Covance Jobs

A total of 144 Covance jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $74,785
Salary Range: $24,856

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Corporate Vp Of Business Development Strategy1$324kNA
Corporate V P Of Business Dev Strategy1$312kNA
Global VP Finance1$214kNA
Director Clinical Operations3$154k
Anatomic Pathologist I1$148kNA
Clinical Pathologist2$133k
Manager Compensation2$133k
Principal Research Pathologist1$130kNA
Technical Design Architect3$125k
Executive Director1$125kNA
Erp Support Lead1$125kNA
Director Clinical Trial Operations1$121kNA
Medical Director Pharmacovigilance Drug Safety1$121kNA
Senior System Engineer1$119kNA
Information Security Analyst Web Developer And Computer Network Architect1$118kNA
Senior Medical Director2$117k
Senior Networking Engineer1$115kNA
Technical Manager1$115kNA
Tibco Lead1$113kNA
Leader Global Data Network Services1$113kNA
Project Director1$111kNA
Anatomic Pathologist2$109k
Senior Mass Spectometry Engineer1$101kNA
IT Audit Manager1$100kNA
Study Director II3$96k
Manager Pharmaceutical Chemistry1$96kNA
Study Director Invivo Drug Metabolism1$96kNA
Principal Software Engineer2$94k
Senior Biologist1$94kNA
Staff Scientist I Magnetic Resonance1$94kNA
Lcms Group Manager Study Director1$93kNA
Senior Manager Immunoassay1$93kNA
Senior Staff Scientist3$92k
Peoplesoft Developer3$91k
Staff Scientist I Biochemist1$90kNA
Associate Anatomic Pathologist1$90kNA
Senior Software Engineer1$88kNA
Technical Lead Application Development Support1$88kNA
Associate Pathologist1$87kNA
Senior Financial Business Analyst4$87k
Staff Scientist II2$87k
Senior Mass Spectrometry Engineer2$86k
Global Production Manager3$86k
Data Scientist1$86kNA
Principal Investigator Scientist1$85kNA
Fsa Peoplesoft Developer1$85kNA
Toxicology Study Director I2$85kNA
Staff Scientist Pharmacokinetics1$85kNA
Senior Programmer2$85k
Senior Statistician2$82k
Study Director I4$82k
Senior Developer3$81k
Senior Supervisor Operations1$81kNA
Manager Electronic Publishing1$80kNA
Manager Electronic Publishing The Americas1$80kNA
Staff Scientist Bioanalytical Research1$79kNA
Biostatistician II3$78kNA
Principal Investigator3$78k
Staff Scientist14$77k
Staff Scientist Study Director1$76kNA
Statistician III1$76kNA
Software Engineer III1$75kNA
Senior Biostatistician3$75k
Senior Associate Drug Safety1$75kNA
Lims Administrator2$75k
Resources Planning Senior Associate1$75kNA
Study Director5$74k
Bioanalytical Research Staff Scientist2$73k
Application Developer III4$72k
Support Analyst III1$72kNA
Clinical Research Associate II3$72k
Associate Consulting Services1$71kNA
Developer II6$71k
Staff Scientist I6$69k
Statistician II1$69kNA
Software Analyst1$68kNA
Programmer Analyst3$68kNA
Laboratory Manager II1$68kNA
Financial Analyst1$67kNA
Senior Client Manager I1$65kNA
Support Analyst II2$65kNA
Statistical Programmer Analyst3$65k
Technical Support Team Lead1$65kNA
Application Developer II1$63kNA
Statistical Analyst I1$63kNA
Associate Project Manager1$63kNA
Database Programmer1$62kNA
Biostatistician I1$61kNA
Statistical Programmer I1$61kNA
Research Assistant III2$60k
Validation Associate1$60kNA
Sas Programmer II Datasets2$60k
Statistical Programmer3$59k
Senior Associate1$59kNA
Research Associate II3$58k
Clinical Research Associate I1$58kNA
Projects And Contracts Analyst II1$58kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$57kNA
Project Manager Billing2$57kNA
Application Developer2$57k
Medical Technologist III1$56kNA
Project Specialist1$55kNA
Database Programmer II2$55kNA
Project Associate II1$55kNA
Clinical Research Associate1$54kNA
Sas Programmer II5$54k
Programmer II2$53k
Biostatistician Staff Scientist1$52kNA
Invoicing Analyst1$52kNA
Quality Assurance Specialist3$52k
Research Associate5$51k
Sas Programmer I5$50k
Medical And Clinical Laboratory Technologist1$50kNA
Medical Technologist II2$50k
Programmer I5$49k
Research Assistant II4$48k
Lead Lab Assistant1$47kNA
Supervisor II Food Drug1$47kNA
Technologist Trainer1$46kNA
Associate Safety Pharmacologist1$46kNA
Financial Analyst I1$46kNA
Sas Programmer3$44k
Associate I Mass Spectrometry1$44kNA
Research Assistant1$43kNA
Research Associate I Mass Spectrometry2$43kNA
Research Associate I1$43kNA
Ivrs Project Associate I1$42kNA
Clinical Data Coordinator I2$41kNA
Program Associate2$40k
Research Assistant I5$38k
Programmer Specialist2$36kNA
Medical Technologist I2$36kNA
Program Specialist6$35k
Clinical Data Associate1$33kNA
Project Coordinator II1$30kNA
Study Technician1$30kNA
Study Technician I3$28k