Constellation Energy Commodities Group Jobs

A total of 84 Constellation Energy Commodities Group jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $91,282
Salary Range: $44,242

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Associate Strategist2$168k
Senior Counsel2$167kNA
VP Trading1$150kNA
VP Portfolio Management2$143k
Vp Portfolio Manager1$140kNA
Director Mid Marketing3$135k
VP Strategies1$130kNA
Director Virtuwatt1$126kNA
Associate Upstream Gas2$125k
Senior Pricing Analyst Portfolio Management1$125kNA
Director Strategies1$121kNA
Director Structuring Pricing1$120kNA
Director Trading1$120kNA
Director Trading Risk1$120kNA
Financial Manager Branch Or Department1$120kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$120kNA
Project Manager IT Transition Unit1$118kNA
Director Gas Trading4$115k
Director Risk1$112kNA
Director Risk Modeling Analytics1$112kNA
Associate Risk Capital Pricing2$111k
Director Portfolio Management1$110kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$104kNA
Director Risk Management1$104kNA
Associate Marketing Analytics2$103k
Supervisor Application Development2$102k
Associate Credit Risk1$102kNA
Manager Asset Optimization1$97kNA
Associate Strategies16$97k
Analyst III Information Technology3$97kNA
Director Asset Operations1$96kNA
Associate Origination13$95k
Associate Structuring Pricing1$95kNA
Associate Portfolio Management7$94k
Manager Asset Operations2$94k
Financial Analyst17$92k
Pricing Analyst1$90kNA
Analyst Strategies1$90kNA
Analyst Fuels Group1$90kNA
Analyst III Application Development7$89k
Associate Asset Optimization1$87kNA
Associate Risk Management9$86k
Computer Software Engineer Application10$83k
Associate Accounting1$83kNA
Analyst System Application Development3$81k
Analyst System Application Developer2$81k
Senior Trader2$80kNA
Strategies Associate1$80kNA
Financial Analyst Credit1$80kNA
Associate Commercial Operations1$80kNA
Associate Credit1$80kNA
Fundamentals Associate1$80kNA
Transmission Engineer Asset Operations1$80kNA
Computer System Analyst2$80k
Analyst II Application Development19$79k
Analyst Application Development4$79k
Associate Originations1$75kNA
Analyst II1$71kNA
Analyst Origination1$70kNA
Associate Accounting Controls IT1$70kNA
Associate Transmission Engineer2$70kNA
Associate Upstream Accounting1$70kNA
Associate Business Analytics2$68k
Analyst Commodities Business Solutions1$67kNA
Operational Analyst1$66kNA
Analyst Origination West1$65kNA
Analyst Asset Optimization1$65kNA
Deal Review Associate1$63kNA
Analyst I Application Development3$61k
Finance Analyst1$60kNA
Analyst Portfolio Management3$60k
Analyst Accounting1$60kNA
Treasury Analyst International1$60kNA
Trading Analyst1$55kNA
Analyst Power Origination4$55k
Component Engineer Engineer I1$51kNA
Analyst Financial Planning Analysis1$50kNA
Analyst Trading Risk1$50kNA
Forecasting Analyst1$44kNA