Dolby Laboratories Jobs

A total of 149 Dolby Laboratories jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $106,486
Salary Range: $55,300

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Management Analyst1$215kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager1$211kNA
Vp Voice Business Group1$203kNA
Senior Director Organizational Effectiveness1$200kNA
Legal Director1$200kNA
Ip Director1$200kNA
Computer And Info System Manager1$199kNA
Senior Director Enterprise Solutions2$187kNA
Senior Director Technology Strategy1$184kNA
Senior Director Image Platform1$180kNA
Market Research Analyst Director Image Tech2$177kNA
Marketing Manager8$162k
Senior Member Of The Technical Staff Manager1$160kNA
Director Product Management Content Creation Too1$157kNA
Senior Product Marketing Manager Broadcast Consumer1$150kNA
Senior Staff Multimedia Engineer Customer Engineer1$147kNA
Director Of Product Management Mobile1$136kNA
Product Manager Digital Cinema Solutions1$134kNA
Senior Compliance Engineer1$134kNA
Director Of Compliance Americas2$134kNA
Director Product Management1$132kNA
Senior Staff Scientist2$132k
Staff System Software Engineer Broadcast1$131kNA
Senior Technical Marketing Manager1$130kNA
Project Engineer Software1$129kNA
Engineering Manager1$128kNA
Technical Marketing Manager Os Isv1$128kNA
Software Developer Application2$128k
Senior Sound Platform Manager1$127kNA
Market Research Analyst1$127kNA
Senior Business Development Manager1$127kNA
Product Marketing Manager Mobile2$125kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$125kNA
Project Engineer Sw Application1$125kNA
Project Engineer1$125kNA
Staff Engineer Cinema Technology1$122kNA
Senior Product Marketing Manager Tv Segment1$122kNA
Senior Product Manager1$122kNA
Senior Product Manager Tv Segment1$122kNA
Web Developer Test Infrastructure Engineer1$122kNA
Computer Sw Engineer System Sw1$121kNA
Senior Enterprise Information Analyst1$120kNA
Software Engineer Staff Engineer1$118kNA
Project Engineer Software Test1$117kNA
Sales Manager1$117kNA
Electrical Engineer6$116k
Senior Engineer Cinema Technology1$116kNA
Computer Software Engineer System1$116kNA
Senior Business System Analyst1$116kNA
Staff Engineer3$116k
Computer And Information System Manager1$116kNA
Software Engineer Senior Manager Technology Strategy1$115kNA
Software System Engineer2$115k
Supervisor E Media Qa1$114kNA
Senior Product Manager Content Creation Tools1$112kNA
Research Engineer Interactive Audio Technology1$112kNA
Senior Software Engineer1$111kNA
Senior Software Engineer Games Middleware1$111kNA
Senior Design Engineer Embedded Software1$111kNA
Computer And Information Research Scientist4$110k
Senior Licensing Engineer1$110kNA
Electronics Engineer11$109k
Manager Application Engineering Implementation Te1$109kNA
Senior Researcher Image Technology Research1$109kNA
Internal Auditor Senior Manager Of Internal Audit1$107kNA
Field Application Engineer1$107kNA
Software Engineer Sw Project Engineer1$107kNA
Senior Engineer1$106kNA
Sales Account Manager1$106kNA
Senior Design Engineer Electronic1$106kNA
Optical Engineer1$104kNA
Senior Research Engineer1$104kNA
Software Engineer15$103k
Computer Software Engin System3$103k
Staff Engineer Sound Technology1$102kNA
Senior Patent Coordinator1$102kNA
Computer Sw Engineer System1$101kNA
Software Engineer Field Application Engineer1$101kNA
Electrical Engineer Field Application Engineer1$101kNA
Senior Design Engineer5$100k
Computer Software Engineer Application3$99k
Lead Digital Cinema Application Engineer3$99k
Senior Design Engineer Color Science Video Process1$99kNA
Manager Internal Controls2$99k
Patent Engineer1$99kNA
Staff Software Engineer1$99kNA
Senior Engineer Embedded Platforms2$99k
Paralegal And Legal Assistant1$99kNA
Software Engineer Staff Scientist1$98kNA
Senior Manager Intellectual Property Protection1$98kNA
Sap Project Engineer Material Master Data2$97k
Electrical Engineer Staff Engineer3$97k
Software Developer System Software3$96k
Sales Engineer2$96k
Software Engineer Application Engineer2$96kNA
Senior Manager Intellectual Property Protection Amer1$95kNA
Electrical Engineer Senior Research Engineer1$95kNA
Computer Info Scientist Research1$95kNA
Senior Dsp Design Engineer1$94kNA
Senior Software Design Engineer1$94kNA
Software Engineer Dba Pla Application Engineer1$94kNA
Senior Design Engineer Software1$93kNA
Engineer Broadcast Technology1$93kNA
Software Engineer Embedded Linux1$93kNA
Computer S W Engineer Application1$91kNA
Software Engineer Project Engineer2$90k
Internal Auditor Senior Financial Compliance Auditor1$89kNA
Comp Soft Engin System1$88kNA
System Test Engineer1$88kNA
Software Engineer Senior Research Engineer1$87kNA
Computer System Analyst2$86k
Senior Test Engineer1$86kNA
Sales Engineer Partner Marketing Manager1$85kNA
Design Engineer Project Engineer Research1$84kNA
Software Engineer Senior Research Scientist2$84k
Electrical Engineer Implementation Engineer1$84kNA
Business System Analyst1$83kNA
Audio Dsp Software Engineer1$83kNA
Software Test Engineer2$83k
Application Engineer1$82kNA
Design Engineer1$81kNA
Video Codec Qa Engineer1$81kNA
Dsp Design Engineer1$80kNA
System Test Engineer Broadcast1$80kNA
Software Engineer Senior Design Engineer2$79k
Design Engineer Software2$79k
Software Design Engineer Test1$79kNA
Implementation Engineer2$77k
Engineer Broadcast1$74kNA
Senior Intellectual Property Licensing Specialist1$74kNA
Internal Auditor4$73k
Contract Administrator2$72k
Dsp Algorithm Engineer Electronics Engineer1$71kNA
Senior Corporate Accountant1$70kNA
Licensing Standards And Test Development Engineer1$70kNA
Software Engineer Design Engineer11$70k
Production Engineer Cinema Production Technology1$70kNA
Software Design Engineer6$69k
Legal Support Worker All Other2$69kNA
Graphic Designer1$69kNA
Electronics Design Engineer1$69kNA
Accountant Internal Auditor1$68kNA
Auditor Internal Auditor1$68kNA
Software Engineer Design Engineer Software1$65kNA
Electrical Engineer Application Engineer II1$63kNA
Associate Contracts Manager1$62kNA
Contract Administrator Ip Licensing Specialist1$57kNA