Conocophillips Jobs

A total of 371 Conocophillips jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $99,349
Salary Range: $26,021

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior VP Project Development1$520kNA
Eagle Ford Reservoir Performance Supervisor1$216kNA
Manager Western North Slope1$214kNA
Project Contracts Administrator1$209kNA
Senior International Business Developer1$201kNA
Principal Carbonate Sedimentologist Stratigrapher1$196kNA
Manager Bd Commercial Negotiations1$194kNA
Construction Services Manager2$193k
Production Optimization Engineer1$189kNA
Hse Director Global Business Develop1$178kNA
Senior Counsel Upstream International E P2$175k
Principal Model Builder2$170k
Well Operations Geologist1$170kNA
Manager Functional Excellence1$170kNA
Senior Counsel1$167kNA
Rotating Equipment Engineer1$166kNA
Integrated Planning Noe Lead1$166kNA
Quality Assurance Quality Control Manager1$165kNA
Principal Reservoir Engineer1$164kNA
Principal Seismic Stratigrapher1$162kNA
Clastics Sedimentologist1$156kNA
Upstream Engineering Supervisor1$156kNA
Srm Lead1$156kNA
Drilling Engineering Advisor1$151kNA
Senior Completion Engineer1$149kNA
Manager Quality And Management System1$149kNA
Staff Geologist Gloobal New Ventures1$147kNA
Senior Completions Engineer3$145k
Category Leader Directional Drilling Wireline1$144kNA
General Operations Manager1$142kNA
Eagle Ford Sugarloaf Implementation Supervisor1$140kNA
Senior Operations Geologist1$140kNA
Ecm Program Manager1$140kNA
Exploration Staff Geologist2$139k
Petroleum Geochemist1$139kNA
Staff Completions Engineer2$138k
Director Risk And Portfolio Analysis1$136kNA
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents1$136kNA
Reservoir Quality Research Scientist1$133kNA
Transportation Storage And Distribution Manager1$133kNA
Staff Scientist1$132kNA
Software Developer Application1$130kNA
Staff Geologist5$128k
Director Petroleum Geochemistry And Basin Modelin1$127kNA
Operations Geologist1$127kNA
Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling Engineer1$125kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager2$124k
Exploration Petrophysicists1$124kNA
Geoscientists Except Hydologists And Geographers7$124k
Manager Process Improvement2$124kNA
Staff Geophysicist5$124k
Eagle Ford Implementation Reservoir Engineer1$123kNA
Senior Analyst Cto Gpe Wells IT Strategy1$122kNA
Q Ms Information Management Supervisor1$122kNA
Staff Drilling Engineer1$122kNA
Senior Research Geophysicist2$121k
Staff Processing Geophysicist1$121kNA
Non Metallic Engineer Scientist1$121kNA
Staff Reservoir Engineer8$120k
Staff Production Engineer5$119k
Kuparuk Supervisor Development1$119kNA
Senior Processing Geophysicist5$119k
Engineering Manager12$119k
Rock Mechanics Laboratory Engineer Geoscientist1$119kNA
Process Mechanical Lead Engineer1$118kNA
Reservoir Engineering Supervisor1$118kNA
Supervisor Production Engineering1$117kNA
Wells Supervisor2$117k
Analyst Integration Administrator1$116kNA
Senior Petroleum System Analyst1$116kNA
Staff Petrophysicist1$116kNA
Reservoir Simulator Developer Reservoir Dynamics1$116kNA
Chief Engineer1$116kNA
Commercial Marine Operations Advisor2$116k
Completion Engineer1$115kNA
Staff Drilling Engineer Pore Pressure Specialist1$115kNA
Marketing Manager2$115k
Senior Geomechanist1$115kNA
System Control Engineer1$115kNA
Coiled Tubing Engineer2$115k
Decision Advisor1$114kNA
Turnaround Coordinator2$114k
Senior Petrophysicist4$114k
Geological Advisor1$113kNA
Structural Geologist1$113kNA
Senior Plant Engineer1$113kNA
Facilities Engineer1$112kNA
Senior Research Analyst1$112kNA
Staff Process Engineer2$112k
Ds Electrical Specialist1$111kNA
Lng Process Engineer3$111k
Exploration Geologist4$110k
Director Business Analysis1$110kNA
Projects Contracts Specialist1$110kNA
Six Sigma Project Champion1$110kNA
Senior Development Drillsite Petroleum Engineer1$109kNA
Senior Drilling Engineer7$109k
Petroleum Engineer45$109k
Regional Cost Analyst1$109kNA
Geoscientists Except Hydrologists Geographers2$108k
Senior Geophysicist12$108k
Fluids Scientist Engineer2$108k
Petroleum Research Scientist1$108kNA
Director Of Operations Aromatics1$108kNA
Staff Engineer Integrated Field Modeling2$107kNA
Research Geophyicist1$107kNA
Velocity Model Builder1$107kNA
Principal Hse Consultant1$107kNA
Quantitative Application Developer1$107kNA
Strategic Sourcing Director Epc Services1$107kNA
L48 Unconventional Resources Reservoir Engineer1$107kNA
Wellbore Geomechanicist1$107kNA
Project Management Specialist1$107kNA
Accounting Supervisor1$106kNA
Exploration And Production Engineer1$106kNA
Technology Engineer4$106k
Health Safety Engineer Except Mining Safety Engineer And Inspectors1$106kNA
Eagle Ford Completions Engineer1$106kNA
Research Geophysicist2$106kNA
Global Commissioning And Handover Specialist1$105kNA
Senior Reservoir Engineer30$105k
Director Sulfur Acid Marketing1$104kNA
Sulfur Scheduler Marketer1$104kNA
Upstream Engineer1$104kNA
Risk Engineer2$104k
Reservoir Studies Specialist1$104kNA
Carbonate Petrographer1$104kNA
Geopressure Petroleum System Analyst1$104kNA
Velocity Research Geophysicist1$104kNA
Hydrocracking Research Scientist1$104kNA
Reservoir Simulation Software Developer3$104k
Materials Engineer Scientist1$104kNA
Cost Control Engineer2$104kNA
Structural Engineer2$104kNA
Vessel Exchanger Engineer1$104kNA
Reservoir Engineer41$103k
Geoscientists Except Hydrologists And Geographers30$103k
Senior Production Engineer14$103k
Lower 48 Resources Coordinator1$103kNA
Drillsite Petroleum Engineer3$103k
Vessel Exchange Engineer1$103kNA
Technology Staff Scientist1$103kNA
Associate Engineer15$103k
Heavy Oil Reservoir Engineer1$102kNA
Reservoir Engineer Exploration And Appraisal1$102kNA
Graduate Geologist5$102k
Osbl Project Engineer1$101kNA
Senior Geologist9$101k
Gas Contracts Analyst1$101kNA
Alaska North Slope Gas Commercial Analyst1$100kNA
Senior Process Engineer1$100kNA
Coordinator Gas Trading2$99k
Project Engineering Supervisor1$99kNA
Planner Scheduler4$99k
Senior Quantitative Analyst1$99kNA
Senior Engineer5$99k
Research Process Engineer1$99kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$98kNA
Treasurers Controller And Chief Financial Officer1$98kNA
Fcc Research Engineer1$98kNA
Hydroprocessing Research Engineer1$98kNA
R D Associate Engineer1$98kNA
Crude Trader1$98kNA
Senior Process Engineer Lng1$97kNA
Development Drillsite Petroleum Eng Coiled Tubi1$97kNA
E Gas Technology Development Engineer1$97kNA
Senior Staff Analyst2$97k
Senior Pricing Analyst1$97kNA
Human Resources Manager All Other1$97kNA
Cost Estimator4$97k
Chemical Engineer28$97k
Wellwork Coordinator1$97kNA
Graduate Petrophysicist2$97k
Senior Staff Estimator1$97kNA
Staff Cost Estimator1$97kNA
Associate Scientist8$96k
R D Process Engineer1$96kNA
Instrument Controls Engineer2$96k
Operations Excellence Specialist Planning Sched1$96kNA
Mechanical Engineer12$95k
Corrosion Engineer2$95k
Deep Water Clastics Stratigrapher1$95kNA
Strategic Sourcing Analyst1$95kNA
Completions Engineer6$95k
Business Improvement Analyst2$94k
Senior Staff Financial Analyst3$94k
Integration Architect1$94kNA
Analyst Geospatial Application Support1$94kNA
Senior Planner Scheduler2$94k
Gas Imbalance Management Advisor1$94kNA
Structural Geophysicist1$94kNA
Inventory Accounting Supervisor1$94kNA
Planning Coordinator1$94kNA
Project Engineer Building1$94kNA
Sap Specialist Senior Analyst2$94k
Business Operations Specialist All Other1$94kNA
Staff Engineer8$93k
Project Manager4$93k
Moc Coordinator1$93kNA
R D Reactor Engineering Engineer1$93kNA
Senior Project Engineer2$93k
Mass Spectroscopist1$93kNA
Drilling Engineer II2$93kNA
Senior Ocean Engineer1$93kNA
Onewiki Advisor1$92kNA
R D Staff Scientist Chemist1$92kNA
Materials Engineer3$91k
R D Chemical Engineer3$91k
Proj Eng Elect Instr Control System Tm Lead1$90kNA
Project Engineer Electrical Instrumentation Con1$90kNA
Process Design Engineer1$90kNA
Proj Eng Elec Instr Control System Tm Lead1$90kNA
Specialist V Instrumentation Electrical Project1$90kNA
Financial Coordinator3$90k
Drilling Engineer4$90k
Development Geologist1$89kNA
Senior Staff Engineer1$89kNA
Reactor Engineering R D Engineer2$89k
Petroleum System Analyst Geologist1$89kNA
Fuels Compliance Analyst2$89k
Piping Engineer1$89kNA
Electrical Engineer8$88k
Business Development Analyst1$88kNA
Senior Supply Chain Coordinator1$88kNA
Lng Commercial Marine Coordinator1$88kNA
Industrial Engineer4$88k
Catalyst Scientist Engineer1$88kNA
Senior Messaging Analyst1$87kNA
Senior Facility Engineer1$87kNA
Reservoir Engineer II1$87kNA
Specialist V Instrumentation Elec Project Eng1$87kNA
Advanced Process Control Optimization Engineer3$86k
Contracts Administrator1$85kNA
Geodesy Geophysicist1$85kNA
Associate Landman3$85k
Produced Fluids Scientist1$85kNA
Senior Advisor Investment Appraisal1$85kNA
Staff Automation Engineer1$85kNA
Computer Programmer1$84kNA
Exploration Appraisal Petrophysicist1$84kNA
Geoscience Intern1$84kNA
Sourcing And Contracting Senior Coordinator1$84kNA
Informatica Integration Specialist1$84kNA
Lead Process Engineer1$84kNA
Senior Analyst3$84k
Industrial Safety And Health Engineer2$84k
Senior Staff Auditor1$84kNA
Head Plant Operations1$83kNA
Operations Excellence Program Auditor1$83kNA
Budget Analyst1$83kNA
Heavy Products Planner2$82kNA
Risk Analyst1$82kNA
R D Associate Engineer Scientist1$82kNA
Reservoir Simulation Development Engineer1$82kNA
Project Development Engineer2$82kNA
Inventory Analyst1$81kNA
Sap Pi Developer1$81kNA
Informatica Analyst1$81kNA
Sourcing Contracting Senior Coordinator1$81kNA
Geologist II3$80k
Clastics Stratigrapher2$80k
Environmental Compliance Inspectors1$80kNA
Messaging Analyst4$80kNA
Specialist V Control System Engineering1$80kNA
Reservior Engineer1$80kNA
Unit Engineer1$79kNA
Quantitative Analyst3$79k
Processing Geophysicist1$79kNA
Human Resources Business Partner Upstream1$79kNA
Project Engineer3$79k
Research Engineer1$79kNA
Process Engineer14$79k
Consultant Building And Facility Siting1$78kNA
Hydroprocessing Engineer2$78k
Construction Engineer1$78kNA
Sap Treasury Accounts Payable Analyst1$77kNA
Environmental Scientist And Specialists Including Health1$77kNA
Procurement Coordinator1$77kNA
Project Coordinator1$77kNA
Financial Analyst3$77k
Thin Client Computing Analyst1$76kNA
Senior Facilities Engineer1$76kNA
Environmental Coordinator1$76kNA
Catalyst Scientist1$76kNA
Sap Analyst2$76k
Instrumentation And Electrical Engineer2$75k
Research And Development Engineer1$75kNA
Crude Accounting Supervisor1$75kNA
Staff Reservoir Engineer Laboratory2$75kNA
Environmental Engineer4$74k
Coordination Planner1$74kNA
Regulatory Specialist3$74k
Voyage Coordinator1$74kNA
First Line Supervisor Manager Of Mechanics Installers And Repairers1$74kNA
International Assignment Analyst1$74kNA
Production Engineer6$73k
Staff Chemist1$73kNA
Tax Specialist1$73kNA
Commercial Marine Coordinator1$73kNA
Senior Analyst Canada Pra1$73kNA
Project Field Engineer1$73kNA
Control Analyst1$72kNA
Reservoir Engineer Sensor Development2$72kNA
Senior Research Engineer1$72kNA
Marketing Communications Coordinator1$71kNA
Summit Engineer3$70k
Market Internal Intelligence Analyst1$70kNA
Chief Offshore Cost Estimator1$69kNA
Crude Optimization Engineer1$69kNA
Stock Clerk1$69kNA
Operations Research Analyst2$68k
Civil Architecture Engineer1$66kNA
Market Intelligence Analyst2$66k
Associate Reservoir Engineer4$65k
Wholesale Aviation Motor Fuel Accountant1$65kNA
Staff Auditor2$65k
Planning Advisor Global Exploration1$64kNA
Automation Engineer1$64kNA
Senior Health Safety Representative1$63kNA
Environmental Specialist1$62kNA
Hse Specialist1$61kNA
Health Welfare Analyst1$61kNA
Enviromental Engineer2$61k
Carbonate Stratigrapher1$60kNA
Materials Scientist Engineer2$60k
Development Engineer1$59kNA
Ppm Planner Scheduler1$59kNA
Contract Specialist3$59k
Procurement Clerk1$58kNA
Computer System Analyst3$58k
Associate Csd Engineer1$57kNA
Server Analyst2$57k
Csd Engineer3$57k
Compensation And Benefits Manager2$55k
Financial Analyst Production Operations1$55kNA
Administrative Services Manager1$54kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$54kNA
Environmental Engineering Technician2$53k
Corrosion Mechanical Integrity Engineer1$53kNA
Plsc Data Analyst1$51kNA
Senior Gas Marketer1$51kNA
Staff Analyst2$49k
Occupational Health And Safety Specialists1$45kNA
Well Safety And Environmental Representative1$45kNA
Consultant Operations Support1$43kNA
Sap Basis Administrator1$41kNA
Safety And Health Specialist1$41kNA
Environmental Consultant1$38kNA
Health And Safety Coordinator1$36kNA
Data Analyst1$36kNA
International Assignment Coordinator1$34kNA
Contract Support Associate1$34kNA
Psm Engineer Defect Elimination2$34kNA
Planner Scheduler Ppm1$33kNA
Senior Contracts Specialist1$32kNA
Database Administrator1$28kNA
Well Site Environmental Representative1$26kNA