Dana Farber Cancer Institute Jobs

A total of 204 Dana Farber Cancer Institute jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $49,266
Salary Range: $25,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Medical Oncology Staff Physician1$240kNA
Associate Professor2$187k
Medical Oncologist Instructor In Medicine3$172k
Clinical Instructor1$170kNA
Instructor Md Researcher1$160kNA
Senior Scientist1$130kNA
Independent Investigator1$130kNA
Director Cancer Vaccine Center2$128k
Director Of Bioinformatics Cancer Vaccine Center1$125kNA
Principal Associate1$110kNA
Clinical Researc Scientist Instructor1$109kNA
Clinical Research Scientist Instructor1$109kNA
Assistant Professor11$103k
Senior Hris Analyst1$100kNA
Bioinformatics Engineer III2$99k
Clinical Pharmacy Specialst Pharmacist1$97kNA
Senior Research Scientist3$96k
Natural Science Manager1$96kNA
Pharmacist III1$96kNA
Hris System Analyst1$95kNA
Assistant Professor Researcher2$93k
Director Structural Biology Core1$93kNA
Director Of The Structural Biology Core Cancer Vac1$93kNA
Database Administrator2$90kNA
Mri Physicist2$88k
Program Administrator III1$87kNA
Clinical Dispensing Pharmacist1$87kNA
Learning And Od Specialist1$87kNA
Management Analyst2$85k
Director Of Cytogenetics1$85kNA
Senior Application Programmer Analyst1$84kNA
Learning And Organizational Development Specialist1$84kNA
Bioinformatics Engineer II5$84k
Bioinformatics Engineer4$84k
Business Development Manager1$83kNA
Business Operations Manager1$80kNA
Software Engineer III1$80kNA
Preclinical Imaging Physicist1$80kNA
Business Operations Specialist1$80kNA
Software Engineer II4$80k
Research Associate Scientific Associate1$79kNA
Bioinformatics Analyst II5$78k
Core Director Research Fellow1$76kNA
Statistician II5$76k
Information System Manager Bioinformatics Spec1$75kNA
I Manager Bioiformatics Specialist1$75kNA
Group Leader Clinical Genomics1$75kNA
Implementation Manager Strategic Planning1$75kNA
Bioinformatic Engineer II1$75kNA
Computer System Manager Bioinformatics Speciali1$75kNA
Senior Computational Biologist1$75kNA
Pediatric Neuro Oncology Clinical Fellow1$74kNA
Biopharmiceutical Corp Relations Liaison1$73kNA
Research Scientist25$72k
Network And Computer System Administrator1$72kNA
Clinical Fellow Research Scientist1$72kNA
Instructor In Medical Oncology1$71kNA
Business Analyst1$70kNA
Scientist II1$70kNA
Quality Imporvement Specialist II1$70kNA
Quality Improvement Specialist III1$70kNA
Laboratory Supervisor1$69kNA
Physician Medical Scientist1$68kNA
Research Associate4$67k
Biochemist And Biophysicists3$67k
Clinical Fellow III5$66k
Software Engineer Application1$66kNA
Bioinformatics Analyst I2$66k
Clinical Fellow IV1$66kNA
Clinical Fellow Instructor Pediatric Oncology1$66kNA
Bioinformatics Programmer6$66k
Clinical Fellow II1$65kNA
Bionformatics Programmer1$65kNA
Breast Cancer Clinical Research Fellow1$65kNA
Clinical Fellow In Breast Oncology1$65kNA
Computer System Manager1$65kNA
Quality Improvement Specialist1$65kNA
Medical And Public Health Social Worker1$64kNA
Scientific Associate8$64k
Clinical Fellow In Adult Oncology Hematology1$63kNA
Bioinformatics Engineer I3$62k
Resident Clinical Fellow In Hematology Oncology1$62kNA
Clinical Fellow In Hematology Oncology2$61k
Clinical Fellow16$60k
Instructor Research Scientist1$60kNA
Research Assciate1$60kNA
Research Laboratory Supervisor Executive Administr1$60kNA
Bioinformatic Analyst1$60kNA
Statistician I2$60k
Patient Receivable Analyst1$59kNA
Registered Nurse Bs1$59kNA
Social Worker Lcsw2$58kNA
Instructor Researcher5$56k
System Analyst Specialist1$56kNA
Physician Assistant3$56k
Project Manager II2$56kNA
Senior Community Outreach Specialist1$56kNA
Cell Processing Quality Control Technician II1$55kNA
Bioinformatics Research Scientist1$55kNA
Project Manager1$55kNA
Principal Research Technician7$54k
Ma Statistician2$54kNA
Physician Researcher1$53kNA
Clinical Fellow In Medicine2$53kNA
Bioinformatics Analyst11$53k
Business Operations Specialists All Other1$53kNA
Research Laboratory Manager1$52kNA
Medical Technologist II1$52kNA
Patient Accounting A R Analyst1$51kNA
Quality Control Clinical Research Auditor1$51kNA
Clinical Research Auditor I1$51kNA
Clinical Research Project Manager1$51kNA
Rsearch Fellow Assocate1$50kNA
Ma Statistician I1$50kNA
Social Worker1$50kNA
Reearch Fellow Associate1$50kNA
Clinical Research Coordinator IV2$50k
Senior Lab Coordinator1$49kNA
Researc Fellow Associate1$49kNA
Researcher Phd1$49kNA
Grant Management Specialist Fiancial Coordinator1$48kNA
Clinical Research Auditor1$48kNA
Accounts Receivable Analyst2$48kNA
S A S Database Administrator1$48kNA
Reearch Fellow1$48kNA
Research Fellow64$48k
Resarch Fellow Associate1$47kNA
Manager All Other1$46kNA
Research Pharmacy Technician III1$46kNA
Reearch Technician1$46kNA
Lead Research Technician27$46k
Flow Cytemetry Technologist I1$46kNA
Oncology Pharmacist Intern1$45kNA
Oncology Pharmacy Resident1$45kNA
Pharmacy Resident1$45kNA
Quality Control Center Data Analyst I1$45kNA
Research Fellow Assocate4$45k
Financial Analyst3$45k
Lead Reserach Technician1$45kNA
Biological Technician4$44k
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator3$44k
Resaerch Fellow3$44k
Senior Research Technciain1$44kNA
Resaerch Fellow Associate2$44k
Financial Coordintor III1$44kNA
Senior Research Assistant1$43kNA
Research Fellow Associate619$43k
Life Scientist R D1$43kNA
Research Pharmacy Technician1$42kNA
Patient Navigator In Care Coordination1$42kNA
Senior Research Data Specialist Clinical Research Co1$42kNA
Research Fellow Asssociate1$42kNA
Administrative Specialist1$42kNA
Senior Research Technician56$41k
Principal Tech Lab Manager1$41kNA
Reserch Fellow Associate2$41k
Program Coordinator1$41kNA
Lead Senior Research Technician1$41kNA
Research Fellow Asociate1$40kNA
Rsearch Technician2$40k
Senior Research Teachnician1$40kNA
Grant Management Assistant1$40kNA
M O Regulatory Coordinator1$40kNA
Research Felow Associate1$40kNA
Research Operations Coordinator Financial Analyst1$40kNA
Research Operations Coordinator Financial Coordina1$40kNA
Health Educator2$39kNA
Reserach Fellow Associate1$39kNA
Reserch Fellow1$39kNA
Clinical Research Coordinator II1$39kNA
Institute Review Board Coordinator1$38kNA
Resarch Technician1$38kNA
Research Fellow Assocaite1$38kNA
Fellow In Cancer Survivorship1$37kNA
Resarch Fellow1$37kNA
Research Data Specialist3$37kNA
Animal Breeding Specialist1$37kNA
Research Data Manager1$36kNA
Publications Coordinator1$36kNA
Research Techncian3$35k
Research Assistant1$35kNA
Researchfellow Associate1$35kNA
Senior Research Techncian1$35kNA
Clinical Research Coordinator7$35k
Bilingual Survey Assistant Non Lab Research Assist1$34kNA
Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow1$34kNA
Medical And Clinical Laboratory Technologist2$34k
Research Technician148$34k
Project Assistant1$33kNA
Research Associate Fellow1$33kNA
Non Lab Research Assistant Center For Community1$32kNA
Non Lab Research Assistant1$32kNA
Research Survey Assistant1$32kNA
Research Coordinator1$32kNA
Clinical Research Cooridnator1$32kNA
Research Graduate Student2$31k
Immaging Technician Analyst1$30kNA
Research Technician Graduate Student1$30kNA