Credit Suisse Securities Usa Jobs

A total of 103 Credit Suisse Securities Usa jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $97,875
Salary Range: $41,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Managing Director5$205k
Sales Agents Securities And Comodities1$200kNA
Director Prime Broker Sales1$165kNA
Associate Attorney1$145kNA
Director Equity Derivatives1$140kNA
Isda Negotiator1$135kNA
VP Business Analyst1$130kNA
VP Qa Manager1$125kNA
Computer And Information System Manager2$123k
Assistant VP Product Control2$120k
Management Analyst1$120kNA
VP Private Equity1$120kNA
Credit Analyst2$115k
Sales Agents Securities Commodities1$115kNA
Human Resources Manager1$115kNA
Senior Developer Analyst VP1$114kNA
Computer Softrware Engineer Application1$110kNA
Marketing Manager1$110kNA
VP Equity Derivatives1$110kNA
Senior Developer Analyst Assistant VP1$110kNA
Associate Fixed Income1$106kNA
Assistant VP Developer Analyst1$105kNA
Associate Fixed Income Research Securitized Asse1$105kNA
Senior Developer Analyst6$104k
Computer Software Engineer Application2$100k
Associate Quantitative Credit Strategist1$100kNA
Associate Structured Credit1$100kNA
Associate Investment Banking1$100kNA
Associate Quantitative Financial Analyst1$100kNA
Associate Quantitative Research Analyst1$100kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst1$100kNA
Assistant VP189$100k
Computer Software Engineer2$98k
Lead Application Program Analyst1$97kNA
Operations Research Analyst10$96k
Assistant VP Senior Developer Analyst4$96k
Financial Analyst29$96k
Computer Software Engineer Apps1$96kNA
Associate Index Arbitrage1$95kNA
Associate Equity Sales1$95kNA
Senior Business Analyst1$95kNA
Associate Auditor1$95kNA
Quantitative Associate4$95kNA
Market Data Analyst Project Manager1$95kNA
Relationship Manager2$95kNA
Quantitative Research Associate2$95kNA
Assistant VP Project Manager1$95kNA
Credit Researcher1$95kNA
Assistant VP Strategic Change Managem1$93kNA
Quantitative Analyst1$90kNA
Assistant VP Technology Audit1$90kNA
Senior Network Engineer2$89kNA
Senior Desktop Analyst1$87kNA
Senior Financial Auditor1$85kNA
Prime Services Chief Operating Officer1$85kNA
Research Associate5$84k
Eno Business Analyst1$82kNA
Database Administrator4$81k
Internal Auditor3$80k
Appilcation Scientist1$80kNA
Financial Reporting Analyst1$80kNA
Assistant VP Financial Control1$80kNA
Market Data Analyst1$80kNA
Database Adnubustrator1$79kNA
Assistant VP Business Developer1$79kNA
Senior Application Developer1$78kNA
Business Analyst8$78k
Relationship Project Manager1$77kNA
Programmer Analyst2$76k
System Administrator1$75kNA
Computer System Analyst2$75k
Manager Administrative Services1$74kNA
Operations Specialist2$74k
Product Controller Equity Derivatives1$73kNA
Senior Operations Specialist1$72kNA
Exempt Non Officer53$72k
Product Controller13$72k
Developer Analyst37$71k
System Business Analyst1$70kNA
Project Analyst1$70kNA
Investment Banking Analyst1$70kNA
Operations Specialist Product Control1$70kNA
Software Developer1$67kNA
Technical Associate14$67k
Collateral Analyst1$65kNA
Analyst Developer1$65kNA
Operations Analyst4$63k
Finance And Operations Associate1$62kNA
Quality Assurance Analyst3$61k
Equity Research Associate2$60kNA
Technical Analyst1$60kNA
Financial Controller1$60kNA
IT Developer Analyst1$55kNA
Tax Accountant1$55kNA
Treasury Analyst1$54kNA