District Of Columbia Public Schools Jobs

A total of 54 District Of Columbia Public Schools jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $55,897
Salary Range: $31,572

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Teacher General Secondary2$96kNA
Resident Research Fellow1$90kNA
Teacher General Elementary1$87kNA
Teacher Special Ed4$82k
Pass Program Manager1$82kNA
Program Management Officer1$79kNA
Bilingual Teacher2$75k
Manager School Staffing1$72kNA
Program Analyst1$67kNA
Teacher Spanish2$67k
Math Teacher5$66k
School Psychologist2$64k
Special Ed Teacher Elementary1$64kNA
Secondary School Teacher Science3$62k
Developer Special Ed Quickbase1$61kNA
Secondary School Teacher English2$61k
High School Teacher5$60k
Secondary School Teacher23$60k
Teacher Of English As A Second Language1$58kNA
Elementary Education Teacher2$58kNA
Human Resources Specialist1$57kNA
Junior High School Teacher1$56kNA
Secondary School Teacher Math9$56k
Secondary School Teacher Social Studies1$55kNA
Esl Teacher5$54k
Elementary School Teacher21$54k
Elementary School Teacher Esl1$54kNA
Special Education Teacher Elementary3$54k
Teacher Learning Disabled1$53kNA
Special Education Teacher48$53k
Supervisory Information Technology Specialist2$50kNA
Database Administrator1$49kNA
Special Educatiojn Teacher1$49kNA
Elementary Teacher2$48k
Specail Education Teacher1$47kNA
Junior Architect Construction Respresentative1$46kNA
Information Technology Specialist3$45k
Teacher Of The Deaf1$45kNA
Secondary Teacher2$45k
Teacher Mathematics1$44kNA
Teacher Math1$44kNA
Special Education1$42kNA
International Human Resources Specialist1$42kNA
Elementary Special Education Teacher2$41kNA
Teacher Special Education2$41k
School Counselor1$41kNA
Full Time Contractor Elementary Teacher1$38kNA
Teacher Esl1$38kNA
Middle School Teacher2$34kNA