Depaul University Jobs

A total of 123 Depaul University jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $49,948
Salary Range: $18,730

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Computer Software Engineer Application1$90kNA
Computer System Analyst1$82kNA
Director Of The International Human Rights Law Ins1$82kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$81kNA
Senior Developer1$78kNA
Associate Director Regional Initiatives1$77kNA
Psychology Teacher Postsecondary2$75k
Senior Application Developer1$72kNA
Senior Multimedia And Network Engineer1$70kNA
Erp Business Analyst Developer2$70k
Software Developer Application Non R D7$67k
Associate Director Arc Senior Application Developer1$67kNA
Erp Developer Business Analyst Intermediate2$66k
Software Developer1$66kNA
Web Application Developer1$65kNA
Senior Multimedia And Netowrk Engineer1$65kNA
Application Developer III1$65kNA
Enterprise Application Administrator Senior1$65kNA
Area Ethnic And Cultural Studies Teacher Postsecondary2$62k
Computer System Analyst Non R D1$62kNA
Erp Business Analyst Developer Senior1$61kNA
Customer Relationship Managmnt Technology Analyst1$61kNA
System Engineer1$61kNA
Computer Science Teacher Postsecondary2$60k
Instructional Coordinator1$60kNA
Mathematical Science Teacher Postsecondary2$60k
Ida B Wells Visiting Professor1$60kNA
Network Engineer2$59k
Portal Analyst Developer1$57kNA
System Engineer Programmer3$56k
Coordinator Library Services1$56kNA
Operations Technical Support1$56kNA
Application Developer7$56k
Associate Director System And Database Manager S1$56kNA
Web Application Developer Intermediate1$56kNA
System And Financial Analyst2$56k
Project Manager Associate2$55k
Application Developer Analyst4$55k
Erp Project Manager1$55kNA
Crm Technology Analyst1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Of Chinese1$55kNA
Senior Accountant II1$54kNA
Foreign Language Literature Teacher Postsecondary1$54kNA
Operations Technical Support Analyst2$53k
Database Programmer Web Developer1$53kNA
Biological Science Teacher Postsecondary2$53k
Communications Teacher Postsecondary8$53k
Area Ethnic And Cultural Studies Teacher1$53kNA
Education Administrator Postsecondary1$53kNA
Network And Security Engineer1$53kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software Non R D1$53kNA
Business Teacher Postsecondary4$52k
Geography Teacher Postsecondary2$52k
Web Developer1$51kNA
Nt Admin Operations Tech Support Analyst1$51kNA
Erp Developer Business Analyst Senior1$51kNA
Visiting Associate Professor1$51kNA
Associate Professor6$50k
Program Coordinator1$50kNA
Project Manager Intermediate1$50kNA
Online Learning Operations Manager1$50kNA
Assistant Professor89$50k
Erp Developer Analyst Associate2$50k
Assistant Director1$49kNA
Erp Administrator Associate1$49kNA
Philosophy And Religion Teacher Postsecondary2$48k
Computer Software Engineer Application R D1$48kNA
Instructional Technology Consultant1$48kNA
Technology Specialist3$48k
Application Engineer4$48k
Erp Developer Business Analyst2$48kNA
Erp Business Analyst Developer Associate2$47k
Senior Analyst2$47k
Research Associate1$47kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application Non R D3$47k
Assistant Manager Distance Learning2$46k
Staff Accountant2$46k
Assistant Director Recruiting1$45kNA
Senior Erp Business Analyst Developer1$45kNA
Technical Assistant For Scholarships1$45kNA
Senior Accountant1$45kNA
System Administrator1$45kNA
Data And Marketing Analyst1$45kNA
Technology Coordinator Web Developer1$45kNA
Assistant Professor Of Philosophy1$45kNA
Computer System Analyst R D1$44kNA
Assistant Director Of Recruitment Operations1$44kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor22$44k
Integration Analyst1$44kNA
Research Assistant II2$43k
Distance Learning Technology Specialist2$43k
Technical Support Engineer2$42k
Senior Accountant Analyst2$41k
Financial Analyst2$41k
Economics Teacher Postsecondary1$40kNA
Assistant Manager Of Distance Learning2$40k
Research Analyst1$39kNA
Staff Therapist1$39kNA
System Analyst1$38kNA
Cpe Instructor1$36kNA
Media Production Specialist1$36kNA
Instructional Technology Coordinator1$35kNA
University Minister Community Service1$35kNA
Marketing Coordinator1$35kNA
Network Analyst1$33kNA
Assistant Director Of Laboratory1$33kNA
Assistant Director Of Labotary1$33kNA
University Minister For Community Service1$32kNA
Technical Specialist1$31kNA
Assistant Professor Of Marketing1$31kNA
History Teacher Postsecondary1$30kNA
Assistant Professor In Philosophy1$30kNA
Residence Hall Director1$28kNA
Sociology Teacher Postsecondary1$28kNA
Audio Visual Collections Specialists1$26kNA
Director Of Men S Basketball Operations1$25kNA
Postsecondary Teacher All Other1$24kNA
Education Teacher Postsecondary2$21kNA
Visisting Assistant Professor1$20kNA