Eaton Jobs

A total of 270 Eaton jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $80,305
Salary Range: $33,696

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Vp Business Sytems Development1$250kNA
Plant Manager2$166k
Manager Mfg Production Operations1$134kNA
Lead Developer1$127kNA
Manager Specialist IT Business Intelligence1$127kNA
Senior Engineer Arcing And Switching Devices1$120kNA
Marketing And Business Development Manager1$120kNA
Division Supervisor Of Software Development1$119kNA
Computer Information System Manager1$119kNA
Manager Worldwide Planning Market Assessment1$117kNA
Senior Program Manager1$115kNA
Manager Vg Sales Growth2$115kNA
Program Manager Hydraulic Launch Assist1$115kNA
Purchasing Manager2$115k
Senior Hybrid Control Engineer1$114kNA
Commodity Manager2$113k
Manager Power Test Lab1$111kNA
Business Development Manager2$111k
Specialist Software Engineering2$111kNA
Specialist Engineer2$111k
Operations Manager Panelboard Assembly Oem After1$110kNA
Coe Controls Engineer1$110kNA
Industrial Production Manager2$110k
Product Line Manager2$109k
Sap Fi Configurator1$109kNA
Financial Planning Specialist2$108kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager2$108k
Quality Assurance Test Manager Software Engineer1$107kNA
Medium Voltage Product Line Manager2$107k
Chief Engineer1$107kNA
Aerospace Engineer2$104kNA
Procurement Manager1$104kNA
Bi Solution Designer1$104kNA
Logistics Manager2$104k
Plant Manager Engineer1$104kNA
Manager Business Development1$103kNA
Specialist IT General F K A Web Developer1$102kNA
Principal Design Engineer1$102kNA
Service Solutions Manager2$102k
Messaging Specialist Service Delivery1$101kNA
Quality Assurance Test Mgr Software Engineering1$100kNA
Oracle Soa Solutions Designer1$100kNA
Oracle Service Oriented Architecture Solutions Des1$100kNA
Lead Firmware Engineer1$100kNA
Product Line Engineering Manager1$100kNA
Specialist Logistics Technology And Distribution1$100kNA
Engineer Specialist1$100kNA
Engineering Manager10$99k
Materials Engineering Manager1$99kNA
Program Manager Supply Chain1$98kNA
Senior Embedded System Engineer1$97kNA
Specialist IT Infrastructure1$97kNA
Senior Ebs Developer1$96kNA
Sales Manager1$96kNA
Network System And Data Communications Analyst1$96kNA
Manager Operational Excellence1$96kNA
Marketing Analyst1$96kNA
Manager Organizational Research And Analysis2$96kNA
Quality Manager3$96k
Product Manager Extended Protection Plans1$95kNA
Pricing Product Support Manager1$95kNA
Engineering Specialist Power System1$95kNA
Lead Fuel System Engineer1$95kNA
Business Development Senior Specialist1$95kNA
Regional Continuous Improvement Manager1$95kNA
Regional Improvement Manager1$95kNA
IT Specialist2$95k
Supply Chain Planning Specialist2$94k
Supervisor Scm Materials Planning1$94kNA
Product Manager3$93k
Software Developer Application2$93k
Business Intelligence Solutions Architect2$93kNA
Marketing Leadership Development Program Participa1$93kNA
Marketing Development Program Associate2$93kNA
System Control Engineer1$93kNA
Associate Corporate Planning Development2$93k
Specialist Engineering1$92kNA
Transportation Storage And Distribution Manager1$92kNA
Design Engineering Manager1$92kNA
Marketing Manager3$92k
Lead Engineer14$90k
Plant Controller1$90kNA
Lead Buyer1$90kNA
Power System And Power Electronics Engineer1$90kNA
Engineering Specialist1$90kNA
Communications System Architect1$90kNA
Senior Analyst Health Welfare Benefits3$90kNA
Lean Site Manager1$88kNA
Vehicle Solutions Sales Engineer1$88kNA
Computer System Analyst3$88k
Lean Specialist1$88kNA
Controls Engineer2$87k
Lead Engineer Firmware And Digital Controls3$87kNA
Project Leader IT Data Warehousing1$87kNA
Senior Software Engineer2$86k
International Materials Specialist1$86kNA
Specialist Supply Chain Management3$86kNA
Principal Research Engineer1$86kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$86kNA
Operational Excellence Manager1$85kNA
Clutch System Engineer1$85kNA
Lead Analyst1$85kNA
Lead System Engineer1$85kNA
Specialist Logistics Technology Distribution2$85k
Senior Analyst Hydraulics Americas Supply Chain2$84k
Customer Relationship Manager1$84kNA
Senior Engineer Software1$84kNA
Senior Design Engineer3$84k
Database Administrator2$84k
Industrialization Manager3$84kNA
Opex Manager2$84k
Supply Chain Management Leadership Participant2$83k
Logistics Program Manager1$83kNA
Control System Chief Engineer6$83k
Senior Engineer Product Application1$82kNA
Powertrain Controls Engineer1$82kNA
Senior Reliability Engineer1$82kNA
Senior Product Engineer Controls1$82kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$81kNA
Present Product Engineer3$81k
Electrical Engineer16$81k
Lead Product Engineer2$81k
Business Intelligence Leader Architect3$80kNA
Engineering Team Leader3$80k
Operations Research Analyst1$80kNA
Supervisor Quality1$80kNA
Procurement Supervisor1$80kNA
International Project Sales Manager Champs1$80kNA
Engineer Specialist Power System1$80kNA
Team Leader Opex General3$80k
Manufacturing Engineer Supervisor Metallurgy2$80k
Mechanical Engineer9$80k
Supply Chain Development Analyst3$80k
Embedded Communications Engineer2$80k
Sap Basis Analyst1$79kNA
Senior Engineer Products2$79kNA
Lead Analyst Market Planning Electrical Products1$79kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$78kNA
Senior Power Electronics Software Design Engineer1$78kNA
Lean Manufacturing Coordinator1$78kNA
Senior Engineer Communications1$78kNA
Production Manager1$78kNA
Business Process Owner Make2$78kNA
Lead Analyst Messaging Architecture And Support1$78kNA
Senior Electrical Engineer4$77k
Lead Analyst Supplier Quality1$77kNA
Lead Analyst Materials Planning1$77kNA
Senior IT Analyst4$77k
Senior Engineer Opex Quality1$77kNA
Lead Engineer Product2$76k
Clutch Controls Lead Engineer2$76k
Customer Facing Center Of Excellence Senior IT Analys1$76kNA
Hr Manager For Electrical Services And System Div1$75kNA
Principal Engineer III2$75k
Engineering Project Leader2$75k
Manager Supply Chain Projects1$74kNA
Senior Buyer2$74k
Supply Chain Program Manager1$74kNA
Senior Engineer Sales1$74kNA
Senior Specialist Business Development1$74kNA
Team Leader Engineering1$74kNA
Continuous Improvement Manager1$74kNA
Embedded Software Engineer1$74kNA
Materials Planning Manager1$73kNA
Lead Engineer Power Electronics2$73k
Supervisor Of Software Engineering1$73kNA
Organizational Research Analysis Manager1$73kNA
Product Design Engineer1$73kNA
Senior Engineer Specialist1$73kNA
Engineer II Product1$73kNA
Senior Project Engineer1$72kNA
Produt Reliability Engineer1$72kNA
Project Manager1$72kNA
Senior Manufacturing Engineer9$72k
Sales Engineer3$72k
Supply Chain Logistics Manager1$72kNA
Senior Engineer Eng Product1$71kNA
Software Engineer3$71k
Senior Power Expert Application Engineer2$71k
Scm Program Manager1$71kNA
Computer And Information System Manager2$71k
Senior Engineer8$70k
Lean Manufacturing Manager1$70kNA
Project Engineer1$70kNA
Engineer Mechanical1$70kNA
Supply Chain Management Analyst2$70kNA
Fuel System Engineer1$70kNA
Electrial Engineer1$70kNA
Financial Analyst5$70k
Material Planning Manager1$70kNA
Lead Data Analyst1$70kNA
Supply Chain Analyst1$69kNA
Industrial Engineer4$69k
Lead Sales Engineer1$69kNA
Product Engineer I1$69kNA
Lead Leasing Analyst2$69k
Senior Analyst Supply Chain2$69k
Senior Product Engineer11$69k
Senior Engineer Electrical2$69k
Accounting Manager1$68kNA
Lead Lease Analyst1$68kNA
Lead Analyst Solutions1$68kNA
Senior Financial Tax Analyst1$68kNA
Master Scheduler1$67kNA
Junior Mechanical Engineer1$67kNA
Senior Supplier Quality Engineer1$67kNA
Senior Engineer Quality1$66kNA
Lead Analyst Accounting1$66kNA
Product Engineer10$66k
Electrical Project Engineer1$66kNA
Power System Engineer5$66k
Laboratory Engineer1$65kNA
Project Manager Engineering2$65k
Senior Demand Planning Analyst5$65k
Lead Power Electronics Engineer1$65kNA
Senior Engineer Prod1$65kNA
Product Specialist Sales Engineer1$64kNA
Material Planner1$64kNA
Test Engineer2$64k
Plant Manager IT1$64kNA
Senior Engineer Product2$63k
Tax Analyst Transfer Pricing1$63kNA
Design Engineer4$63k
Senior Tax Analyst2$63k
Manufacturing Engineer II1$63kNA
Value Stream Engineer1$63kNA
Six Sigma Blackbelt1$62kNA
Engineer Product Application1$62kNA
Specialist Product Engineer1$61kNA
Senior Control Engineer2$61kNA
Tooling Engineer1$61kNA
Manufacturing Engineer6$61k
Auditor Financial Analyst1$60kNA
Market Research Analyst1$60kNA
Pricing Analyst2$60kNA
Manufacturing Leader1$60kNA
Senior Produt Engineer1$60kNA
Financial Manager1$60kNA
Product Engineer II3$58k
Information Tech Analyst1$58kNA
Senior Quality Engineer1$58kNA
Lean Coordinator2$58k
Senior Accountant1$58kNA
Outside Sales Engineer1$57kNA
Inside Sales Engineer1$57kNA
Els Engineer1$57kNA
Lease Analyst2$57k
Quality Engineer10$56k
Electronics Design Engineer1$55kNA
Customer Order Engineer2$55k
Engineer II Validation1$55kNA
Production Supervisor1$53kNA
Product Application Engineer2$52k
Materials Planning Supervisor2$52k
Engineer Manufacturing1$50kNA
Associate Business Development1$50kNA
Sarbanes Oxley Analyst1$50kNA
Prototype Team Leader1$50kNA
Finance Leadership Development Associate1$48kNA
Quality Assurance Engineer Senior1$48kNA
Accounting Developer1$47kNA
Non Metallic Commodity Manager1$47kNA
Accounting Analyst1$45kNA
Production Planner1$43kNA
Graphic Designer1$41kNA
Truck Components Technical Translator1$36kNA
Lead Designer Engineering1$34kNA