Dreamworks Animation Jobs

A total of 110 Dreamworks Animation jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $103,296
Salary Range: $33,696

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Film Director1$300kNA
Head Of Operations1$220kNA
Visual Effects Supervisor3$190k
Computer Graphics Supervisor1$177kNA
Production Designer1$172kNA
Supervising Animator3$158k
Principal Engineer1$157kNA
Character Td Supervisor2$156kNA
Head Of Effects3$154k
Head Of Creative Worldwide Technical Services1$150kNA
Character Effects Supervisor1$129kNA
Database Administrator1$125kNA
Principal Pipeline Engineer1$125kNA
Senior System Administrator1$125kNA
Lead Lighter7$125k
Animator Effects Lead2$125kNA
Engineering System Administrator2$125k
Business Analyst1$124kNA
Character Td4$123k
Effects Artist9$123k
Lead Effects Animator1$122kNA
Head Of Layout3$122k
Effects Lead1$121kNA
Engineer Software2$121k
Software Engineer II1$120kNA
Engineer Software Senior II1$120kNA
Engineer Software II1$120kNA
Multi Media Artist And Animators14$119k
Lighting Technical Director2$119k
Multimedia Artist And Animators5$118k
Character Effects Artist3$116k
Surfacing Technical Director1$115kNA
Engineer Software Senior I1$115kNA
Story Artist1$114kNA
Cg Computer Graphic Modeler1$114kNA
Character Designer2$114k
Oracle Application Administrator1$112kNA
Rough Layout Artist4$110k
Character Techncial Director1$110kNA
Software Developer Application5$109k
Multi Media Artist Animators3$109k
Storyboard Artist1$109kNA
Effects Lead Animator1$108kNA
Computer System Analyst2$108k
Senior Software Engineer I3$107k
System Analyst Administrator1$105kNA
Character Technical Director20$104k
3d Effects Animator3$104k
Software Developer7$104k
Rough Layout Animator3$102k
Effects Animator16$102k
Lighting Animator4$101k
Senior Software Engineer8$101k
Hr Manager2$100kNA
Character Effects Technical Director1$100kNA
Department Td2$100k
Lighter Lighting Animator2$99k
Animator Character Technical Director1$96kNA
Production Engineer6$95k
Department Technical Director6$95k
3d Rough Layout Animator1$95kNA
Technical Director Look Development1$95kNA
Software Engineer I1$93kNA
Software Developer System Software1$91kNA
Character Finaling Technical Director2$91k
Software Engineer26$90k
Associate Character Td1$88kNA
Character Effects Animator2$86k
Production Strategy Analyst1$85kNA
Technical Director1$85kNA
Visual Development Artist And Modeler1$83kNA
Visual Development Artist6$81k
Associate Surfacer1$81kNA
Senior Analyst Strategic Planning1$80kNA
Character Animator1$80kNA
Editorial Technical Director3$79k
Software Engineer Senior I1$79kNA
Cycle Character Animator1$78kNA
Assistant Character Td2$76k
Entry Level Character Technical Director1$73kNA
Cg Modeler1$72kNA
Entry Level Dept Technical Director1$69kNA
Hardware Engineer1$66kNA
Assistant Modeler2$66k
Technical Director Manager1$65kNA
Hr Generalist1$65kNA
Entry Level Effects Artist1$64kNA
Talent Manager1$63kNA
Assistant Technical Director2$61k
Development Specialist Theatrical Art Story Ad1$60kNA
Assistant Animator Character1$59kNA
Engineering Systesms Administrator1$58kNA
Electrical And Electronics Engineering Technician1$58kNA
Animation Assistant1$54kNA
Visual Development Apprentice1$54kNA
Lighting Ta1$54kNA
Human Resources Representative1$52kNA
Apprentice Modeler1$52kNA
Entry Level Visual Development Artist2$51k
Engineer Hardware1$51kNA
Entry Level Animator2$50k
Entry Level Department Technical Director1$50kNA
Technical Resource Administrator3$46k
Render Archive Disk Administrator1$35kNA
Recruitment Coordinator1$34kNA