
Senior Marketing Manager1$119kNA
Accountant And Auditor3$119k
Manager Application1$118kNA
Lead Animator3$118k
Senior Product Manager I1$116kNA
Lead Consultant2$115k
Java Software Engineer II1$115kNA
Manager Corporate Accounting1$115kNA
Lead Coder1$115kNA
Analytics Manager1$115kNA
Senior Statistician1$115kNA
Senior Product Manager II1$115kNA
Decision Support Analyst1$115kNA
Senior Product Manager3$114k
Business Intelligence1$114kNA
Business IT Consultant2$113k
IT Architect3$113k
Software Engineer Animation Engineer1$111kNA
Analytic Engineer1$111kNA
Software Engineer Lead Rendering Engineer1$110kNA
Manager Marketing Analytics1$110kNA
Manager Predictive Analysis1$110kNA
Manager Predictive Analytics1$110kNA
Senior Engineer1$110kNA
User Experience Producer1$110kNA
Senior Interface Designer1$110kNA
Swe Development Engineer II1$110kNA
Solutions Lead Data Integration Specialist1$110kNA
Workforce Planning Analytics Manager1$110kNA
Swe Web Developer II1$110kNA
Senior Software Test Manager Qa Manager1$109kNA
Online Revenue Manager1$109kNA
Senior Business Intelligence Engineer3$108k
Senior Application Engineer1$108kNA
Senior Marketing Operations Analytics Manager1$108kNA
Project Manager1$108kNA
Lead Network Engineer2$108k
Senior Gameplay Programmer1$107kNA
Senior Data Analyst1$107kNA
Lead Environment Artist1$107kNA
Senior Database Engineer1$107kNA
Swe Web Developer1$106kNA
Game Designer II1$106kNA
Global Senior System Engineer Enterprise Servic2$105k
Application Security Analyst1$105kNA
Application Security Analyst Senior Security Speciali1$105kNA
Manager Global Online Planning Analysis1$105kNA
Information Security Analyst Web Developer And Computer Network Architect3$104k
Software Developer Application20$104k
Senior Database Administrator2$104k
Research Engineer1$104kNA
Business Intelligence Test Engineer1$104kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator1$102kNA
Senior Game Product Manager II1$102kNA
Lead Software Engineer1$102kNA
Senior Program Manager1$101kNA
Java Online Engineer3$101k
Software Engineer III26$101k
Computer System Analyst14$101k
Computer Software Engineer System Software3$101k
System Engineer II1$100kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application14$100k
Accounting Manager1$100kNA
Strategic Planning Analyst1$100kNA
Technical Lead Oracle Soa Suite1$100kNA
C Software Engineer II1$100kNA
Software Enginer In Test Mobile Architecture1$100kNA
Senior System Engineer4$100k
Senior Artist2$100k
Senior Project Manager3$100k
Senior Technical Artist4$99k
Software Engineer II Application Engineer1$98kNA
Senior Designer1$98kNA
Development Director3$98k
Senior Business Solutions Analyst2$98k
Senior Engineer Storage1$98kNA
Business Intelligence Reporting Engineer2$98k
Principal Project Manager Engineer1$97kNA
Senior Security Specialist I3$97k
Software Engineer Software Engineer III1$97kNA
Software Developer System Software2$97k
Senior Lighting Artist1$96kNA
Senior Software Engineer II2$96k
Storage Architect1$96kNA
Customer Relationship Management Analyst Technical Arc1$96kNA
Associate Producer II1$96kNA
Senior Character Artist2$96k
Computer Programmer1$95kNA
Senior Programmer Gameplay1$95kNA
Senior Game Artist1$95kNA
Senior Oracle Database Administrator1$95kNA
Manager Financial Planning Analysis1$95kNA
Senior Software Developer1$95kNA
Software Engineer III Server Side1$95kNA
Senior Business Analyst1$95kNA
Senior Game Play Engineer1$95kNA
Lead Artist Graphic Designer2$94k
Business Intelligence Engineer1$94kNA
Senior Lighter Graphic Artist1$93kNA
Online Revenue Manager Senior Accountant1$92kNA
Multi Media Artist And Animators10$91k
Market Research Analyst And Marketing Specialists1$91kNA
Marketing Manager1$91kNA
Computer Software Engineer II1$90kNA
Manager Global Royalty Analysis And Management1$90kNA
Product Analyst1$90kNA
Lead Animator Multimedia Artist And Animator1$90kNA
Erlang Engineer1$90kNA
Senior Gameplay Engineer Artificial Intelligence1$90kNA
Senior Digital Business Analyst1$90kNA
Senior Manager Of Corp Communications1$90kNA
Application Engineer III Business Intelligence2$89k
Global Audit Manager2$89k
Senior Modeler2$88k
Senior Field Application Engineer1$88kNA
Quantitative Analyst1$88kNA
Acquisition Media Lead1$88kNA
Javascript Software Engineer1$88kNA
Quality Assurance Manager Mobile1$88kNA
Database Administrator II2$88k
Software Engineer II45$87k
Marketing Operations Analyst Ea Interactive1$87kNA
Database Administrator22$87k
Director Worldwide Product Public Relations1$87kNA
Database Engineer II2$86k
Senior Business System Analyst2$86k
Customer Experience System And Technology1$86kNA
System Administrator3$85k
Manager Internal Audit1$85kNA
Programmer Multiplayer1$85kNA
Game Developer1$85kNA
Senior Global Auditor I1$85kNA
Oracle Application Support Manager1$85kNA
Senior Environment Modeler1$85kNA
Corporate Development Associate1$84kNA
Software Engineer Senior Lead Online Developer1$84kNA
Background Artist1$84kNA
Technical Animator1$84kNA
Senior Environment Artist1$84kNA
Java Software Engineer1$84kNA
Software Engineer79$83k
Associate Product Manager1$83kNA
Cloud Operations Analyst1$83kNA
Senior Microsoft Sql Database Engineer1$83kNA
Senior Concept Artist2$83k
Lead Software Engineer Rendering Specialist1$82kNA
Tools Engineer2$82k
Senior Animator4$82k
Server Engineer II1$82kNA
Web Engineer2$82k
Environment Artist1$82kNA
Senior Developer World Wide Customer Experience1$82kNA
User Interface Designer3$82k
Manager IT Service Operations1$81kNA
Senior Tools Engineer1$81kNA
Associate Modeler2$81k
Etl Designer2$81k
Client Software Engineer1$80kNA
Engineer Business Intelligence Data Services1$80kNA
Account Manager1$80kNA
Software Quality Assurance Manager1$80kNA
Database Engineer I1$80kNA
Technology Analyst2$80k
Environment Artist Artist Specialist2$80k
Senior Web Developer2$79k
Designer II4$78k
Multimedia Artist And Animators12$78k
Graphics Trainer3$78k
Software Engineer Localization Voice Over Tool1$78kNA
Software Engineer Lead Programmer1$77kNA
Database Administrator III2$77k
Computer Graphic Artist Animator2$76k
Programmer Analyst8$76k
Senior International Accountant1$76kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst1$76kNA
Senior Lead Online Developer2$75k
Game Designer I2$75k
Ui Artist1$75kNA
Level Designer Multi Media Artist And Animator1$75kNA
Senior Associate1$75kNA
Animator I1$75kNA
Monetization Game Designer1$75kNA
Advertising Analyst1$75kNA
Financial Analyst3$75k
Senior Accounting Analyst1$74kNA
Senior Programmer1$73kNA
Store Optimization Specialist1$73kNA
Software Engineer Audio Software Engineer1$73kNA
Eap Account Manager1$73kNA
Computer Graphic Artist Background Artist2$72k
Product Manager3$72k
Network Producer1$72kNA
Gameplay Programmer2$71k
Designer I4$71k
Technical Artist2$71k
Web Engineer I1$70kNA
Release Manager1$70kNA
Senior Community Specialist1$68kNA
Accountant Cost Accounting Analyst1$67kNA
Business Analyst3$67k
Acquisition Manager1$67kNA
Senior IT Auditor Global Audit1$67kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$67kNA
Development Manager2$66k
Deputy Content Director Warhammer Online1$66kNA
Database Programmer1$66kNA
Asset Artist1$66kNA
Producer Assistant1$65kNA
Multi Media Artist And Animator1$65kNA
Software Engineer I18$64k
Data Warehouse Developer1$64kNA
Head Of International Music Marketing1$63kNA
Audio Artist III1$63kNA
Games Designer Intermediate1$63kNA
Online Designer2$62k
Senior Game Designer2$61k
Assistant Producer II5$61k
Game Designer5$60k
Lead Ui Designer1$59kNA
Community Manager2$59k
Computer Graphic Artist III6$58k
Ecommerce Data Analyst1$58kNA
Associate Artist1$58kNA
Assistant Producer1$56kNA
Global Audit Senior2$56k
Senior Computer Graphic Artist IV1$54kNA
Submissions Specialist1$54kNA
Assistant Modeler Multimedia Artist Animator2$54k
Tax Analyst1$54kNA
Associate Technical Artist3$54k
Computer Graphic Artist IV2$54k
Computer Graphic Artist65$53k
Computer Graphics Artist IV1$53kNA
3d Artist1$53kNA
Qa Project Lead1$53kNA
Lead Game Designer1$53kNA
Marketing Analyst1$53kNA
Computer Graphic Artist Environment Artist1$52kNA
Character Technical Director1$52kNA
Writer Story Designer1$51kNA
Environment Modeler1$51kNA
Computer Graphic Artist II2$51k
Graphic Designer2$50k
Associate Quality Assurance Engineer I1$49kNA
Associate Development Manager2$49k
Multi Media Artist 2d 3d Artist1$47kNA
Senior World Designer Programming Specialist1$46kNA
Programmer Gameplay1$46kNA
Associate Visual Effects Artist1$45kNA
Assistant Animator1$42kNA
Video Specialist II1$39kNA
Interface Designer1$34kNA
Assistant Environment Artist Computer Graphic Art1$33kNA
Associate Interface Designer1$33kNA
Computer Graphic Artist Assistant Character Modeler1$31kNA