Dresser Rand Jobs

A total of 116 Dresser Rand jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $79,766
Salary Range: $42,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Human Resources Manager1$141kNA
Director Global Health Safety And Environmental1$140kNA
Project Director1$128kNA
Proposal Development Engineering Manager1$124kNA
Engineering Manager1$117kNA
Supervisor Rotordynamics Team3$115k
Oracle Configuration Specialist1$115kNA
Controller Latin America Area1$115kNA
Senior Oracle Functional Analyst Finance2$114k
Software Developer System Software1$112kNA
Database Administrator1$112kNA
Senior Oracle Analyst2$111k
Oracle Configuration Specialist Software Engin1$108kNA
Senior Oracle Functional Analyst4$108k
Control System Engineer2$106k
Senior Oracle Application Developer7$103k
Control System Software Engineer1$101kNA
Manager Information System1$101kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application4$100k
Computer System Analyst2$100k
Oracle Developer1$100kNA
Senior Control System Engineer1$96kNA
Oracle Hrms Application Developer1$95kNA
Senior Software Engineer1$95kNA
Construction Manager1$94kNA
Project Development Manager4$94k
Management Analyst1$93kNA
Pi Specialist1$92kNA
Financial Analyst Mergers And Acquisitions1$90kNA
Product Engineer1$90kNA
Sales Manager1$89kNA
Senior Process Leader1$88kNA
Senior Product Quality Engineer1$88kNA
Oracle Application Developer1$88kNA
Engineering Services Coordinator2$87k
Regional Product Engineer2$87k
Software Developer Application2$87k
Senior Rotordynamics Engineer1$86kNA
Cost Estimator1$85kNA
Senior Oracle Analyst Manufacturing2$85kNA
Senior Proposal Development Engineer1$85kNA
Client Value Engineer2$84k
Senior Engineer Knowledge Based Engineer1$84kNA
Senior Development Engineer3$84k
Cell Group Manager1$84kNA
Analyytical Enginer1$83kNA
Mechanical Engineer18$83k
Quality Process Innovation Specialist1$82kNA
Programmer Analyst1$81kNA
Technical Engineer1$81kNA
Product Engineer Reciprocating Products1$81kNA
Senior Engineering Proposal Development1$80kNA
Team Leader Proposal Development1$80kNA
Buyer III1$80kNA
Engineering Manager Esc1$80kNA
Lead Buyer1$80kNA
Lead Technical Support Engineer1$80kNA
Field Service Representative2$79k
Project Controls Specialist3$78k
Solid Mechanics Engineer3$77k
Project Engineer Service Center2$76k
Account Manager1$76kNA
Commodity Manager3$76k
Senior Manufacturing Engineer2$76k
Treasury Finance Analyst2$76k
Scm Regional Coordinator2$75kNA
Industrial Engineer6$75k
Aero Thermo Design Engineer1$75kNA
System Engineer5$75k
Senior Benefits Specialist1$75kNA
Analytical Engineer Solid Mechanics2$75k
Technical Specialist Engineer1$74kNA
Proposal Development Engineer4$74k
Product Design Engineer Applied Technology1$73kNA
Analytical Engineer3$72k
Senior Accountant3$72k
Project Control Specialist1$71kNA
Senior Aerodynamics Engineer1$70kNA
Engineering Analyst1$70kNA
Application Engineer5$70k
Senior Internal Auditor2$70k
Rotordynamics Engineer4$70k
Aero Engineer1$69kNA
Project Manager2$69k
Accountant And Auditor3$68k
Field Service Engineer Hyper Specialist3$68k
Compressor Performance Engineer1$68kNA
Product Design Engineer I3$68k
Environmental Supply Chain Specialist1$66kNA
Business Development Account Manager1$65kNA
Rotor Dynamics Engineer1$65kNA
Continuous Improvement Specialist1$65kNA
E Map1$64kNA
Field Service Engineer2$64k
Commercial And Industrial Designer1$62kNA
Financial Analyst9$62k
Senior Application System Developer1$62kNA
Development Engineer II3$62kNA
E Map Engineer1$62kNA
Staff Internal Auditor1$62kNA
Analysis Engineer2$60kNA
Controls Field Service Engineer1$60kNA
Project Engineer II2$60k
Project Engineer5$59k
Product Design Engineer3$59k
Process Innovation Engineer II1$59kNA
Emap Engineer2$59k
Inventory Engineer2$58k
Process Innovation Engineer2$58k
Revamp Application Engineer1$57kNA
Design Engineer2$55kNA
Engineer Aerodynamics Performance III1$55kNA
System And Packaging Engineer1$52kNA
Sales Engineer1$52kNA
Credit And Collection Analyst2$42kNA