Eastman Kodak Jobs

A total of 139 Eastman Kodak jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $82,074
Salary Range: $43,722

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Dir Div Vp Human Resources Digital Film Imag1$281kNA
Dir Div Vp Human Resources Consumer Imaging1$250kNA
Director Of Strategic Product Development1$182kNA
Director Worldwide Business Development Vp Dfis1$180kNA
General Manager1$170kNA
Director Specialty Market Segment1$140kNA
Senior Consulatant Kodak Solutions For Business1$130kNA
Chief Architect2$125k
Manager Greater Asia Sales Business Development2$124k
System Engineer Architect1$120kNA
General Mgr1$119kNA
Engineering Manager2$116k
Director Customer Marketing Digital Capture Solu1$115kNA
General Mgr T I Solutions Divisional Vp Gcg2$114k
Marketing Manager1$109kNA
Lead Mechanical Engineer2$107k
Clinical Study Manager Physicist1$106kNA
Senior Firmware Architect1$106kNA
Gen Mgr Digital Film Imag System Vp Ekc1$105kNA
Director Oem Marketing1$104kNA
Networking Software Engineer1$103kNA
Cmos Analog Mixed Signal Circuit Designer1$102kNA
Senior Firmware Engineer2$101k
Director Of Worldwide Sales1$100kNA
Imaging Specialist2$99kNA
Computer And Information System Manager2$98k
Print Engine Firmware Engineer3$96k
Staff Firmware Engineer1$96kNA
General Mgr Vp1$95kNA
Principal Research Scientist1$94kNA
Research Associate1$94kNA
Computer System Analyst1$92kNA
Research Scientist11$90k
Lead Database Administrator1$90kNA
Cmos Analog Mixed Integrated Circuit Designer1$90kNA
Cmos Analog Integrated Circuit Designer1$90kNA
Lead Service Engineer1$90kNA
Foundry Manager1$90kNA
Algorithm Development Computer Vision Specialist1$88kNA
Senior Research Chemist1$88kNA
Software Engineer Team Leader1$87kNA
Ic Design Engineer1$87kNA
Integrated Circuit Design Engineer1$87kNA
Senior Research Scientist8$87k
Financial Planning Manager1$87kNA
Sales Engineer1$86kNA
Future Product Marketing Manager1$86kNA
Analog Design Engineer2$86k
Optical Engineer2$86k
Software Product Specialist1$85kNA
Medical Physicist1$85kNA
Software Platform Engineer2$85k
Image Processing Engineer1$84kNA
Mems Research Scientist3$84kNA
Scientist Ink Development1$84kNA
Digital Integrated Circuit Designer2$84k
Wireless Development Engineer1$83kNA
Cad Algorithm Developer1$82kNA
Algorithm Software Engineer2$82kNA
Digital Designer1$81kNA
Senior Software Engineer3$81kNA
Mechanical Research Engineer1$81kNA
Software Engineer8$81k
Graphics Formulation Engineer2$80k
Manager Quality Assurance1$80kNA
Cmos Image Sensor Proc Device Pixel Modeling Scien1$80kNA
Mechanical Analyst Research Scientist2$80k
Writing System Engineer3$79k
Firmware Engineer1$79kNA
Software Development Engineer2$79k
Product Manager2$79k
Semiconductor Mfg Technical Specialist1$78kNA
Mechanical Analyst2$78k
Validation Engineer2$78k
Materials Physicist1$78kNA
Field Product Specialist2$77k
Senior Software Developer2$77k
Mechanical Engineering Analyst1$77kNA
Product Development Lead1$77kNA
Senior Validation Engineer3$75k
Domestic Income Tax Accountant1$75kNA
Development Engineer1$75kNA
Coating Process Engineer1$75kNA
Process Lead Engineer1$74kNA
Biochemist Postdoctoral1$74kNA
Project Engineer1$74kNA
Development Chemist2$74k
Electrical Engineer1$73kNA
Design Engineer1$73kNA
Test Engineer2$73k
Characterization Scientist1$72kNA
Semiconductor Manufacturing Technical Specialist1$72kNA
Supply Chain Manager1$72kNA
Cmos Image Sensor Device Design Engineer1$71kNA
Service Engineer Radiology Information System2$70kNA
Semiconductor Device Modeler1$70kNA
Product Engineer1$70kNA
Human Factors Engineer1$70kNA
Lead Software Quality Engineer1$70kNA
Contracts Payment Auditor1$70kNA
Characterization Engineer2$69k
Process Engineer1$69kNA
Advanced Development Engineer1$69kNA
Transactional Bus Dev T And Marketing Manager1$69kNA
Product Characterization Engineer2$69k
Computer Support Specialist2$69k
Mechanical Engineer Analyst1$69kNA
Application Support Specialist1$67kNA
Application Developer3$67k
Service Engineer3$65k
Postdoctoral Research Fellow1$65kNA
Mechanical Design Engineer2$65kNA
Postdoctoral Researcher1$65kNA
Software Developer7$65k
Software Quality Engineer1$63kNA
Algorithm Engineer3$63k
Algorithm Developer1$63kNA
Product Development Manager1$62kNA
Senior Industrial Designer1$60kNA
Industrial Designer2$59k
Electrical Process Engineer1$59kNA
R D Engineer Applied Research Engineer2$59k
Graphics Designer And Multimedia Programmer1$58kNA
Customer Service Engineer Field Engineer2$58kNA
Project Manager1$58kNA
Visual Interaction Designer1$57kNA
Quality Assurance Analyst1$57kNA
Field Service Engineer6$55k
Visual Designer1$55kNA
Application System Engineer1$55kNA
Field Engineer5$54k
Graphic Designer1$53kNA
Customer Service Engineer2$53k
Manufacturing Process Engineer2$52k
Software Engineering Application S W Engineer1$48kNA
Computer Automated Teller And Office Machine Repairers1$47kNA