Cornell University Jobs

A total of 159 Cornell University jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $57,760
Salary Range: $21,601

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Dean And Professor Of Management1$550kNA
Chief Information Officer VP2$428k
Chief Investment Officer2$421k
Assistant Professor Of Finance1$253kNA
Associate Vice Provost1$182kNA
Chairman Professor1$157kNA
Postsecondary Teacher All Other1$148kNA
Visiting Cardiologist1$140kNA
Professor And Director1$139kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor Assitant Professor1$138kNA
Economist Teacher Postsecondary1$135kNA
Professor Director1$125kNA
Education Administrator Postsecondary1$125kNA
Business Teacher Postsecondary7$123k
Student Services Associate V1$122kNA
Senior Lecturer Director Boardroom Exec1$120kNA
Head Coach2$120kNA
Economics Teacher Postsecondary2$116k
Clinical Assistant Professor1$115kNA
Clinical Veterinarian1$115kNA
Assistant Dean For Administration1$113kNA
Senior Lecturer Director4$107k
Visiting Professor5$104k
Economic Teacher Postsecondary1$102kNA
Associate Professor31$101k
Associate Professor Of Enology1$99kNA
Computer Science Teacher Postsecondary3$97k
Health Specialties Teacher Postsecondary3$96k
Associate Director2$96k
Assistant Dean1$95kNA
Engineering Teacher Postsecondary5$93k
Assistant Professor254$92k
Research Scientist7$92k
Head Of Electronics3$89k
Adjunct Associate Professor3$87k
Art Drama And Music Teacher Postsecondary1$85kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor30$85k
Sociology Teacher Postsecondary1$81kNA
Programmer Analyst5$80k
Assistant Associate Director Lect Senior Lecture1$80kNA
IT Business Analyst1$80kNA
Political Science Teacher Postsecondary1$78kNA
Senior Reserach Associate1$78kNA
Senior Extension Associate3$78k
Architecture Teacher Postsecondary2$77k
Assistant Profesor1$77kNA
History Teacher Postsecondary2$77k
Business Analyst1$77kNA
Visiting Assitant Professor1$76kNA
Assistant Professo1$75kNA
Senior Research Associate27$74k
Curator Of Watson Collection On East Asia1$74kNA
Chemistry Teacher Postsecondary1$73kNA
Senior Lecturer9$72k
Social Science Research Assistant1$72kNA
Research Support Sepcialist II1$71kNA
Visiting Scientist Assistant Professor1$70kNA
Communications Specialists III1$70kNA
Senior Research And Planning Associate1$67kNA
Visiting Critic2$66k
Associate Librarian2$65k
Art Drama Music Teacher Postsecondary1$64kNA
Research Support Staff III1$64kNA
Application Programmer II1$62kNA
Biological Science Teacher Postsecondary1$61kNA
Health Scecial Teacher Postsecondary1$60kNA
Spitzer Fellow1$59kNA
Senior Computer Staff Specialist1$59kNA
Programmer Analyst Senior2$59k
Planning Research Assoicate1$59kNA
Associate Curator1$57kNA
Anthropology And Archeology Teacher Postsecondary1$57kNA
Research Assoicate II1$56kNA
Research Support Specialist III1$55kNA
Assistant Women S Field Hockey Coach1$55kNA
Assistant Director2$55k
Instructor Assistant Professor1$55kNA
Assistant Librarian1$54kNA
Foreign Language Lecturer2$54kNA
Consultant Advisor III1$53kNA
Senior Assistant Archivist1$53kNA
Counselor Therapist II2$52k
Research Support Specialist II9$52k
Programmer Analyst Specialist1$51kNA
H C Wang Assistant Professor7$51k
Foriegn Language And Literature Teacher Postsecondary1$49kNA
Teaching Support Specialist II1$49kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator1$48kNA
Associate Archivist3$48k
Research Associate348$48k
Information Technologies Consultant6$48k
Medical Technologist1$47kNA
Foreign Language Teacher Postsecondary4$47k
Research Associate And Lecturer1$47kNA
Visiting Lecturer4$45k
Consultant Advisor II2$45kNA
Lecturer Hindi Language1$45kNA
Visiting Associate Professor2$45k
Postdoctoral Associate Visiting Instructor1$44kNA
Postdoctoral Associatw1$44kNA
Foreign Language And Literature Teacher Postsecondary1$44kNA
Technical Support Specialist Cons Advisor1$44kNA
Extension Associate18$43k
Postdoctortal Associate1$43kNA
Research Support Sepcialist I1$43kNA
Postdoctoral Researcher2$42k
Posdoctoral Associate1$42kNA
Visiting Scholar2$42k
Postdoctorall Associate1$42kNA
Visiting Research Scientist Resserach Associate1$41kNA
Postdoctoral Associate683$41k
Visitiing Professor1$41kNA
Visiting Scientist44$41k
Teaching And Research Fellow1$41kNA
Research Support Specialist I7$40k
Southeast Asia Librarian1$40kNA
Visiting Lecturer Halprin Fellow1$40kNA
Postodoctoral Associate1$40kNA
Technical Services Supervisor1$40kNA
Extension Support Specialist II1$40kNA
Research Support Specialist3$39k
Postdoctoral Associate Research Associate4$39k
Postdoctoral Fellow6$39k
Web Services Coordinator1$38kNA
Research Technician III1$37kNA
Research Associate I3$36k
Senior Resident1$36kNA
Anatomic Pathology Resident1$35kNA
Postdoctoral Assoicate3$35k
Postdoctroral Associate1$35kNA
Teaching Associate6$35k
Research Technician1$34kNA
Reserach Associate1$34kNA
Postdoctoral Assciate2$34k
Postdoctoral Research Associate8$33k
Technical Services Assistant1$33kNA
Teaching Associate Visiting Lecturer3$33k
Media Assistant Production Engineer2$33k
Biological Technician1$31kNA
Veterinary Resident2$31k
Technician III3$29k
Resident In Theriogenology1$29kNA
Resident In Anesthesiology1$29kNA
Resident In Ambulatory Production Med1$29kNA
Postdoctoral Assocaite1$29kNA
Resident Veterinary Anatomic Pathology1$28kNA
Veterinary Resident Anesthesiology1$28kNA
Postodoctoral Associate Research Associate1$27kNA