Educational Vocational And School Counselor Employers

A total of 56 educational vocational and school counselor employers with salary information listed.

Salary Average: $42,056
Salary Range: $20,000

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EmployerCountAverageSalary Range
San Mateo County Community College District1$77kNA
Sponsors For Educational Opportunity2$64k
University Of Central Oklahoma1$55kNA
Spring Storm Group1$52kNA
Ypis Of Staten Island1$52kNA
Think And Believe Education1$52kNA
University Of Minnesota1$51kNA
Commonwealth Of Massachusetts1$51kNA
California College Of Communications1$51kNA
Case Western Reserve University2$50k
Techlink Northwest1$50kNA
The Ohio University1$50kNA
West Contra Costa Unified School District1$50kNA
Suny Buffalostate College1$49kNA
Northwest Student Exchange1$48kNA
Central Jersey College Prep Charter School1$48kNA
Baltimore City Public School System1$47kNA
Randolph Macon College1$47kNA
The Korean American Family Service Center1$47kNA
Schiller International University1$46kNA
Korean Community Services Of Metropolitan New York1$46kNA
Chinese American Planning Council1$46kNA
The School District Of Philadelphia1$45kNA
Washington Education Group1$45kNA
C2 Educational Systems1$44kNA
Monroe College2$44k
North Carolina State University1$42kNA
Wright State University1$41kNA
Appalachian State University1$41kNA
Oklahoma Christian University1$40kNA
Elko County School District1$39kNA
Columbia College1$38kNA
Fort Hays State University1$38kNA
Texas Southern University1$37kNA
International Mid Pac1$36kNA
Clearwater Central Catholic High School1$35kNA
Sky Education1$35kNA
Paterson Charter School For Science And Technology2$35kNA
Arkansas State University3$35k
University Of Oregon1$35kNA
Impact Youth Services1$34kNA
University Of North Alabama1$33kNA
Nafa Consultatnt Employment A1$32kNA
Nafa Consultant Employment A1$32kNA
N A F A National Association For Foreign Attorneys1$32kNA
Florida Technical College Deland Campus1$32kNA
The Institute Of Production And Recording2$32k
Atlantic Health Services1$32kNA
Blue Mountain Academy1$31kNA
International Education Services1$31kNA
Oklahoma State University1$31kNA
Notre Dame High School Of Fitchburg Inc A K A No1$30kNA
University Of New Orleans1$29kNA
Tuba City Unified School District 151$20kNA