Delaware Salary, NJ

A total of 164 real salary data found within 10 miles of Delaware, NJ.

Salary Average: $56,334
Salary Range: $22,880

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
PsychiatristSalisbury House Of Southeast Pennsylvania$90kStroudsburg, PA (04/2003)
Software DeveloperDendrite International$59kStroudsburg, PA (10/2003)
Exercise PhysiologistPocono Chiropractic Health Center$23kStroudsburg, PA (11/2003)
Junior AccountantGus Kallinteris Plumbing Heating$30kStroudsburg, PA (01/2004)
Staff Physician RadiologistMonroe Radiology Imaging$300kStroudsburg, PA (02/2004)
Manager Of Information TechnologyLz Holding$60kStroudsburg, PA (08/2004)
AccountantSociety Hill Abstract$39kStroudsburg, PA (09/2004)
Senior Software Developer AnalystIvestserve$75kStroudsburg, PA (11/2004)
Senior Software Developer AnalystIvestserve$56kStroudsburg, PA (01/2005)
Programmer AnalystLz Holding$45kStroudsburg, PA (02/2005)
PsychiatristIsl$145kStroudsburg, PA (04/2005)
Senior Software Developer AnalystIvestserve$100kStroudsburg, PA (06/2005)
Senior Software DeveloperStellar Financial$75kStroudsburg, PA (07/2005)
Senior Software Developer AnalystIvestserve$86kStroudsburg, PA (08/2006)
AccountantSociety Hill Abstract$40kStroudsburg, PA (11/2005)
Senior Software Developer AnalystStellar Financial$82kStroudsburg, PA (01/2006)
Senior Software Developer AnalystStellar Financial$75kStroudsburg, PA (01/2006)
Manager Of Software EngineeringStellar Financial$86kStroudsburg, PA (08/2006)
Senior Software Developer AnalystStellar Financial$82kStroudsburg, PA (09/2005)
AccountantSociety Hill Abstract$45kStroudsburg, PA (11/2006)