E I Dupont De Nemours Jobs

A total of 135 E I Dupont De Nemours jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $85,127
Salary Range: $24,689

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Natural Sciences Manager2$174kNA
Business Unit Leader North America Seed Treatment1$165kNA
Marketing Manager North America Seed Treatment1$157kNA
Technology Manager1$155kNA
Operations Research Analyst2$148k
Business Development Manager3$143k
Senior Analyst2$140k
Marketing Manager2$139k
Gm And Engineering Manager1$137kNA
Senior Investment Analyst1$130kNA
Senior Equity Analyst3$128k
Market Research Analyst1$123kNA
Global Business Manager2$119k
Research Fellow1$115kNA
Emerging Markets Analyst1$110kNA
Engineering Manager1$108kNA
Knowledge Management Project Consultant1$107kNA
Architect Developer1$105kNA
Marketing Manager North America1$104kNA
Senior Marketing Consultant1$104kNA
Environmental And Sustainability Consultant1$104kNA
Global Product Line Manager1$103kNA
Business Manager Insecticides And Fungicides1$103kNA
Research Associate4$101k
Financial Consultant Mergers Acquisitions1$101kNA
Business Development Manager Asia Pacific Region1$100kNA
Sales And Marketing Manager1$99kNA
Senior Research Scientist2$99k
Project Consultant1$99kNA
Marketing Sales Manager1$99kNA
Financial Analyst III1$97kNA
Global Finance Manager2$96k
Senior Consulting Engineer3$96k
Project Leader2$96k
Director Combo Consultant1$95kNA
Direct Combo Consultant1$95kNA
Technical Supervisor1$95kNA
Global Business Unit Finance Manager1$94kNA
Chemical Engineer2$94k
Senior Engineering Consultant1$93kNA
Senior Research Engineer8$92k
Mechanical Engineer2$91k
Senior Optical Engineer2$91k
Consulting Manager1$90kNA
Staff Specialist2$89k
Process Development Engineer1$89kNA
Global Marketing Manager1$88kNA
Marketing Senior Consultant1$88kNA
Sourcing Manager1$88kNA
R D Six Sigma Black Belt1$88kNA
Software Developer Application1$88kNA
Financial Analyst3$88k
Six Sigma Blackbelt1$87kNA
Research Biologist Biochemist1$87kNA
Computational Biologist1$87kNA
Senior Research Chemist11$87k
Senior Research Physicist2$87kNA
Industrial Engineer2$86k
Supply Chain Engineer2$86k
Materials Enginering Consultant1$85kNA
Materials Engineering Consultant1$85kNA
Associate Corporate Process Owner1$85kNA
Manufacturing Technology Engineer1$85kNA
Marketing Specialist26$85k
Consulting Engineer6$85k
Research Engineer23$84k
Division Chemist2$84k
Materials Engineer4$83k
Engineering Consultant Maint Reliability Systs1$83kNA
Research Chemist41$83k
Section Research Chemist4$83k
Chemical Engineering Consultant2$83k
Device Physicist1$83kNA
Act Product Process Developer1$82kNA
Research Investigator27$81k
Mechanical Engineering Consultant2$81k
Section Research Biologist1$81kNA
Staff Epidemiologist1$80kNA
Engineering Consultant3$80k
Development Engineer Scientist1$80kNA
Marketing Consultant4$80k
R D Engineer1$79kNA
Area Engineer1$79kNA
Research And Development Chemist1$79kNA
Manufacturing Technology Engineer Scientist1$79kNA
New Application Developer Graphics Technical Mkt1$79kNA
Automation Process Ctrl Engineering Consultant1$79kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$79kNA
Staff Research Engineer1$78kNA
Senior Process Engineer1$77kNA
Senior Chemist5$77k
Automation Process Control Engineering Consultan1$77kNA
Business Process Engineer Cost System1$76kNA
Principal Investigator1$75kNA
Research Scientist15$75k
Information Technology Specialist1$75kNA
Associate Investigator Research Scientist1$74kNA
Staff Associate Investigator3$74k
Finance Lead1$72kNA
Business Analyst2$72k
Urban Entomologist1$72kNA
Ic Packaging Interconnects Development Engineer1$71kNA
Visiting Scientist1$70kNA
IT Application Specialist1$69kNA
Product Process Developer1$69kNA
Senior Engineer5$68k
Research Information Scientist2$68k
Research Biologist1$67kNA
Scientific Visualization Specialist1$67kNA
Visiting Engineer2$65k
IT Staff Auditor1$64kNA
Senior Auditor1$63kNA
Associate Investigator4$61k
Product Specialist Materials1$61kNA
New Product Process Developer1$59kNA
Bioinformatics Specialist Senior Research Engineer1$59kNA
Six Sigma Black Belt1$57kNA
Product Development Analyst1$57kNA
Engineer Production1$56kNA
Asset Allocation Analyst2$56k
Staff Accountant1$55kNA
Application Associate1$55kNA
Distribution Specialist1$51kNA
Senior Research Associate2$51k
Associate Investigator Visiting Research Scientist1$50kNA
Environmental Scientist2$50k
Visiting Research Scientist7$49k
Sales Representative1$45kNA
Business Operations Specialist1$45kNA
Hotel Manager On Duty1$25kNA