Durham Research Scientist Salary, NC

A total of 177 real research scientist salary data found within 25 miles of Durham, NC.

Salary Average: $65,688
Salary Range: $30,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Research ScientistBasf Plant Science$69kResearch Triangle Park, NC (07/2003)
Research ScientistScynexis Chemistry Automation$69kDurham, NC (08/2003)
Research ScientistScynexis Chemistry Automation$69kDurham, NC (11/2003)
Research ScientistParadigm Genetics$64kDurham, NC (12/2003)
Research ScientistScynexis Chemistry Automation$78kDurham, NC (01/2004)
Research ScientistBasf Plant Science$65kResearch Triangle Park, NC (01/2004)
Research ScientistApplied Nanotechnologies$72kChapel Hill, NC (03/2004)
Research ScientistVector Research$120kDurham, NC (03/2004)
Research ScientistBasf Plant Science$67kResearch Triangle Park, NC (03/2004)
Research ScientistEno River Labs$60kDurham, NC (04/2004)
Research ScientistGilead Sciences$75kDurham, NC (06/2004)
Research ScientistNobex$61kResearch Triangle Park, NC (07/2004)
Research ScientistXintek$65kChapel Hill, NC (09/2004)
Research ScientistBasf Plant Science$62kResearch Triangle Park, NC (09/2004)
Research ScientistKelly Services$41kResearch Triangle Park, NC (09/2004)
Research ScientistKelly Services$60kResearch Triangle Park, NC (09/2004)
Research ScientistUniversity Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill$52kChapel Hill, NC (01/2005)
Research ScientistSmithkline Beecham$60kResearch Triangle Park, NC (02/2005)
Research ScientistScynexis$75kDurham, NC (03/2005)
Research ScientistScynexis$72kDurham, NC (03/2005)