Corning Salary, NY

A total of 891 real salary data found within 10 miles of Corning, NY.

Salary Average: $76,159
Salary Range: $19,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Programmer AnalystConsulting Associates$40kCampbell, NY (01/2004)
Programmer AnalystConsulting Associates$40kCampbell, NY (04/2005)
Computer Programmer AnalystConsulting Associates$43kCampbell, NY (12/2006)
Student Ministries PastorVictory Highway Wesleyan Church$19kPainted Post, NY (05/2010)
Student Ministries PastorVictory Highway Wesleyan Church$23kPainted Post, NY (08/2010)
Student Ministries PastorVictory Highway Wesleyan Church$24kPainted Post, NY (08/2010)
Programmer AnalystNithin$52kPainted Post, NY (02/2003)
Senior Sourcing EngineerIngersoll Rand$75kPainted Post, NY (03/2003)
Electronics EngineerAvanex$62kPainted Post, NY (10/2003)
Product Line Engineer Optical EngineerAvanex$73kPainted Post, NY (10/2003)
Supply Chain Analyst ManagerAvanex$107kPainted Post, NY (11/2003)
Optical Engineer IIAvanex$60kPainted Post, NY (01/2004)
Senior Research Engineer Software SystemAvanex$76kPainted Post, NY (04/2004)
Research Engr Development Hardware ElectronicsAvanex$81kPainted Post, NY (04/2004)
Computer Programmer AnalystBoden Services$45kPainted Post, NY (02/2005)
Software Engineer IIAdaequare$70kPainted Post, NY (08/2006)
Software EngineerCiber$60kPainted Post, NY (08/2006)
Software EngineerVera Technologies$60kPainted Post, NY (08/2006)
Programmer AnalystCongenesys$40kPainted Post, NY (06/2006)
Electrical EngineerCorning$68kPainted Post, NY (11/2006)