Duarte Research Scientist Salary, CA

A total of 146 real research scientist salary data found within 25 miles of Duarte, CA.

Salary Average: $71,987
Salary Range: $28,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Research ScientistDiagnostic Products$40kLos Angeles, CA (02/2003)
Research ScientistDiagnostic Products$43kLos Angeles, CA (02/2003)
Research ScientistViosense$70kLos Angeles, CA (03/2003)
Research ScientistBeckman Research Institute$145kDuarte, CA (04/2003)
Research ScientistBeckman Research Institute$33kDuarte, CA (05/2003)
Research ScientistFarmland National Beef N Terminus Research Laborat$55kPomona, CA (06/2003)
Research ScientistSunrider International$42kTorrance, CA (07/2003)
Research ScientistUniversity Of Southern California$80kLos Angeles, CA (09/2003)
Research ScientistDiagnostic Products$53kLos Angeles, CA (10/2003)
Research ScientistHuntington Medical Research Institutes$40kPasadena, CA (11/2003)
Research ScientistAlpha Star$55kLong Beach, CA (02/2004)
Research ScientistBaxter Healthcare$94kLos Angeles, CA (04/2004)
Research ScientistPhilips Electronics North America$70kLos Angeles, CA (05/2004)
Research ScientistCal Instit Tech Jet Prop Lab$94kPasadena, CA (04/2004)
Research ScientistQ Step Technologies$80kPasadena, CA (05/2004)
Research ScientistUniversity Of California Los Angeles$49kLos Angeles, CA (05/2004)
Research ScientistCharles R Drew University Of Medicine Science$28kLos Angeles, CA (08/2004)
Research ScientistEn N Tech$53kPomona, CA (09/2004)
Research ScientistCalifornia Institute Of Technology$85kPasadena, CA (10/2004)
Research ScientistUniversity Of California Los Angeles$49kLos Angeles, CA (11/2004)