East Sparta Salary, OH

A total of 465 real salary data found within 10 miles of East Sparta, OH.

Salary Average: $81,910
Salary Range: $16,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Marketing ManagerMiller Weldmaster$116kNavarre, OH (11/2012)
Marketing ManagerMiller Weldmaster$116kNavarre, OH (08/2012)
Business Development ManagerMiller Weldmaster$59kNavarre, OH (05/2011)
Business AnalystZhongding Usa$45kStrasburg, OH (04/2009)
IV Therapy CoordinatorAltercare Of Navarre$40kNavarre, OH (02/2003)
Infection Control CoordinatorAltercare Of Navarre$36kNavarre, OH (02/2003)
Business Development ManagerMiller Weldmaster$55kNavarre, OH (03/2008)
PhysicianPremier Medical Group$120kMassillon, OH (06/2003)
Mechanical Product EngineerControlled Power Corporation Of Ohio$40kMassillon, OH (02/2004)
DietitianMeals On Wheels Of Stark Wayne Counties$32kMassillon, OH (02/2005)
Process EngineerNfm Welding Engineers$62kMassillon, OH (03/2005)
Business Economics AnalystFresh Mark$55kMassillon, OH (06/2005)
Hospitalist PhysicianApogee Medical Group Ohio$120kMassillon, OH (05/2006)
Primary Care PhysicianPremier Medical Group$140kMassillon, OH (01/2006)
Hospitalist PhysicianApogee Medical Group$150kMassillon, OH (04/2006)
Internist GeneralApogee Medical Group Ohio$150kMassillon, OH (02/2007)
Hospitalist PhysicianApogee Medical Group Ohio$180kMassillon, OH (05/2008)
Hospitalist PhysicianApogee Medical Group Ohio$180kMassillon, OH (06/2008)
Market Research AnalystFresh Mark$63kMassillon, OH (04/2009)
Electrical Engineering TechnicianFresh Mark$50kMassillon, OH (03/2009)